Don’t Anal Probe Me, Bro! Another NM Man Subjected to Rectal Exam After Traffic Stop

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Another New Mexico resident was subjected to rectal exams after a traffic stop.

Maybe aliens from Roswell have infiltrated the police force. Perhaps that’s what explains these rectal cavity invasions.

Timothy Young was stopped by police for turning without putting his blinker on.  Just like David Eckert (whose story we covered yesterday), he was taken to the Gila Medical Center in Silver City. And, just like Eckert, he was given x-rays and anal exams without his consent.

Curiously, both cases involve a K9 named Leo, who alerted to drugs on the car seats of each man.

And in both cases, the men were subjected to hours of invasive exams, without consent, in a hospital in a county that was not covered by the search warrant.

Neither man was found to have so much as a trace of drugs on or in them.

KOB 4 reports:

One can’t help but wonder what is going on in New Mexico, and if more stories like these will be exposed.

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  • facebook_gordon.p.brown.7

    The police state is well and alive in AMERIKA! The slaves have no constitutional rights.

    The solution to 1984 is 1776!

  • Hammerun

    Hell, if they had this action in San Francisco, they’d have to ding Obamacare for it.

  • Musashi

    Those cops live somewhere.

  • Carlos

    Exactly, Musashi.
    It’s common knowledge that nearly all paper money is contaminated with drugs, so a positive dog alert could happen with anyone having money in their pocket.
    I’m sure the cops know this, they’re just looking for an excuse to play brownshirt.
    Be a real shame if they started dropping like flies.

  • RickE.

    This is a decision made at the police chief level.
    This is ultimate degradation and humiliation, purposely initiated by the cops to intimidate we subjects into total fear of law enforcement.

    They already know that the common sheeple will go along with the TSA molestation of travelers, and this is a version of that on steroids!

    This needs to be nipped in the bud RIGHT NOW! With law suits initiated immediately, as this a grievous mangling of the 4th amendment!
    Tax payers will start to resent paying out fortunes to those that have been treated worse than dogs by law enforcement!

    Law enforcement in many cases is the enemy of the common folk!
    It HAS BEGUN in earnest now, we will have to fight back soon before we are annihilated by the powers that be!

  • bob

    Unbelievable where do they find these cops and the police chief must be a rel moron. Hopefully they get sued into oblivion and bankrupt the town for hiring morons that violate your constitutional rights.

  • american

    Past time I would say. We hired the law lets fire the law. If they violated me that way , I do not know what would happen with my rage!! They raped those men!!

  • rockelle

    I would OWN those ass hat pigs and the crappy hospital and doctors that thought it was a good idea to shit all over my constitutional rights! I hope all those sorry bastards get everything that’s comming to them.

  • KaK

    The Dog just likes Farts…LOL

    • Brucie

      Leo the K9 loves farts because he has an intimate affair with the police chief and all the police officers.

  • 34-yellow

    Did the cops make him squeal like a pig?, is this a remake of deliverance, penetration, however slight is rape, people need to be fired,sued and jailed behind this, from the judge signing the warrant down to the cops living out their sexual fantasy under pretense of fighting drugs.

    • Jean

      The perps should be executed.
      Fire/Sue/Jail is inadequate. EXECUTE.

      and that’s my NICE GUY approach. You REALLY want to punish them – they get to live a good, long life. They don’t see, smell, eat actual food, or talk – but they get to hear the voices of those around them, to hear the disgust and the pity, as the locals talk about what happened to their families… Or, perhaps, is STILL happening to their families, as crack whores in Tijuana…

  • big brother

    Google “parallel construction”, federal agencies such as DEA tip local police that a suspect has drugs (or has committed some other crime). But the tip is classified, local police search the suspect after finding some other pretext, such as a traffic stop.

    This is one possible explanation. A parallel construction tip targeting the wrong person, or it could be intentional harassment of these individuals by the feds, carried out by local police after using the “parallel construction” mechanism.

  • RickE.

    Here’s an update that’s very interesting! The drug dog that falsely keyed positive was NOT certified! In NM, they must be certified every year. The last time he was certified was in 2011.
    The attorneys are going to have a field day with these cases!

  • I’ll be covering this issue on my radio show tomorrow. And YES, others are coming forth. One woman had a similar experience. You gotta wonder how many illegal human beings are being probed – or much worse. And btw, are nurses invisible? As a former RN I’ve never seen a doctor give an enema. Why are the nurses not being held accountable? Were THEY just “following orders?” This is very disturbing! One more fact: doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Google that one, folks!

    • TAG

      My opinion is Md’s are the LEADING cause of death in the US. I have personally watched them murder many members of my family with their complete incompetence but their greed for the bucks. And now our administration has ORDERED us to pay them anyway, whether we chose to or not. Let f-inng freedom ring. The ding heard round the world.

  • chuckb


  • TAG


    • Revenge Served Cold

      Don’t worry… those of us who live here are making sure people know where these cops sleep.

  • reality check

    good luck fighting back with spitballs against bazookas you will never defeat leos turn yourself in were are all screwed and there is no solution online bravado is as useful as wet toliet paper when they come for you you will go quietly or die

  • oiltrdr
  • sk1951

    What a great law suit.