Do You Think Congress Is Underpaid at $174,000/yr + Benefits? Rep. Moran Does

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As Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog recently pointed out, America is now a nation where the nine of the top ten job positions earn a grand total of less than $35,000 a year. That means if you earn at least that much, you are now squarely in the country’s lap of luxury compared to the other 59% of Americans surviving on less.

Before taxes, that amount comes out to less than $3,000 a month earned. You would think Congress would be doing a lot better than the average American then, considering they make that much per week at $174,000 a year, even though Congress will only be in session for 113 days total this year.

You’d think that, but apparently you’d be wrong.

Democrat Congressman James Patrick “Jim” Moran, Jr., U.S. Representative for Virginia’s 8th congressional district who has served since 1991, recently announced that we the American public need to be informed that our Congress is totally underpaid.

The democrat told CQ Roll Call:

“I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid. I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.  And a lot of members can’t even afford to live decently when they’re at their jobs in Washington.”

That’s right. They can’t even afford to “live decently,” America.

Don’t believe it? Take a listen for yourself:

So Congress is the Board of Directors of America now? That’s funny because I was just telling someone the other day that with all the naked, rampant corporatism going on these days, we might as well officially change the name of our country to the United Corporations of America, anyway.

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  • Nexusfast123

    I think they got his name wrong. It should be Moron.

    • LexiconD1

      You mean it isn’t already?

  • farang

    What he is stating is that compared to the people he REALLY represents, he is underpaid.

    He doesn’t represent the bus driver, school teacher, the nurse of florist down the street. He doesn’t represent the laborer, or the guy driving the snow lpow so we can all go to work.

    He represents CORPORATE BUSINESS INTERESTS ONLY. He does their bidding, performs their dirty work, is happy to screw 99% of his constituents to keep the re-election funding coming for those Corporate Boards he DOES represent.

    So yeah, he is underpaid. And like he said, he understands “some feel they underperform.” SO LET’S FIRE THEM ALL: lets vote in 10 new parties next election. 12.

    Make sure NONE OF THEM hold a majority, so they ALL have to work together.

    And first item on agenda? Reversing/clawing back the TRILLIONS LOST from Bush’s “Temporary Tax Cuts” that cost us TRILLIONS in lost revenues. Second item? DOUBLING THE TAX RATE ON ALL BILLIONAIRES NAMED KOCH.

    Third item: Arresting and placing for trial all those that voted to allow DETAINING AMERICANS WITHOUT LEGAL REPRESENTATION. OR SIGNED IT INTO LAW.

    We can do that. YES WE CAN.

    • Brother John

      I was with you up until “Make sure none of them hold a majority…” Then you stopped making sense.

      First, what makes you think them working together is a good idea? We don’t need laws passed, we need them repealed. Any time you hear the word “bipartisan” uttered, it means you’re getting the shaft.

      Second, you really don’t want the federal government “clawing back” money it decided not to tax away in the first place. If it can do that to wealthy and powerful people, imagine what it can do to li’l ol’ you.

    • gato felix

      …..”corporate boards”? more like corporate whores!!!

  • Steve Brenner

    Underpaid? Poor guys , they only get free insider trading?

  • Building Seven

    Recently, I have wondered why we haven’t evolved past thinking we need rulers to rule us. Humans worldwide are easily manipulated by the religion of Statism.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    The US Congress is flat-out irresponsible and ineffective. – bottom line! If they were a part of any other corporate entity they would all be fired. Now these are harsh words but aren’t they the truth. Pay raise – preposterous!

  • Brother John

    Not only should all Congresscritters be stripped of their pensions and benefits, but their job should be reduced to part time — no more than four days in a calendar month — and their salary set at 100$ a day plus expenses. In the meanwhile, they can ply their trades back home and work, live, and suffer under the laws they create.

    Then, ensure that no law can be passed that exceeds 500 words in length, and you’re making real progress.

  • spirittoo

    The congress is so much better than us … they deserve the pay for doing absolutely nothing. What’s good for them isn’t good for us and what is good for us isn’t good for them …haven’t you figured that out yet?

  • Robert

    H.L.Menken wrote circa 1940
    “Laws are no longer made by a rational process of public
    discussion; they are made by a process of blackmail and intimidation,
    and they are executed in the same manner. The typical lawmaker of
    today is a man wholly devoid of principle — a mere counter in a
    grotesque and knavish game. If the right pressure could be applied to
    him, he would be cheerfully in favor of polygamy, astrology or
    It is the aim of the Bill of Rights, if it has any remaining aim at all, to curb such prehensile gentry. Its function is to set a limitation upon their
    power to harry and oppress us to their own private profit.” So, what has changed in 2014? Politicians should not exist ! or be paid median us wage with no benefits and not allowed to vote themselves raises limited to 4 years total service

  • Greedy no-accounts

    If Congress was the BOD of a major corporation; that corporation would have already declared bankruptcy and been bought out buy a foreign interest…

  • furbaby

    Well, if $174,000/yr isn’t enough money for the likes of Congressman Jim Moran to live on, perhaps he should just resign and find himself another job!

  • philip.dennany

    How many of those ‘poor’ corrupted slobs haven’t become mufti-millionaires by working for the AIPAC and other lobbies to do fund their crimes rather than work for the good of the majority people of the USA that they sworn to represent.?