DNC Chair Tries to Explain How the Iowa Primary Wasn’t Rigged for Hillary and Fails… Hard

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Let me just start this post out by saying, “HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA”.

This has been, perhaps, the most ridiculous election cycle yet, or, at least, in the three decades I’ve been alive on this planet. And while it’s horrifying to think that somehow we’re going to end up with a Bush or a Clinton yet again, at least no one can say the handbasket ride to Hell hasn’t been entertaining to watch.

While this sham of a “fair and democratic” process falls apart before everyone’s eyes after Hillary Clinton’s razor-thin win via “virtually improbable” coin toss in Iowa and leaving New Hampshire with the same delegates as Sanders despite his 22 percentage-point win that amounts to the biggest victory in a contested Democratic primary there since John F. Kennedy, DNC Chair Representative Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn’t even give the most basic explanation to CNN’s Jake Tapper why anyone should believe the whole entire process isn’t rigged:

She starts by saying she’s going to clarify, then a whole bunch of words come out of her mouth that don’t actually clarify anything. Then Jake Tapper goes, “I’m not sure that that would — that answer would satisfy an anxious young voter, but let’s move on.”


Then you get comments on the video like this:


“Now I get it. THAT’S how democracy works! Silly me thought it was just people voting for their favorite candidates.”

Yeah… NOPE.

No confidence, people. If you are going to go ahead and waste your time, vote no confidence. It might be the only vote in a presidential election that even matters anymore.

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