Does the Government Own Your Children?

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Why is the state trying to make your children their property?

Tennessee’s South Cumberland Elementary, in all its wisdom, decided to institute a policy which banned parents from collecting their children from school, forcing the kids to walk out into moving traffic where parents were ordered to wait in their vehicles.

Standing up against a patently ludicrous and dangerous policy, father of two Jim Howe calmly asserted his right to take possession of his own children at the end of the school day….and was arrested for doing so.

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  • Uzziel

    Why hasn’t anyone taken a potshot at these f***ers, yet!?

    • john q publik

      high risk pay. no one is willing to pay yet…. lol

  • Nathan Cline

    It’s coming Uzz

  • charlie tango

    Wow! What a PIG!

  • anon


  • Rachel

    We(USA) have turned into Nazi Germany.

  • mucus

    +1 anon

  • Anonymous

    I got that exact same note from my daughter’s preschool. This is why we took her out of it as soon as we were able. It’s rediculous!

  • felix the cat

    This should be very easy to take care of, every single parent that has a child at that school, take them out! I bet the school will change that policy faster then lightning striking.