Does This Shocking Cell Phone Footage from Inside the Car When Lavoy Finicum Was Shot Disprove the FBI’s Story?

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Lavoy Finicum’s first official autopsy has already been released. Finicum was shot at 8 times (six by Oregon State Police and twice by the FBI) and hit three times in the back. His family has reportedly commissioned a second, independent autopsy to confirm these findings.

While Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris made a statement that “All six shots fired by the Oregon State Police, the three into the truck and the three that struck Mr. Finicum, are justified,” RT reports:

However, the US Department of Justice is investigating an unnamed FBI agent who fired twice at the Arizona rancher, but didn’t report the shots. The four other members of the agent’s Hostage Rescue Team, an elite FBI unit, are also under criminal investigation for potentially helping the shooter cover up the shooting.

The family believes Finicum was murdered.

Now this cell phone footage Shawna Cox shot from inside the vehicle during Finicum’s murder has been released, BUT as Citizens 4 Constitutional Freedom pointed out, “This footage has been cherry-picked for release. Only those parts that the government considers supportive of their own narrative have been released.”

C4CF notes that, “What is shown already disproves some of the claims made by the FBI when they originally released the aerial footage.”

Watch this horror and decide for yourself. Warning: graphic content.

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  • Art V

    Shot in the back … Hmmmmmm

    • Reverend Draco

      Yellow-bellied cowards shoot people in the back.

      • BR549

        I would think it wise for these murderers to not go out in public alone.

  • Mike

    murdered plain and simple. This was an attempt to get the militias across the country to do something stupid. Note to federal government morons WE HAVE LEARNED FROM ALL OF YOUR MASSACRES OF US CITIZENS just what kind of people you truly are. You murder people at your master’s will. When the time is right, justice will be served.

    • The Oregon episode was a continuous stream of supposed militia members doing stupid things, from the beginning. Instead of playing into their hands, patriots need to learn to use the power of the court of public opinion in their own favor. Until the power of the well-regulated media is applied, the American people will continue to be the losers.

      • Mike

        power of the court of public opinion. These days that does not work because the government CONTROLS MOST MEDIA OUTLETS and thus CONTROLS THE OPINION.

        • Is the government controlling you in your use of the most potent media outlet mankind has ever devised?

          • get a life and stop being stup

   must be on the side of the murderers..this is no media…how many millions of people see this? most people do not even believe what is put on the net..let alone read it..get a grip..there was no reason to shoot this man period..they could have taken him in a different way besides shooting him…

          • When you get tired of making specious and silly accusations and are willing to discuss things rationally, we’ll proceed. Corrupt government agents never act rationally, more like you think.

    • USPatriotOne

      Nail IT..!!! “We the People” will choice the time and place not this Illegal Fed Gov..!!!

  • I forgot

    Cops are nothing but back-shooters.

  • Cowards in uniform… despicable…. disgusting…

  • The complete and unedited version of Shawna Cox’s cellphone video is being blocked from sharing to FascistBook.

    Download the original and unedited version while it’s still available. Then upload EVERYWHERE.

    Like The Strike!

  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t disprove that he was trying to drive around the roadblock, which gave law enforcement the probable cause they needed to justify murdering him.

    • berrybestfarm

      And here in lies the problem–when flight is judged to be a capital offense needing no trial.

      • Which is easy to understand because avoiding adjudication has always been the final way to avoid capital punishment, which used to be applied as a sentence to a much larger number of crimes, starting with horse theft. The most commonly punished crime for which no trial is required is contempt of court. This was a case where the decedent showed contempt for the arrest process, justifying his execution. Until we learn to prosecute our causes in the court of public opinion, we will continue to lose our cases in the courts of martial law.

        • Joe Toland

          Are you justifying this?

    • USPatriotOne

      Hold a JD, now tell me what Justification does Law enforcement have to shoot anyone in the BACK….NONE, and that’s the LAW..!!! We just witnessed 1st Degree Murder from what I learned in Law School!

      • Ted Nugent doesn’t, but he thinks it is justified for a LEO to shoot someone in the ass that is running from them.
        If you have a JD, you’ll know that there are many more other considerations to the determination of 1st degree murder that we are ignorant, in this case, than that we know everything about. It wasn’t an ambush, it was a road block, which he clearly tried to run. Since they knew he has coming, he probably would have been arrested if he hadn’t done so much resisting. They had a peculiar way of dealing with a truck full of suspects, and took a long time to clear the situation, which strongly resembled their approach at Waco, FWIW.

        • Reverend Draco

          The roadblock was also, apparently, set up in such a way as to violate every law, rule, and recommendation regarding roadblocks. . . set up on a blind curve in such a way that, in order for a person to avoid plowing into the roadblock at road speed, one must attempt to “drive around” the roadblock.

          • That just means that the FBI has access to better tacticians than the occupiers did.

  • cmb

    why isn’t every LEO, Prosecutor, and Judge in this country dead at this point?

  • MW Hohimer

    Plain and simple. The guy was murdered to make a point. The government had to show that it meant business and wasn’t going to allow people to oppose it.
    Welcome to the “Police State of Amerika” (PSA)


    The government decision? Suicide. It is time we got the names of these people. They live somewhere. we need to let their neighbors know who they live with. Let them suffer the local business tell them to shop elsewhere and get their gas elsewhere. Let them know they are no longer citizens let them wonder when some real citizen will treat them as they have the man they murdered. We need accountability for its more than the men who pull the trigger we need to know planned this and gave the order. They want a military state well they may need it to protect themselves.

  • USPatriotOne

    This video said it all…these SOB’s are going down or our Country is going down! God help us, PLEASE!

  • Sopater

    I’m honestly trying to keep an open mind here, but every time more video is released, it seems to me that it does more to reject the narrative from the OSP and the FBI than support it. I’ve yet to see ANYTHING that justifies the killing of LaVoy Finicum.

    When British troops killed colonists in Boston on March 5, 1770, the accused were brought before a jury and given a fair trial. We need the same thing to take place here. A trial by jury.

  • nvrancher

    Lavoy told those “officers” he didn’t trust them. He stated that they could follow him to the Sheriff in the next county, seems to me that that distrust was well placed. Three times in the back! If a man let’s you know his intention and invites you to follow him to the Sheriff, how can this be anything other than an administrative state execution?

  • I believe it … I am a targeted activist and government personnel have burglarized me , and planted stolen and unknown origin property inside the house, as well as tortured my cat while I was gone, and burglarized my safe deposit box. Government personnel, contractors and operatives are involved in organized crime and black operations as well as targeting citizens for crimes.

  • concernedhousewife

    I saw reports that the vehicle received 200 shots, you can see on footage windows exploding

  • Facebook User

    Full video here: