‘Don’t be a F***ing Idiot’: Twitter Explodes with Best Pun Ever over Sean Penn’s Interview with Drug Lord “El Chapo”

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Clever Twitter users have turned Sean Penn’s name into a pun after the actor’s cozy, secret Rolling Stone interview with drug lord “El Chapo” was published — an interview done with Penn months after El Chapo escaped prison and was still on the run, and where Penn is now infamously seen (above) shaking hands with the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, a man who many consider to be directly responsible for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of journalists.


The pun? Hashtag #NoSeanPenndejos.

According to the Daily Mail, ‘No sean pendejo’ basically means ‘don’t be a f***ing idiot’ in Spanish.

Also, Penn apparently doesn’t know if laptops are still made? What? 3000C79200000578-3393066-image-a-31_1452465029674 The interview has also been lovingly referred to as “the fart smelled round the world”.

“Celebrities like to give the impression that feeding the maw of the American entertainment state is a dignified achievement. But something smells funny…”

El Chapo was arrested Friday, six months after he escaped from prison via a tunnel dug under the shower in his cell and three months after his interview with Penn. In his interview with Penn, which Marco Rubio called “grotesque,” El Chapo claimed he is the leading supplier of drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in the world.

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  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    It’s no accident that a far left whack job reveres someone responsible for polluting so many people with addicting poisons. But if you’re pro gun or pro life-you’re evil.

    • How many of those people did he tie down and personally pollute?
      If addicting people to things is evil, what about nicotine, alcohol, and numerous other things that aren’t as illicit as what he and the CIA traffics in?

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Never did I imply that I think it is right to support the purposeful addiction of people to anything. There is, however, the sticky little contradiction that Penn admires and supports someone like Chapo but portends to believe that there is anything different between Chapo and the CEO’s of Marlboro, Anheuser-Busch and so on.
        Additionally, if we’re going to degrade the CEO’s of the aforementioned companies, shouldn’t Chapo be held to the same standard? Personally, I believe people should ultimately be free to put whatever they want in their bodies-including recreational drugs. Just don’t expect the rest of society to un-fuck you up afterwards.

        • Where does the specious premise that recreational drugs will fuck you up more than licit drugs come from? I ask this as someone who was a dedicated pothead for 20 years who quit to become a less dedicated truck driver for 25 years who has never seen any of the disastrous effects of recreational drugs that would constitute the suppliers thereof of any lower moral value than anyone else.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            Again-I didn’t say-or imply-recreational drugs will fuck you up more than “legal” drugs. That the majority of criminals roaming the streets are under the influence of one sort of drug or another-legal or illegal-is, I think, quite well known. I simply don’t want to be on the hook for the alcoholics treatment-or the meth heads treatment. That’s all.
            Like you, I also quit doing drugs many, many years ago for truck driving. Still driving now.

          • Depending on what you consider to be a drug, I think it is reasonable to assume that anyone who eats or drinks anything they didn’t grow and prepare, without using anything from outside their own capabilities is under the influence of a drug. You can take your choice for being on the hook for their treatment or the carnage that they wreak or both as a result.

      • Unapologetically White

        So what this has-been “actor” did was OK, as long as the result fit the bill? He should be spending time in the joint, where you and I would be if we tried the same stupid stunt. I might be tempted to punch him in the face were we to meet in person.

        • Sandi

          So, since Penn did nothing illegal, you want him in prison anyway? A bit fascist, aren’t you?

          • Unapologetically White

            Aiding a terrorist is a crime. Yes, a terrorist. Unless you’re just pissed that your supply of blow was interrupted.

          • Sandi

            Penn did not “aid a terrorist”. Penn, acting as a reporter (protected under the U.S. Constitution), interviewed a drug lord about the negative effects of the U.S. Drug War.

          • Unapologetically White

            Potatoe, potato. I say he is a terrorist, and in my world, I’m right. How does that make you feel, traitor?

          • Sandi

            Well, since there’s no individual freedom in your world. . . enjoy being king in a world of one.

          • Unapologetically White

            There’s more in mine than in yours, as you are ignorant of what the real world is. Other than that, your opinions matter not to me.

    • Sandi

      Sean Penn had 65 guns in his collection until this past March when he auctioned them off and gave the proceeds to charity.

      And drugs? The War on Afghanistan was so the CIA could use the opium trade to fund their black ops. A Saudi Prince was just caught transporting 2 tons of amphetamines in his private jet. Nicholas Sarkozy (former French president) got caught trafficking 680 kilos of cocaine. During the 2008 financial crisis, it was only the laundering of drug money that kept the doors of the Big Banks (like Citigroup) open.

      The War on Drugs, a U.S. policy, is responsible for more deaths than the drugs, themselves. The arms trafficking (legal and illegal) by the U.S. government is responsible for most of the gun deaths worldwide.

      Why attack Sean Penn?

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        If you’re divining that my criticism of Penn is some kind of back handed support of the government-you’re terribly wrong. I’m very aware of the governments role in the world wide drug trade and find it morally repugnant. I saw where Penn sold his collection of firearms. Good for him. At least he had a choice to make regarding the exercise of his 2nd Amendment rights. That is how it is meant to work, but he and others would rather see the people reduced to mere subjects by conveying rights-meant solely for the People-upon the government. Don’t ask me to get on board with that-it will never happen.

        • Sandi

          Because one is left-wing on the political spectrum doesn’t necessarily mean s/he is going to be anti-gun–that’s a policy of U.S. Democrats. Democrats, in the past few decades, have increasingly been moving to the right and are now officially right of center. (Speaking left vs. right, Obama is the equivalent of Romney).

          Many true lefties in the U.S. have long left the Democratic Party. Many identify as “anarchists” or libertarian socialists. They believe in Freedom of Choice. For example, they may not own or use guns themselves but they’re not going to choose for anyone else. Just like a person might be personally anti-abortion yet politically pro-choice. They would never have an abortion but they’re not going to choose for anyone else.

          The corruption in the U.S. government is the biggest problem We, the People face today. As long as the PowersThatBe manipulate us into fighting each other (left vs right, white vs. black, Christian vs. Muslim, etc.) We, the People cannot join forces against the true enemy. . . the Dark Cabal running and ruining the country.

  • Aug Ust

    Anti-gun Sean Penn has a target on his back

    • Smarty

      Is he actually anti-gun? I always thought he was so far right that he was off the meter….but I guess I have nothing to back that up with except my perception of him.

      • Aug Ust

        yeah he turned his gun collection in to Art

  • Frank

    Despite Penn’s apparent lack of ethics and morals in wanting to glorify one individual that is personally responsible for arguably thousands of deaths, I think DOJ/DEA will be hard-pressed to find that he broke any laws by interviewing ‘Chapo. The Mexican gov was aware that the interview was going down and used information obtained to locate and eventually recapture ‘Chapo. So, besides being a Tool, Penn was a tool in ‘Chapo’s recapture. If they extradite him to the US, where he’ll be “accommodated” at one of our super-max prisons, his career as a drug empire CEO will be over.

    • Reverend Draco

      If you think ‘Chapo wouldn’t be able to continue running things from the inside. . .

      You have this problem with your brain being missing.

      • Frank

        There you go again, ‘Rev, trying to imply that you know more than you actually do. And, when are you going to mature enough to cease with the playground insults?
        Part of being in super-max custody is severely restricted communications with the outside world – which will be a key part of his incarceration and isolation from the outside world to put a stop to his reign of terror and death. Mexico’s idea of “high-security” prison holds no water to what he’s going to get in the US. Once he’s safely housed in super-max, his now-friends will realize that he’s as good as dead and will fill the vaccum created by his removal. Any of his accomplices who attempt to contact him will be targeted for similar capture.

        • If someone can be “safely housed in super-max”, why don’t we want to put the alleged terrorists in Gitmo that we can’t prosecute for some reason under that level of safety? Gitmo would be better used if we used it as a waypoint for refugees while we vetted them.

      • Why would the CIA want to interfere with the operation of their Mexican supply source?

        • Arrow


        • Reverend Draco


  • whiteberry

    Never liked Sean Penn… so I can just add this to the list of why he makes me gag… creepy little f*uck…

  • Tatiana Covington

    Actually those who voluntarily bought the drugs are responsible for their own deaths. El Chapo, a merchant in the free market, and no worse than any arms corporation, did not make anyone buy or take those inanimate chemical compounds. Everyone else was left free to just ignore them. In such case then those chemicals are left as inert as sand.

    No buyer, no seller. Supply and demand. Economics 101, as even kids running lemonade stands know. Besides, what are drugs set next to nuclear weapons? As I should know: my parents met in the Manhattan Project.

    I have always just ignored “drugs” ever since I learned of their existence back in 1960. They are not even drugs unless, until, and to the extent that one ingests them. Without those conditions’ being met, they do not and cannot have any biological effects whatsoever.

    So… just don’t take them! All there is to it is quite literally nothing. The hell with those who don’t understand this.

    • There are plenty of psychoactive substances in the average kitchen already.

  • ccambridge

    El Chapo was the only real threat to ISIS when the idiots ruined a shipment. I wanted to see what he could do that leaders of the “free world” couldn’t.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      That’s probably why they’ve been so intent on incarcerating him!

  • YeahRightOkay

    …and just think…this worthless POS actor tries so hard to bash the US…but instead shows how he is an agent of the US…this was not a coincidence that El Chapo was captured right after this worthless POS’s interview…

  • East Clintwood

    Look up asshole in the dictionary it will say ‘see: sean penn’.

  • robertsgt40

    The literal translation for pendejo is pubic hair, which isn’t too far (geographically) from Penn

  • mirageseekr

    More theater from the powers that suck. I really tried hard to not believe all the conspiracies, but I will be damned if they don’t make it impossible. Wonder if the Queen is having roasted babies tonight after an orgy with the pope?

  • Martha Castillo