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DiY Potent Pepper Spray

Todd Walker
Survival Sherpa
April 2nd, 2013


Pepper spray can be made at home and very potent. This will give one an ethical & portable measure of defense against rioters intruders or can be used in any defense that requires a deterrent that will give you time and a window to escape and or evade a circumstance. 

Potent Pepper Spray Recipe Ingredients:
  1. 2 tbsp Cayenne Pepper
  2. Rubbing Alcohol
  3. Baby Oil
  4. Small Glass
  5. Clean cloth
  6. Second small glass
  7. Spray bottle


First, you will need to put the cayenne pepper into the small glass and then cover with rubbing alcohol until it is about 2cm above the pepper. Stir the alcohol and pepper for three to five minutes. Add an ounce of the baby oil to the glass and stir for two minutes.

Place the small thin cloth over the top of the glass and pour the contents through the cloth into the other glass, allowing the cloth to catch any large pieces of pepper that remain. This will keep the spray bottle from becoming clogged. What is in the second glass is your homemade pepper spray. It is usually a dark brown or red color and doesn’t have a pleasant odor. Once you have completed this process you need to pour the liquid into an empty spray bottle. Put the cap on and then you are ready to use your pepper spray whenever you feel the need to protect yourself.

This pepper spray works well because it is not water based. Water based products generally don’t work as well as the cayenne pepper breaks down in the water. The oil and the alcohol ensure that this does not happen. When the substance gets into the eyes of the attacker, it will sting bad enough that they will be stopped in their tracks.

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Contributed by Todd Walker of Survival Sherpa.

Todd Walker is married to the lovely Dirt Road Girl, proud father and grandfather, a government school teacher, a lover of the primal lifestyle and liberty. You can check out his website at Survival Sherpa with a vision of helping each other on the climb to self-reliance and preparedness…the Survival Sherpa way…One step at a time. Follow him on Twitter. Send him mail: survivalsherpa@gmail.com

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  • Apex predator

    good advice..i have a slightly different method for dealing with an attacker…it does rhyme with incapacitating though…

  • cindy

    Good ol lead poisoning works good too…

  • Erich Frerking

    I’ll betcha this recipe is illegal in New York…

  • cindy

    no high fructose corn syrup in recipe,should be ok in NYC 😉

  • http://www.secuforce.in brillo

    Thanks, Great info…

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