Download This New App… And Give Ted Cruz Access To Your Entire Contact List: “Whatever You Got Is Now His”

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As if it’s not enough, Cruz has a nice app for your smartphone.

Nice, of course, is a relative word.

His “Cruz Crew” mobile app is designed to gather detailed information from its users’ phones — tracking their physical movements and mining the names and contact information for friends who might want nothing to do with his campaign.

Go ahead folks, load it.  As soon as you do it’s going to take your entire contact list and send it to Cruz.  Yes, everyone in your phone, including their numbers and addresses — whatever you got — is now his.

Let me make something very clear — if you have my number in your phone, and it winds up in his campaign as a result of loading his app….. you won’t be interacting with me any more.


That should be everyone’s reaction to this sort of crap.

Oh, by the way, if you didn’t pay attention to the myriad warnings I’ve put forward about data mining in places like grocery stores read this:

The scope of Cruz’s system is formidable. Cambridge’s database combines government and commercial data sets such as voter rolls and lists of people who liked certain Facebook posts, along with consumer data from grocery chains and other clients that can provide a voter’s preferred brand of toothpaste or whether he clips coupons. In Iowa, where identifying evangelical voters was key to Cruz’s victory strategy, Cambridge’s employees scoured the Internet for such useful information as church membership rolls.

You can bet the health insurance companies, auto insurance companies, various other data banks that sell to anyone who asks and more have all of this data and more — and every bit of it was given to them by you through your actions.


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  • BasicRules

    Yeah just like windows 10 they are trying to force it on to your PC
    This PC will end up on top of 4 sticks of dynamite when that day comes

    • Windows 10 doesn’t run on your computer, it runs in the cloud like Chrome does on a Chromebook. If you don’t want any OS on your computer , it is a simple matter to load an OS that you want to use in place of the one that you wiped off of the computer. Worst case scenario is you have to replace the hard drive, which cloud-driven computers do not need.

      • BasicRules

        i don’t give a fuck what it dose

        it’s all spy shit

      • twinkiedooter

        I use XP O/S and refuse to upgrade to windows anything else. I also have a huge hard drive and anything I want to keep private I put on an external hard drive.

        • Reverend Draco

          XP no longer gets updated. . . any exploits are forever.

          Your external HDD is vulnerable every time you hook it up to transfer data. Because XP no longer gets updated and exploits are forever.

          • twinkiedooter

            I don’t have any virus or root kits on my machine. Have used preventive software. Could care less about updates. I am happy with XP as it is much easier to navigate. I hate W7 and took it off my machine. And my external HD is clean and I keep it that way…..and not with just a soft cloth either. I am not hostage to updates from Microsoft screwing up my machine thank you. Would never even think of using W10 in a million years.

          • Reverend Draco

            W7 is the best version since MS-DOS. It’s what XP should have been.

            And I freakin’ loved XP.

            You’ll care about updates when next months exploit reaches you.

            10 is a virus masquerading as an OS.

          • twinkiedooter

            So what is this exploit you keep talking about? Is this a new virus?

          • Reverend Draco

            “Exploits” are when hackers discover another backdoor that was left unguarded for the government to get in through. They exploit the opening in the OS’s security.

            If the OS is still being updated, there will be occasional patches to block the opening. – after the government gets done with it.
            If the OS is no longer being updated, the door remains unlocked forever.

          • twinkiedooter

            Well, tell the US govt about this as they still use XP on a lot of their computers……… If the hackers haven’t crashed into XP in how many years…..since 2000 or so on XP then when will they? No, I am not going to go to W7. I’d rather go to Ubutu or whatever the name is as an O/S. As it is I don’t want to suspport that maniac Bill Gates any more than I have to.

          • Reverend Draco
  • Razedbywolvs

    All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

  • twinkiedooter

    Only a brain dead Cruz supporter would even think of downloading such crap. I don’t own a smart phone….just a dumb ass phone that makes calls and texts messages. Apps are for idiots. Smart phones are for idiots. Use a land line and ALL your calls are not logged in one at a time and from where in the world. A lot of criminals use smart phones and are caught by the billing details and the cell phone towers near where you placed the call. Do you really want to be tracked like that? I don’t…..maybe you do. I just use my phone for emergencies on the road to call a tow truck. I use my land line for 99% of the time. Is it THAT important to constantly check you FB account? No wonder there are so many car accidents with people on their cell phones chatting or texting.

    • Elizabeth Rosenberg

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  • D.Moore

    I never share my contact lists, not that if wanted can’t be stolen or retrieved, but if an apps ask for it, bam I shut it down. Contact information is not mine to share. I agree Bill Gates has a gd monopoly, been thinking of going to Apple they don’t seem to change stuff as frequently as Mr Bill, ohhhhh