Don’t be brainwashed into believing these common healthy eating myths

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By Jonathan Benson

Formulating a healthy eating plan that is both balanced and nutritious can be difficult in today’s world, especially when the guidelines pertaining to what constitutes healthy food vary dramatically depending on who you ask. Consequently, there are several healthy eating myths of which you will want to be aware, particularly if you are in the process of trying to reformulate your dietary habits. These myths include:

1) ‘Low-fat’ is good for you. Modern society has largely been indoctrinated into the mindset that fat clogs your arteries and makes you fat, and should thus be avoided. But nothing could be further from the truth. Tropical oils like coconut and palm, as well as grass-fed butter and meat fat is actually quite healthy for you. These saturated fats help promote healthy brain function and regulate proper hormone production. Popular vegetable oils, on the other hand, which oftentimes are hydrogenated and morphed into trans fats, are a primary cause of heart disease and other illness, and should be avoided.

2) You need to eat less salt for better health. This claim assumes that most people are consuming high amounts of synthetic, refined table salt, which is highly toxic and responsible for causing widespread cellular inflammation, hence the many warnings about salt intake. But what most people do not know is that unrefined, all-natural sea and mineral salts are completely different, as they are packed with health-promoting minerals, electrolytes, and other important nutrients. Eating lots of sea and mineral salt, in other words, is actually good for your health.

3) Replacing refined sugar with agave, honey is better for you. In most cases, switching out that table sugar for honey or agave nectar in the name of improving health is a misnomer, as these popular sugar substitutes are sometimes just as refined and unhealthy as regular sugar. Agave, for instance, contains high levels of fructose, which is metabolized directly by the liver and turned into fat. And unless your honey is raw, unprocessed, and locally sourced, it is also a toxic offender when consumed liberally.

4) Eating eggs raises your cholesterol. The medical system has gone back and forth on this one, but the truth about eggs will always remain the same – pasture-raised eggs from healthy chickens are an excellent source of both protein and cholesterol, and are not in and of themselves a cause of heart disease. And removing egg yolks and eating only the whites, as many people now do, can actually be detrimental to your health, as eggs should be eaten in complete form for optimal nutrition.

5) Organic produce is no better than conventional produce. There are many who would have you believe that conventional produce grown on factory farms is no different than organic produce grown without synthetic interventions. But as evidenced by numerous studies over the years, including a 1993 study published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition, organic foods are higher in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and are far less contaminated with toxic pesticide and herbicide residues compared to conventional produce.

6) All red meat is unhealthy. The mainstream media loves to target red meat these days, but the problem with telling people to limit their consumption of red meat in order to avoid heart disease is that not all red meat is the same. In fact, red meat from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle is actually just as healthy as, and potentially even healthier than, wild-caught salmon. This contrasts sharply with factory-farmed red meat which is high in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. It is all about how the animals are raised and what they are eating that determines the nutritional profile of meat in general, which is why it is always best to choose meat from local, naturally-raised sources.

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  • Row Weil

    First-hand evidence about the Fat thing:

    Due to some weird illness that precludes me from consuming basically all starches, a large portion of my diet for the past several months has been Pemmican. That’s right. 50% Beef Tallow. 50% dried beef.

    Beef Tallow is ~50% Saturated fat.

    Got a blood test done a few weeks ago – my serum cholesterol levels are normal, and (more importantly), my LDL levels have fallen squarely into the ‘no risk’ range, and my HDL levels are at their highest in my life.

    Yeah. “High-Fat = Bad” is a nothing but a God-damned lie, with nothing but the opinion of one Middle-of-the-Century doctor backing it up.

    Starches dump triglycerides into your bloodstream, which form LDL and VLDL particles in your bloodstream. Starches, not (quality) fat, are what contribute to Heart Disease and Diabetes.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    That must be very difficult Row because I know a lot of people with coeliac disease or similar things who soon realise their allergen is present in the majority of processed foodstuffs.
    I believe keeping it simple is best policy as regards to most things. Why? The needs of the human body have not changed with technology. Or our social needs to belong to a community and serve a greater cause. I have an issue with the GM food and how it may make one over aggressive. Franken foods lead to Franken online posts from people who are unable to see reason.
    I far prefer the simple graceful articles on this website, devoid of trolls, subjects about growing organic tomatos and being a good steward of the Earth etc. Politics, gun control and racism poison my blood no matter how decent my diet. Do you see this?
    This summer has been very pleasant. The chemtrails which fan out totally unlike cirrus clouds have not dampened the desire for a barbeque. The most relished foods here are burgers and sausages. Fries? Not usually cooked but the salad, cous-cous and dressing is attacked with fury 🙂
    If you crave a steak the intelligence built into the cellular structure of your biology is doing its work.
    I dont fancy a steak right now, just had a cheese sandwich without onions. However, most of us gravitate to the festivals, musical or otherwise wanting the sort of meat, not just entertainment, normally reserved for Kings in times gone by.
    I couldnt eat steak every day but once a week it is pure Heaven so I’ll order 1 later.
    And every Xmas the german markets come to every major town in the UK offering expensive yet unbeatable bratwurst, bier, hog roast and exotic sweets you never knew existed.
    Frohe Weinachten!