Dishonest? Biased? This Police Department Wants to Hire You

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Cincinnati, Ohio — If you doubt the veracity of law enforcement officers being above the law, look no further than the Methuen Police Department. Job applicants who said they’d never arrest a fellow officer for drunk driving were given bonus points—and interviewers knocked points off for those who would.

The Massachusetts Civil Service Division found the department was using an application question meant to separate and reward honest cops in its own inventive way—by rewarding dishonesty, instead. In fact, the department admitted as much.

Methuen presented applicants with a scenario in which they arrive at the scene of a crash where the driver appeared to be intoxicated. They were asked how they would respond if the driver were an officer from neighboring town or a family member. Obviously, the answer is designed to ferret out candidates who would show bias, but Methuen was apparently actively seeking that exact quality for their force—those who said they wouldn’t arrest friends or family had their files noted: “knows discretion.”

Christopher C. Bowman, who chairs the Civil Service Commission, said, “Some of the interview panelists actually heaped high praise on those candidates who stated that they would arrest a stranger but not arrest a friend or family member based on the same facts, citing their understanding of ‘discretion.’”

In a decision on July 9, Bowman said “the City turned the interview process upside down. There is simply no valid basis to award the highest points to candidates who express a willingness to apply one set of rules to strangers and another set of rules to friends and family members.”

Though the mayor of Methuen vowed to review police hiring practices, there was no indication that either the bias-loving panelists or the dishonest hires would face increased scrutiny.

It makes you wonder how many other police departments use such questions the same way—and if perhaps that was the point of the question all along.

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  • Rick E.

    Police departments hire the cream of the crop! One MUST be comparatively STUPID, dishonest, and biased, or they will not get hired.
    Doesn’t this make you confident in Officer Friendly? Aren’t you proud of them?

    • Reverend Draco

      Stupidity is court-ordered.

      • And ‘courts’ are the enemy of freedom and We da’ Peeps

      • Rick E.

        Is it court ordered or inherent?

        • Reverend Draco

          At least one court has proclaimed that turning intelligent people away in favor of violent slackjaws is the only way to fly.

    • Yeims

      Big bonus points if having strong tendencies to perversion.

  • FBI entrance exam, in the 80’s, had numerous psych questions to determine if you put honesty in front of loyalty…… guess which one keeps you out of that alphabet soup agench?

  • SovereignPatriot88

    I remember a video about how an applicant to the police dept was not hired because he scored too high on the test. When he questioned the (mayor ?) about it, he refused to answer any questions and then he demanded that he turn off the cameras and leave.
    So I believe that this is an ongoing and widespread strategy to insure that the police officers they hire will follow orders and cover for each other. This explains why it is so hard to have any accountability and justice when they violate our rights and commit murder and police brutality. This level of corruption is an epidemic. It seems that a solution is almost impossible. First you have the issue of changing this hiring policy throughout every police department in every town and city where it’s going on, which seems like most of them. Then there is the politicians who are pushing this agenda, and will fight any effort to change it. And finally, you have all of the police officers that have already been hired and have been following this unspoken protocol for years, even decades in many instances. So this issue is thoroughly ingrained into our government and is not likely to change any time soon. And it certainly won’t fix itself. The only idea I can think of is some kind of massive grassroots movement spearheaded by right leaning groups like Oathkeepers and other such groups. Perhaps other people will have a better idea.

    • 1in7billion

      We’re dealing with a deeply entrenched, self-preserving, monolithic system that is corrupt to the core. And there’s every indication that this system has been moving rapidly and inevitably towards a totalitarian state in which paramilitary police forces are the hired guns, the goon squads, the enforcers of state power and control.
      So, yes, police departments are hiring candidates who possess minimal intelligence and unwavering loyalty. They don’t want thinkers; they don’t want people with high integrity and strong moral fiber. The objective is to train an army of mindless, violent goons who’ll follow orders and devote themselves to the Sacred Fraternity of the System, in much the same way as Marines devote themselves to The Corps.
      Your idea about a massive grassroots movement is good, but I’m afraid it’ll never happen. Big Brother is watching everyone all the time now, so any movement against the System will be quickly discovered and snuffed out.
      To be quite blunt with you, I think we’re fucked. I think it’s only a matter of time before we wake up one morning to find ourselves under the boot of a totalitarian police state. Sorry to be so pessimestic, but that’s just my opinion.

      • patriot156


      • patriot156

        Actually I say we arleady are they just haven’t completly implamented it. Cops shooting people is conditionong to keep us from doing much until they can complete their agenda.

        • 1in7billion

          I have to agree with you. They’re conditioning the masses through fear and intimidation. The police have been militarized to the point where they look and behave like an occupying army. Forget about ISIS — psychos with badges, guns and tasers have become the biggest threat to life and liberty in America.
          And now you have Jade Helm, which should be setting off all kinds of alarms in people’s minds. JH is a training excercise to prepare for martial law. It’s also an intelligence-gathering operation to identify the dissidents for extraction and even termination. It’s also a psyop to condition Americans so that they’ll accept the sight of troops and MRVs on the streets and Blackhawks in the sky as “normal.”
          They’re setting the stage for the Big Showdown, is what they’re doing.

    • SBIAM

      I thought all knew police & fire department applications were lowered some time ago, because, black & some other race & genders could never pass the test. They were not getting enough black cops so they put “Affirmative Action” into the scores. It is not bad enough that certain types of personalitys should never be cops, now you don’t even need “common sense”. In fact that has been ruled out every where. The elites need a dumbed down America. Looks like they have succeeded.

  • James

    Having know the offspring of cops in IL. Do brag after being fired from fast food and all else they try. It is ok my Daddy is a cop and he can get me on the cop force. There that breed seem to fit in.