DOJ’s Eric Holder Confirms: Obama Looking at Taking Executive Action to Pass Gun Control

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Hours after President Obama’s new Gun Task force met for the first time, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that The Obama Administration may use executive order to implement gun control in the wake of the Connecticut School shooting.

Obama Holder Biden Gun Task ForceAccording to Reuters, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that The Obama Administration will consider executive action as part of its new gun policy. Holder, who was once quoted saying we have to “Brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way”, told reporters that they are working on a range of options that will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Holder is part of a new gun violence task force, created by President Barack Obama and headed by Vice President Joe Biden, that will guide the administration through their efforts to enact gun control legislation.

Thursday’s meeting included Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. After the meeting concluded, Holder told reporters that any gun control measures would include a “strong and robust” Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

In my opinion, this action has been in the works for some time. In fact, back in August we reported how the DOJ was in the process of figuring out how they could use their power to make it more difficult for Americans to purchase guns.

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  • Right, tyrant to make unlawful demands by decree. Fuck him, I ain’t turning in anything if banned. These bastards want to commit treason, that’s on them, not me.

    • johnd23

      Its a Declaration of War, the next step is spilling their blood and anyone who prevents us from doing so.

      • Jean

        The FIRST step is spilling THEIR blood, in decisive method and scope, while NOT harming others. Precision strikes, no mercy, no fogiveness. Shock and Awe, if you will. And a public statement of WHAT, and WHY. Published online and in print. No faces, mutliple distortions, no background noise you can avoid (Or, intentionally screw with them by ADDING background noises).

        Pre=emptive strike. We KNOW what the totalitarians of this country are up to. They TELL us. If THIS is what they TELL us, perhaps we should listen to them? And we SHOULD wonder what they are HIDING…

        Strike no man without need, but make sure there be no need to strike twice.

  • x

    crime will run rampant, last night my bro in law had a strange vehicle circling his driveway after is he to defend his family? the bad guys will have guns etc just like crack etc. so good luck taking down an armed crack head in your pjs with a butter knife. dont worry! the newly armed tsa dolts will save u!

  • Ted

    Where is Senator Darrel Issa?

  • johnd23

    He cannot pass any executive order, without supreme court approval. He can pass all the executive orders he wants in regards to anything. People have a legal right to ignore them. Supreme court has to approve the order and so does congress. (The President signed an executive order to seize the steel mills because a worker on strike in 1952)

    He cannot and it will not work, no one can follow such a order without congress and supreme court approval.

    • johnd23

      1952 it was rejected and the executive order didn’t pass.

    • Freedomfighter

      Well if you didn’t know, they are all on the same damn team! You really think they are going to block his EO? LOL yeah right!

    • bowlan

      he can do any thing he wants to do,havent you learned any thing since 2008
      wake up idiat

    • bowlan

      he can do any thing he wants to do,havent you learned any thing since 2008

    • SKIP

      And JUST who do you think congress and the SCOTUS traitors work for?? A clue: it is NOT the American people. Obama can and WILL do exactly what he wants and congress will kiss his muslim black ass and sign off on anything he does. Recesses are coming and a perfect time to do the executive order/appointments thing.

    • SKIP

      And JUST WHO do you think the people in congress and SCOTUS work for?

  • brandon

    Obama and his cronies at it again. Yet because he’s black people don’t want to call a spade a spade. No different than the Bush regime everyone hated years ago, in fact he’s taking Bush to a whole new level.

    How the hell is Eric Holder still in government? Oh, that’s right. He’s a goddamn crook. He wouldn’t still be there if he wasn’t a corrupt POS.

    • David

      Preach it Brandon!!

  • Caveat Emptor

    I’m looking at not complying.

    I’d like to see a general strike of some kind, maybe stopping all traffic dead in its tracks for half hour or so.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    A red flag turning into a red line. The Executive Ordered confiscation era has begun and I am afraid of the consequences. They won’t stop with firearms if they can crack this precedent. It seems the Bald Eagle has turned into a Buzzard. A suitable symbol for the new order of things. Gold would be next, then food, then you. You can make your last stand then.

    • johnd23

      there no point on making your last stand. They will force you to turn them in. They will take away any privileges that you may have. Theres a full article online how Nazi Germany did it and the British.

      Trust me you don’t want to wait for the last stand it will be too late. For you and everyone else….You have to face the facts and go offensive. Or it will NEVER the book to Resistance to Tyranny then you will understand what has to be done. Or lose this nation and your freedom forever….

      • johnd23

        That book is not fiction but faction and will explain to you what coming and will explain to you what happened in other nations and why its successful. That books needs to be taken serious.

        • SKIP

          The books that really need to be read by all Whites is “Civil War II” by Thomas Chittum and “Turner Diaries”

          • Rick25

            Those books don’t provide useful info, but the one johnd23 does.

          • SKIP

            To Rick, you’re probably right. Must find the mentioned book though I happen to be one of those COIN trained military types and still work here in Afghanistan. Lots of us in the disgruntled civilian world too for having to defend the U.S. constitution from so fuckin many DOMESTIC enemies.

  • Chris

    OBAMA,MUBARACK,KADAFEE,STALIN, HITLER,LOUIS XIV, all ruled by DECREE. ONLY TYRANTS AND DICTATORS RULE BY DECREE. HE knows that the public isn’t taken in by his commie agenda, despite the media trying to force it down our throats.

  • Me

    The chair is against the wall…… The chair is against the wall… John has a long beard….. John has a long beard……

    • Jean

      Just to pull your “beard” – it was, “John has a long MOUSTACHE.” 😉

  • Michael

    Keep hearing this same statement on how times today are not the same as a few years or a couple centuries ago. THIS IS WHY WE FAIL! Society has gotten away from the things that made us great; spurred along by the government and big business. All the values that our ancestors handed down through the generations needed to be corrupted in order for these evil do-gooders to work their plan. If we were still holding onto what was handed down by our ancestors, we would not have fallen for the bullshit.


  • stock

    The rats who stank up the sinking ship are getting desperate. Expect anything out of the desperate. Desperate to maintain power and privilege, desperate to deny reality. Desperate rats are running the power structure and have the big guns, what will happen if they have the only guns?

  • Forrest D Rader Jr

    If you look the the Dick Act obama can’t do anything on our 2nd amendment he has no power to change it or put an executive order on it. and the Dick act can’t be appealed.

    • Forrest D Rader Jr

      people read the Dick Act of 1902 and pass the word

      • Rick25

        From my understand its not legitimate, I thought it was. But no congressman ever passed it or signed it. Look into it.

      • SKIP


  • freehotdawgs

    Why isn’t that criminal Holder in jail? Why in the F is he still allowed to talk?

    • Rick25

      The only way to solve the problem is a lone wolf mission. Be careful read and download military books. You have to play it smart. Remember that. Their are planning of books free online to read and to understand how war works and how they may be prepared but you can be prepared more and be them at their own game even if you go offensive.

    • SKIP

      Read his gubmint tiitle U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL! means he is immune to prosecution, conscience and criticism but NOT civil retaliation. Time for the pitchforks, torches, AKs and M4s

  • MustardSeed01

    We are in a world of hurt people. It is coming and there is no denying it. Barry and Holder want to strike while the iron is still hot.

    We must organize and plan. Attend gun shows and ask for Samuel Adams!!

  • tayronachan

    The 2nd Amendment is about having a means of defense from a tyrannical government. It can happen here.

    • Nexus789

      It refers to having an organised militia not a disorganised rabble. More relevant to the late 18th Century rather than the 21st Century where the State is more organised, has more powerful weapons and means of control.

      • REB

        The organized militia is the people…then or now!…remember organized or not the govt is the problem,never the answer…a nessesary evil at best…an unbearable one at worst!

  • The Arizona Patriot

    I am sorry to say, depressed to even think about a second civil war. 630,000 killed last time with mostly muzzle loading weapons, how many this time? I will NOT surrender, but anyone who has spilled blood in combat does not wish to ever see that again. I pray our imposter govt gets its head out of its arse or we will see millions dead or maimed this time.

    • REB

      This govt dosnt have its head up its arse…it knows exactly what its doing…pure evil!

    • Rick25

      And you know what has to be done, man up!

  • Jack

    The antics of semantics. From “Fast & Furious” to Rash & Spurious …

  • fedup American

    Odumba will by executive order restrict look a like weapons and high capacity magazines. This is un Constitutional like so much other orders he has executed. Why in the Hell is no one in congress doing anything about this? Odumba is arming the mudslum brotherhood. These are the same people that are killing our troops! He has bankrupted this country and 75% of his purposed tax increases are for more spending. He has all but destroyed our military and country, If we allow him to take away our guns, he will finish his destruction. “Give me liberty or death” is fast coming into play. He let our people in Benghazi die to hid the fact he was running an illegal gun scheme to arm our enemies. People need to wake up especially democrats and black people. Odumba is far worse for our country than Pearl Harbor or 9/11 combined.

  • Steve

    Let me see:

    The BATFE that brought us Ruby Ridge and cost us $3.5 million for the wrongful death of Vicky Weaver;
    The BATFE that brought us Waco and cost the lives of numerous children by burning them to death but had to use a particulate gas (accelerant as called by forensic arson investigators) prior to that:
    Eric Holder that brought us “Fast and Furious” and that killed an AMERICAN police officer and several Mexican Nationals;
    DHS that has fired its agents for stealing from passengers luggage, who conduct searches that are sexual harassment, and has purchased ammunition that exceeds even what the military needs;
    And BO that heads all of these agencies up.

    Yeah we know where this is going. The Public Servants get their guns and guards but the Master (American Public) gets stripped!!! Time for the Master to fire the servants.

    And please do not be foolish enough to think the military won’t cooperate. During Katerina the UNITED STATES MARINES of all people went with the police to confiscated firearms from people that had done nothing. If the Marines can do this the rest of the military is already gone there a long time ago. In the Marine Corps I was in I was taught to disobey ANY order that said we were to do anything to American Citizens; even to stay out of acts of civil unrest since ultimately we answer to the public and did not want to become a 3rd World Banana Republic.



  • Rick25

    Remember the battle field is at Ground Zero DC…

    Here is proof the US Supreme Court can over ride a executive order. If they find it un-lawful..
    “Executive orders can be overturned by either of the other two branches: the Supreme Court can do so through a case that is brought in front of them and Congress can do so by passing legislation that would conflict with the order or by refusing to approve funding to enforce it.”

    Without digging through my books i found reliable websites online to explain it better.

  • cindy

    Remember the aftermath of katrina.The well to do had their own private security detail while others were being disarmed by out of town cops.A woman was in her home, had food, water and had a pistol to protect herself.The cops came by and manhandled her and took her pistol. This was taped by a news crew, btw

    • SKIP

      Then the blacks came and took away everything else since they keep up with those that are unarmed.

  • SKIP

    OH! I would point out the the red dot indian governor of my state S.C. has appointed a NEGRO to replace Jim DeMint and the guy will vote lock step with Obamuslim as will all blacks.

  • Tom

    Skip, the “NEGRO” replacing DeMint will not vote lock step with Obama. He is a rock ribbed conservative. Second the “red dot indian” governor of your state is a bright and charismatic woman of accomplishment. A rising star in GOP circles.
    Your comments are so racially charged, that you gave the game away. Go back to your klaven. The new America will be one where anyone willing to pull their weight will be welcomed, regardless of their race. Ignorant racists will not be tolerated. Me suspects that “NEGRO” appointed by the “Dot Head” is more intelligent than you.

  • mark

    let the war begin everyone control your rage save your ammo they have purchased 1. 5 billion rounds over the summer of 2012 dhs did this cdnn said ammo would double in three months in october 2012 issue this is obvious they want a war and are prepared 17000mraps in storage 5000 lenco bearcats sold dont buy more assault weapons buy your legal 15 llbs of depleted uranium for scientific purposes hint hint the war begins u will know it quit talking nsa monitors everything by supercomputers chaos will occur if rights are taken away do not get slaughter fight smart and swiftly and most important fight smart if the civil war begins