Disturbing Infographic Lays Out Damning Evidence of Podesta Pedophile Ring Case

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In the weeks leading up to the election, some of the most damning Wikileaks began to surface yet, leading to allegations of the darker activities of the Podestas’ and the Clinton clique — things like Spirit Cooking and bizarre, seemingly coded emails possibly referring to pedophilia crimes.

Now someone has taken the time to lay out all the evidence in one giant, archived chart.

While this information is creepy enough in small doses, when one looks at it all together like that, it is terribly damning.

A lot of people have made the comment that Hillary is above the law. It would appear from this chart that Podesta is too.

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  • chrism12743

    Believe me, Americans have seen and heard enough to know this is true.

  • Bill Crosby

    PIZZA! WTF?!?! I dislike Trump, but this sh@t says it all. The attempt to install a Candidate that supports paedophilia?! Thank you Julian Assange! Thank you for showing those who told me I was spouting unacceptable conspiracy “theory” into obvious fact!

    • Rey d’Tutto

      The problem for Conspiracy Theorists now a days is that too many D@mn Theories are being proven True.
      What’s a Conspiracist to do?

      • Diana Sawyer

        If they say it’s a Conspiracy then it’s true.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Illuminati confirmed, the conspiracy theorist were right again!
    It’s so fucken evil that I have a hard time believing it, but Mark Dice was right.

  • Anything is possible and this graph proves nothing what so ever. It even links to the over exposed Luzatto email. I think many of the power elite may be pedophiles, but publishing this kind of thing just allows people to dismiss it as non-serious.

    • Nexusfast123

      Well I hope they wade through Weiners laptop with 660,000 emails on it that the NYPD stated was disgusting.

    • UglyTruth

      It’s not attempting to prove anything. If you want proof, then check the facts regarding Hillary’s involvement in Marina Abramovic’s occult ritual.


  • BC

    Some of these seem pretty innocuous and a stretch of the imagination.

    Like for example the ‘pool party’ seems to be a stretch, the woman throwing the party at her home has grandchildren, how many of you have children and grandchildren you’ve watched playing in a pool? Are they NOT entertaining?

    one of them took their child to have their first piece of pizza, that doesn’t mean abuse is going on, the child is actually eating a piece of pizza.

    Other information certainly makes it seem like it could be something more nefarious going on and thus possible that it ‘could’ be, and thus should be investigated, but I won’t hold my breath that if it is something more–they will do anything.

  • sezsue

    On a hunch, I looked up the words, “comet”, and “ping pong” to see if there were any slang meanings, since, as Led Zeppelin said, “Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings”…. And BOY are there! Look up on Urban Dictionary. I’m SURE this is just a coincidence…. Doesn’t mean a thing…

    • Diana Sawyer

      Here is a site to go to weoccupyearth.wordpress.com and it has a lot of pedophile articles and also look up the Franklin Affair. Hampstead Cover up

  • Deki Smokton

    In reference to the picture showing Podesta with “14” on right hand and a fish” on left hand:
    • In Egypt, the Amenti, area where go the souls of deaths, westward of the Nile, was divided in 14 parts.
    • Among Greeks, the fourteen days “alcyonians” were the 7 days preceding and the 7 days following the solstice of winter. During this period, the sea was supposed calm so as to allow the “alcyons” to build their nest and to brood. The alcyons came from the Metamorphosis of Ceyx, son of the Star of the morning, Eosphéros (in Latin LUCIFER) and his wife Alcyon, girl of Eole.

  • mirageseekr

    Nothing out of Washington surprises me anymore, but the level of nausea caused by them varies day to day. If it’s true let the prosecutions begin and I hope there is no plea bargaining and we get to hear all the dirty details of who all is involved. The UK has recently seen their own elite pedophile scandal as well but I am sure that is just a coincidence as well.

  • damien guarniere eaton

    Clear evidence of suppression of an investigation into a child trafficking ring with blatantly obvious ties to US military and intelligence organisations. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Document:Finders_Keepers

  • tyrannystopper

    This MUST Stop!!!
    Can you imagine the energy these vampires are sucking off the fear of the kids?
    Folks when the enemies of this world are clearly aligned with satanic ancient rituals.
    Well then it becomes clear that it is time to Stand with Our Lord against this abomination. The level of evil these beings dwell in is hard for a good man to fathom. From Bohemian Grove to SRA cases, the beings in power are not what we think. The UN has Lucis Trust at it’s core, directly connected to Blavatsky…


  • Meg

    Besta Pizza has since changed their logo from the “boy lover” symbol to just a triangle. That’s interesting..