Doomsday Prepper (and Convicted Felon) Tyler Smith Jailed for Illegal Firearms

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The neighbors of Tyler Smith can breathe a little easier. He is in jail and, you know, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. (ahem)

Remember the episode of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers back in November in which a camo-clad moron warned the preparedness community of his impending attacks on their homesteads? (You can refresh your memory HERE)

“We’re not in it to stockpile. We’re in it to take what you have and there’s nothing you can do to stop us,” Tyler Smith says. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming.”

Smith, 29, is the leader of Spartan Survival. The group has more than 80 dues-paying members. Smith founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others on survivalism.

On Tuesday night, Smith’s story will be told on the National Geographic Channel survivalist TV show “Doomsday Preppers.” (source)

Well, as it turns out, there IS something that can be done to stop him. Smith is a convicted felon.  A truly stellar individual, he’s a level one sex offender who was convicted in 2009 of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, when he inappropriately touched a drunken 14-year-old girl in an Auburn parking lot. He was also convicted of stealing a motorcycle in 2009.

Being a convicted felon precludes the ownership of firearms.

So all of those guns he was showing off on TV when he was boasting about his firepower? Illegal.

Smith, for his 15 minutes of fame, just landed himself back in jail (which, given his desire to steal from preppers in a disaster scenario, might just be the best place for him).

[Sheriff’s department spokesman Ed] Troyer said the Buckley man came to the department’s attention “by people all over the country bringing him to our attention.”

“Reality TV crashed into reality,” he said.

Deputies have been investigating Smith since the television episode aired Nov. 12.

“We have video and pictures of him (Smith) loading guns and firing them,” Troyer said. “He verbally expressed a threat to his neighbors while being armed.”

“If I could (afford it), I would fire a couple thousand rounds a day,” Smith said at the time.

He also said he had a regional map of places he can get supplies by force, and studied medicine, including how to perform a cesarean section on his wife.  (source)

If you recall, Smith smugly referred to himself as the “apex predator” in his area.  He warned, “We’ll kick your door in and take your supplies. … We are the marauders.”

It looks like this particular “apex predator” is no longer at the top of the food chain.

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor who lives in a small village in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States.  She is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy writes about healthy prepping, homesteading adventures, and the pursuit of liberty and food freedom.  Daisy is a co-founder of the website Nutritional Anarchy, which focuses on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Daisy’s articles are widely republished throughout alternative media. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  and Twitter, and you can email her at

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  • Carl Stevenson

    I was surprised and disappointed that NatGeo used that immoral asshole on their show.
    Some of their episodes are good, but others seem to be calculated to mock Preppers by showing morons who seem to have problems with their connection to reality.

    • Herman Nelson

      NatGeo’s credibility has plummented since the 1990’s. Their magazine has turned into a feel-good greeny propaganda rag. Sad, considering their best material was written in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

  • Hunter

    It still amazes me that anyone, let alone this numbnuts, would go on this show and reveal themselves and their preparations by going on this show.

    • Andy Fife

      Moola, sensationalism, fame.

  • Andy Fife

    Some pertinent facts are missing in this sensationalist piece of ‘journalism’ . Plus, who cares about illegal? IS IT LAWFUL??
    Injured party = unlawful. Remember what MKK Jr. said:
    ” Remember that everything Hitler did was legal.”

  • jim_robert

    Alpha male? Ummm, in his cell with Bubba, he’ll be beta, or more likely gamma or delta male. Or maybe not male at all! Seriously, seems to me there’s a symbiotic relationship going on here: the leftist media get sensationalism AND gets to tar preparedness types with the “fanatic” brush, while at the same time making off with a lot of dough (those socialist media mavens just LUV their money, don’t they – and, as evidenced by all the Hollywierd Learjet leftists, they ain’t gonna share it, either!). Upside? For those that are awake, these means absolutely nothing. It is seen for what it is, and has zero impact. It may make some of the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters more distainful, but they are already co-opted ignoramuses anyway.

  • jim_robert

    Sadly, the radical feminists are perhaps THE most evil creating force in this country today. Hope they enjoy their radical feminist meetings as they cower in fear from the violent society and amoral males they have created. Vile feminism? Hilary is the perfect exemplar.

  • wolf

    The safest place for this scum sex offender is jail. He and his merry band of scum would be quickly killed and buried trying to take from some of the preppers I know.

  • Sonokar

    The irony is this guy sounds just like a cop’s contemporary.

  • john q publik

    america has gone stupid my comerades amerski. find those whome you can trust, band together. when the dust settles, groups such as mine will be looking for you, not to maurade, but to trade and help. we will be armed, as we hope you will be. together the groups of moral preppers will far exceed the “apex morons” band with us when the time comes. we can win my comerade ameski.

  • tayronachan


  • Erin Tarn

    Real women know how to protect themselves. Lookup homesteading and read some stories… or, you could just stick to drinking the cool-aid.

  • molon_labe

    I know I’m a day or 400 late on this, but I just saw the episode. I don’t know what’s worse. This guy believing his own bullshit, or the fact that 80 some people actually go to this guy to learn. Seriously, this guy is 320 lbs of chewed bubblegum who couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without robbing air from smart people.
    I can forgive him if he was just fat. But being an asshole AND fat?