Disabled Veteran Deprived of His 5 Children over Medical Marijuana Use

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Editor’s Note: Considering how many states medical marijuana is legal in (almost half), this is utterly ridiculous. Don’t these authorities have better things to do than to harass people? Oh wait…


The family of a Gulf War veteran suffering PTSD lost custody of their youngest kids after moving from Colorado, where treatment with medical marijuana is legal, to Kansas, where pot is illegal. They have seen their children three times since last April.

Veteran Raymond Schwab and his wife Amelia are fighting to get back their five children, aged five to 16, taken from them by Kansas child-protection workers after a family squabble, while the family was preparing to move back to Colorado from the Kansas capital, Topeka. Raymond had worked there as benefits agent for fellow veterans since 2013 and was offered a same job in Denver.

Kansas child-protection workers took five youngest Schwab children after Amelia’s mother took the kids to a police station in another county and reported them abandoned – something she now reportedly regrets.

The children were taken from their parents’ custody and a child-abuse investigation was launched, alleging that Raymond and Amelia emotionally abused all five children. The allegations were dropped as unsubstantiated three months later, however the children were not returned to the parents.

Kansas child-protection workers and a Kansas judge are now demanding that Schwab give up cannabis in order to get the kids back, a deprivation that should be confirmed with four months of drug-free urinalysis tests.

After serving in the Navy from 1994 to 1996, Raymond Schwab, 40, qualified for a 50 percent disability rating.

To deal with his PTSD symptoms, the Department of Veterans Affairs prescribed Schwab with an assortment of medicines, including anti-anxiety drugs, muscle relaxants and pain medicines. However, they did not work well for the veteran.

“They were making me crazy, they made me worse,” he said, confessing that he even developed a heroin addiction because of his problems, but managed to overcome the cacoethes many years ago – with the help of cannabis therapy.

After years of using marijuana for medical purposes, Raymond Schwab is not sure he can hold on without cannabis for four months.

“They’re basically using my kids as a pawn to take away freedoms I fought for,” Raymond Schwab told the Denver Post. “It’s a horrible position to put me in.”

In Colorado, where medical and later recreational use of marijuana was legalized by a referendum, Schwab obtained his own card and had no problems treating post-traumatic stress and chronic pain with pot.

In Kansas it’s a different story, as the state has not allowed even medical marijuana use.

“I don’t think what we’re doing is illegal, immoral or wrong,” Amelia said.

According to the Denver Post, as of Wednesday, Kansas child welfare officials had failed to return phone calls regarding the Schwabs’ case.

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  • doucyet

    States rights, the individual states have different laws. I’m sure they knew that weed was not allowed there in Kansas but took the risk anyway.

    • It’s like this because I live with it: Life with risk or no life at all without risk, he chose life with risk but should have played his hand better IMO.

  • Anonymous1

    If push comes to shove, they should separate long enough for the wife to get custody of the kids and move back to Colorado. Then the husband can move back in. That’s a possible solution.

    • There are many cases of families being split up so a child or spouse can get access to REAL medicine! This prohibition to prop up the pharmaceutical industry who pays the politicians has to stop!

  • Shaarinya

    what…only psychotophic drugs that make you turn into a lunatic are allowed?

    God makes the laws…not a government intent on seeing you a slave. Denying people the right to medicate with pot is utterly crazy. It has MANY medicinal attributes which synthetics CANNOT duplicate.

    When you see a small child finally be able to not have 100 seizures a day because they have medicated with THC, you’ll understand. Modern medicine is garbage. To cure 2 symptoms, you have 5 minutes of warnings- anything from hives to death.

    tell me…who ever dies from smoking pot? Eating THC products?

    The answer is…no one.

    How many people die after using medications prescribed by a doctor?

    Around 450,000 the last I looked.

    This evil step mother, should expect to live a lonely life, and die alone. There is no forgiveness for what she did. And the state? Kansas would rather see someone die that be actually treated for their sickness.


    This is what amerika has come to.

    The land of the welfare case….and home of the slave.

  • SHTF411

    fuck the government

    • AppleofHisEye

      Right! Agree. The word Govern-Ment means Control-of-the-Mind (mind control). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8frC6sjrBPA
      God created us, we are under His control and no one else. PERIOD.

      I will pray fervently for this family. In these times children are the targets. May Yahshuah (Jesus) protect these kids every moment and return them to their rightful and anxious parents.

  • Truthsetsyoufree

    4-fucking months without pot is possible, yeah it will suck, but do it for your kids, man. I thought the military is “over there” fighting for our freedoms though.

    • PTSD can be crippling to some, 4 months of untreated PTSD could have been too much for him to handle… my girlfriend can’t go 4 months without cannabis or she’d be in a wheelchair!

  • Guillotine_ready

    When bureaucrats took the first child away from a family on false pretenses we had a problem, what we have now defies description.

  • icetrout

    that’s no Judge,that’s an Elitist ,bastard needs to take a dirt nap…

  • omni

    for openers he is breaking the law(in Kansas). then there was a “squabble”- did someone pull a gun on someone else? And the willingness to continue using drugs which are ILLEGAL. Somebody sounds a bit out of control.

    • If only you understood, it’s not about control, it’s about quality of life!

      • omni

        quality of life for who? Him and his drugs and addictions, or the children who have to live with that? I don’t doubt the man has serious problems-uthe is taking his kids down with him.

        • lol, my girl couldn’t walk on Friday when I got home, her legs felt like the muscles wre tearing apart when she moved them, she was very sick, she has multiple sclerosis. It was not until we put 2 and 2 together did we find out this cause: we had downgraded the cannabis we were vaping because I got ripped off months ago and sold something so-so but paid as if it were top shelf so I stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. We are currently saving up money and paying off all credit debt so I said “Let’s use this stuff up before we get more top shelf” and she agreed, it seemed like a smart financial move. Thank God I saved a jar of the top shelf… just in case. Long story short, she met me at the top of the steps of the second floor on Friday when I got in from work, she said she knew she couldn’t do the stairs. I was suspecting it was the cannabis so I took out the jar of top quality I put aside and I also took out a used cannabis oil(rick simpson oil) syringe because with some time and hot water you can get every last drop out of it so that is what I did and I got 2 drops out of it. I loaded the vaporizer with a thin layer of top shelf, ground cannabis, then the 2 drops of oil, and finally a small layer on top so my packing tool won;t get sticky oil all over it. She started vaping it and experienced almost instant relief from the discomfort and her leg mobility returned within a few hours but even today if she bends her one leg too far she still gets pain and this will fade over time provided she maintains very high cannabinoid levels, just as it did last time.

          PTSD can be crippling and cannabis can enable one to live a normal life just like it does with my girl, who, by the way, has been off ALL DRUGS for going on 6 years! She ONLY used natural cannabis for her MS and she is all but healed. This week was a wake-up call, I have not ever let our cannabis run out or even get close and I was getting lazy about it because I was taking what it is was doing for my girl for granted it has been so long, she was even taking it for granted but NOT anymore, not since she couldn’t walk on Friday and I was reminded of the power of REAL medicine!

          That’s funny how the family was happy with no problems in Colorado but all of the sudden there are state-manufactured problems now.

  • Mr Anthill

    “He also tried to treat his symptoms with an assortment of medicines prescribed by the Department of Veterans Affairs — pain medicines, muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety drugs — but “they were making me crazy, they made me worse,” he said.”


    • I did the same thing in the past, I did ALL of those drugs looking for relief… I no longer look for relief…. I have it and its name is cannabis(and 5-htp)!

      • Wags71

        I don’t miss those binges of cocaine/adderall followed by klonopin/xanax/valium/whatever else to fall asleep after 3 days at all. Haven’t taken even an aspirin since I quit.

        • Great news to hear, I now that is a big step!