Dilbert Comic Creator: Media Is Going to Get Trump Assassinated

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The media has just been called out for inciting violence against Donald Trump by an unlikely source. Or at least, it would seem unlikely for people who only know Scott Adams as the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. He’s also a competent political commentator who has been following Trump’s presidential bid. Though he is no fan of any of Trump’s policies, in a recent blog post he explained how the media’s portrayal of the presidential candidate, may lead to his assassination.

After making a comparison to how the media inadvertently killed Princess Diana, though profited from her death nonetheless, he says “At least half of the media believes Trump is the next Hitler, and a Hitler assassination would be morally justified. Also great for ratings.” He doesn’t think the media is conscious of what it’s doing, but they’ll get away with it. “There would be no smoking gun. No guilt. No repercussions. Just better ratings and bonuses all around.”

Adams notes that even though there are comparisons to be made with Hitler, there are just as many reasons why Trump is not like Hitler at all. However, the media has chosen this American Hitler narrative, and it’s inciting violent intentions against Trump. “The media, the public, and the other candidates – are creating a situation that is deeply dangerous for Trump… I put the odds of an attempted assassination at about 25% before November. “

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  • tomw

    As I said, the globalist stay in power, or else……….

  • Mario Kane

    Geesh!! What century do we live in anyway?! UGH!! Why does the MSM keep getting away with this crap?

    • Because we are a ZOG.

      • BasicRules

        Trump is one of them part of the Elite you’ll see when he is in office

        • I’m aware, he isn’t fooling me.

          • Jonny rRingworm

            I feel if it isn’t now he will be. He will have no choice but to join the establishment.

          • Virginia

            If the economy crashes again, as is forecast – it will be a difficult time for any President. The status quo establishment may have to sit down at the negotiation table in order to save the country. It may not be so much that Trump joins them, it may be that they have to acknowledge him…just as they would Bernie. Hillary is already a member so her strings are already connected.

          • Steve from Ohio

            It won’t be too difficult….just do what Iceland did……JAIL THE BANKERS and POLITICIANS who signed onto the massive debt. Then forever refute Keynesian economics as a failed idea and teach it to our children. Then bring back constitutional money. Economic problem solved.

          • AtomicMetroid

            as soon as it starts in America there will be many flights out to tel aviv. They will all be scrambling

          • Eileen Kuch

            Steve, you just nailed it. America must do what Iceland did to save itself; that is, imprison the Banksters and the Politicians who signed on to the massive debt. Once that’s done, forever refute Keynesian economics as a failed idea and teach it to our children .. and as you said, then bring back constitutional money. Problem solved.
            Brilliant idea, Steve .. Now, to get the people to accept it and take this idea to heart. First of all, they’ll have to wean off the Boob Tube and tune in to alternative media; then – and only then – will they be able to put your idea into action.

          • 1555

            Eileen, great idea to ween people off the Boob Tube. We just had an all day power failure and guess what – people went out , and talked with each other , like we used to !

            There is also hope for children. Those who are glued to the dumb phones.
            I saw a few of them the other week, all looking into their phones.- I then asked them if they want the check out the latest video game…They looked at me, a good start. Then I said”The latest news is ‘staging live video games”. They were a game !!! For the next 20 minutes we all played the old “I Spy ..” , but they thought it was a live video game. End justified the means in this case. I tried it 2x more since, both times successfully…

            Just disconnect the circuit breaker to your TV area – in each home, keep lights, cooking connections, but get disconnect the circuit for TV. You will be pleasantly surprised ! Have some good food ready, and walking shoes.

          • 1555

            What nobody is talking about is our national debt – which in part is INTEREST on every dollar bill the Federal Reserve issues. Yes. We pay interest on our currency. Check it out.
            That is why Ron Paul called forever for auditing the Fed !!!

          • Chosenone

            We know for certain Cruz is an Establishment Puppet!
            Trump, not so much! He has no connections to the establishment whatsoever, but he has been feeding them and he knows their habits, which makes Trump really dangerous to these jackals!

          • 1555

            Chonesone, right on …Cruz as the ex-employee of Goldman Sachs, as is his wife, is definitely the establishment candidate.
            He is also not a naturally born citizen, so it is amazing he is even on the candidate list. He switched from Canadian citizenship only recently.
            What a circus !

          • Chosenone

            Absolutely, we can only hope those Cruz Supporters Wake Up, before it’s too late!

          • 1555

            Chesone, I just learned today that one of the Bush family signed onto fundraising for Cruz. What gives ? And the Bushes are hugging Killary.

          • Chosenone

            Your right, Lindsey Graham as well signed on to raise money for Cruz. This is not surprising as Cruz and his Wife Heidi have been in on the Bushes plot for a North American Union with CANADA and Mexico for Years.


          • Silverbug

            You hire an Atty Gen and Military Generals that love our country not WAR. Put all of them in jail. McCain,Kerry Clinton,Cheney , the Bush’s and Obama

          • BasicRules

            Yeah did you see the post about Silo’s

            just to give you an idea

          • Damn, those could be useful.

          • BasicRules

            yep i also came up with away to hull stuff in case of an emp attack

          • BasicRules

            mountain bike cargo trailer, better then walking with a few hundred pounds on your back.
            put that shit in the cargo trailer and peddle your ass off lol
            get the bike with gears EMP you can still peddle

          • BasicRules
        • Virginia

          Money does not make you a part of the status quo establishment. It is the “upper” elites sitting at the control table. Trump is an outcast. He is not politically correct enough to gain entry. The elite and their minions will always be fighting him. They can’t control him and that’s what drives them crazy. Like it or not Trump says what he thinks and doesn’t pull punches or hide behind politically correct cliches that the average American wouldn’t understand.

          • BasicRules

            yeh ok

          • Joan Camara

            And therefore, needs to be “put out”. Someone will take him out, just because he’s not part of the elite. Unless he’s been fooling us all along, and he becomes one of “them”, at the last minute.

          • 1555

            Saying what you just said, Joan, is called “mental malpractice”; similar to spending much time of worry.
            Instead focus on the positive things…unless of course you would like to side with trolls , who would like to see him taken out.

          • diane

            We understand their PC cliches. We just do not agree with them.

        • Chosenone

          Your delusional! Believe me, if Trump was one of them, THEY would not be spending HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of their much coveted dollars and risk Revealing their FARCE they have been perpetrating on the American People, to Stop Trump! IT’S ALL OR NOTHING WITH THESE TYRANTS!

          • David

            Yes, things have gotten way further than they were supposed to. The whole public face of the neocon “establishment” has been exposed for what they are, as one after another they’ve been pushed into kamikaze missions to stop Trump.

          • Virginia

            You are so correct! Money is precious to those cobras. They do not spend it unless they think they have control. They are wrong. He is not controllable. It is rumored his children are getting death threats. He has them scared because America would rather have Trump than the establishment. I think he knew that long before the Apprentice.

            Trump is not one of them. Look at the fact he emerged out of Chapter 11 bankruptcies. Very few companies do that. Wall Street sells good companies into debt. Over leverages them and watches them fail only to sell them again for more $$.

            This is what has happened to America. Remember Hostess Twinkies? Look, there are hundreds of companies that got taken IPO only to get creamed. Trump knows that first hand. I may be wrong – but I know the other players are thick as thieves with Wall Street. Goldman Sachs has been controlling the White House for way too long.

            If you have any doubts watch “The Big Short” and “Wolf of Wall Street” again. True stories. Only those who know how it works and aren’t on the payroll can fix it.

          • Chosenone

            Exactly Virginia, if only others would OPEN their eyes and see, we have to UNITE! Especially since the Establishment is sending in the Rioters and Thugs!

            A group of Patriots have a peaceful protest in a Soup Kitchen in a CLOSED WILDLIFE REFUGE and the the WhiteHouse orders an AMBUSH and KILL IN COLD BLOOD a Christian father of eleven children, who didn’t even have a speeding ticket in his life and these THUGS the White house sends in to Riot,Loot and assault people, THEY DO NOTING! If you don’t know about it, google “LaVoy Finicum.”
            Things are A LOT WORSE THAN MOST AMERICANS KNOW, however, Trump has been and is Well Aware of the State we are in, which is why he is risking his LIFE AND THE LIFE OF HIS CHILDREN TO STOP THE TYRANNY!
            Ross Perot, who was against these Tyrants, was threatened along with his family when he was running and he dropped out. I hope God will give TRUMP THE COURAGE TO STAND AND I BELIEVE HE WILL, IF WE THE PEOPLE, STAND WITH HIM!

        • bv

          I hope he does get in office.

        • Silverbug

          You live in a fishbowl. The elite have stolen Trillions from our seniors, veterans and children. Plenty for bombs and bank bailouts though. Trump can not be bought. This is to hard for you to understand. Hence the hate.

          • Silverbug

            Need facts not childish Ad Hominem. Who are they? The criminals in DC? Wake up!

        • Tuaca1107

          But Trump IS NOT in secret societies!!

          • AtomicMetroid

            Then why is he on his knees at AIPAC and why did he sign a loyalty oath with AIPAC like all politicians do??? Ron Paul was the only one to refuse signing it.

          • Tuaca1107

            Well that never happened!!! Oh, unless you are calling the GOP AIPAC!!

        • AtomicMetroid

          If he turns out to be more of the same then prepare because revolution/civil war is certain. We can go no further. Time to issue arrest warrants for all the traitors

    • StevetheHun

      Because the same people who own the MSM own the Federal Reserve, many other foreign central banks, Obama and most of the Congress.

      Same reason Hillary can commit murder and laugh at suggestions she might be indicted for it.

      • 1555

        Many murders say some ? Meanwhile she showed her deep mental instability just yesterday , saying NOBODY died in Lybia.

        • David

          Usually such a statement from one like her is a signal to the press that that is the new party line. I saw it from Lawrence Eagleburger on the afternoon of 9/11: he came ONCE on TV and said OBL did it, and that was the party line from then on. Hillary made a mistake and forgot that in this case, the true story is already widely known.

    • roger


    • 1555

      MSM needs to called out for this. Somebody tried to blame Trump for the thugs who interferred with his Chicago rally. It is absolutely the same as if someone attacksed Clinton’s rally, and MSM would tell Clinton she caused it. Meanwhile it looks that Clinton inspired/paid for the thugs, and had them look as if they were from Bernie’s camp (e.g. they carried signs Sanders, yet looked nothing like the intelligent folks who attend Bernie’s rallies).

      • diane

        They looked more like Soros/Hillary thugs

  • I forgot

    Lamestream media.

  • Frank

    The “Mainstream” media apparatus in America, spreading fiction and opinion as fact with no accountability. Mainstream and Social media hucksters are nothing more than tools of the self-important elitists who seek to manipulate, fleece, and oppress those who just want to live free. The best way to defeat them is to do your own research and make up your own mind – regardless of the opinions of the pundits.

    • Meltonmark

      Yes but it’s a lonely life eh? Not many friends.

  • L Garou

    The DNC strategy has d/evolved into..
    Riots are the new “success”

    On down the road, the M$M’s very own 5th column reporting will be in and of itself, the very evidence used to hang them. For a whole bunch of them, hopefully literally..

    • roger

      amen Loup………….

    • diane

      Yes, they do appear to be treasonous terrorists. The masks are dropping off of their faces rapidly.

  • knifemare69

    “He doesn’t think the media is conscious of what it’s doing, but they’ll get away with it.”

    He only said that to avoid a lawsuit in the absence of holding direct evidence of a criminal conspiracy. Anyone with half a brain knows the media, 90% owned by a mere 6 corporations, is taking its marching orders from the bankers.

    If Trump dies it will be the bankers that killed him…

    • Most of the bankers’ employers are about to be dead themselves.

      • roger

        we can only hope.

    • Clementine

      I concur!

  • Anybody who tries to murder Trump would probably not make it to trial, most likely not to custody.

    • roger

      yep, “Oswalded” all the way..

      • Probably wouldn’t get dipped by the CIA though. More than likely would have planted ties to ISUS, or something equivalent, to justify taking out Assad.

    • 19gundog43

      There is always the Scalia option

  • jhnjul

    He is still in more danger from the establishment who controls the mainstream media dumps. This dingbat is helping them set up their alibi?

  • Adol Hintner

    Always Hitler, why not Chairman Mao, or Stalin who had 7 million Christians slaughtered and gave the death penalty for saying anti-semetic speech? Why does the media always say Hitler?
    Bernie, the Jewish Avowed Marxist is like Stalin.

    • AtomicMetroid

      oh noes!!! You mentioned the jews hoo hoo hoo boo hoo!!! You big ol meanie!!!!

  • ExecutorOffice

    Naw, The Don ain’t gettin’ whacked unless he pulls a Kennedy or Lincoln with the currency of the 666 satanic stains on mankind …. ( attorneys )

  • Helluva3ngineer

    Ironic since Soros actually helped Hitler.

    • Jas

      K, I don’t like Soros either but come on….Pretending to be a Christian and working as a teenager for a guy who does moving, not just stolen stuff from arrested Jews, isn’t exactly ‘helping Hitler’ You might as well say every German who showed up for any job keeping the system rolling is just as guilty.

      • knifemare69

        He was ratting out fellow Jews to curry favor with the Nazis; quit lying to whitewash that piece of shit collaborator’s record!

        “You might as well say every German who showed up for any job keeping the system rolling is just as guilty.”

        If the shoe fits…

      • Most people don’t work at 15.

        • knifemare69

          Most people don’t work for EVIL at 15.

          Fixed it for ya!

          • Most people who work for evil don’t let it or their age get in their way of a paycheck.

          • knifemare69

            You either don’t recognize evil for what it is or you don’t understand human nature at all. Evil is incapable of creating anything, that’s why you don’t see war criminals as patent holders or inventors, because that level of creativity is not present in evil people. Evil people work as government informants, narcs, law enforcement and anything related to the state because they are lazy, incapable of earning their keep in the real world and must resort to forcibly stealing their livelihood from others in order to survive. All characteristics that Mr. Soros and his defenders have in spades…

          • Is that your CV, your resume, or both?

    • Soros was only 15 when Hitler allegedly committed suicide.

    • AtomicMetroid

      Hitler was a nationalist and hated globalists like Soros. so no

    • diane

      And he is admittedly proud of doing so. What a scumbag.

  • BasicRules

    LMAO who do you think trump is
    one of them

    • If I were laughing, it would be at your ambiguous use of english.

      • BasicRules

        You are a foolish person .

        • It is a vast improvement over being a stupid and/or ignorant person.

          • BasicRules

            yes that you are, A very stupid person

          • I am neither stupid nor ignorant enough not to know the difference.

  • Skye Bowen

    An assassination wouldn’t be all bad. especially if 100 more like him rose up in his place.
    Amerika is an explosion in slow motion. It cannot be contained, it has already happened.

    • MofromRo

      There’s only one Trump.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    Spot On…….

  • mirageseekr

    If Trump is assassinated it would be by TPTB not some random delusional person. Really, who among us didn’t think the first black president would make it through one term let alone two?

    • Anybody who doesn’t understand how he got elected to two terms without getting even a plurality of the vote?

  • hvaiallverden

    Its been the name of the game since politics where invented, and when it grew in power it needed something to justify this “need” to continue, and they have created and used this TOOL since, aka the dawn of man.
    Cotrolled oposittion.
    If you dont think this is true, you are blind, and deaf as well.

    Look at the use of NGO, non govermental orgs.
    The smoking craff gunn.
    To keep the flock divided and the MSM pimps marginalisation/demonisation/polarisation in every f….. aspect of politics, and talks to us like we are equally braindead as this creeps are, moust whom havent even had any jobb at all.
    Other than been an parasit all their lifes, inherited this parasitic life from their own created herd, aka the elite.

    The freaks runns the show.


  • cretins

    MSM…the Jew view.

  • straight shooter

    “He explained how the media’s portrayal of Trump may lead to his assassination.” Wow, talk about not seeing the forest for the trees.

  • unreconstructed

    The policies of the last 3 presidents have been closer to Hitler than what Trump promotes. Of the remaining presidential candidates, Trump is the farthest from Hitler.

    • Especially when he has already committing to prosecuting the one that is the most like Hitler.

  • 19gundog43

    There is a good chance the MSM has already thought of this and is working with the RNC/ Globalists/NWO criminals to stop Trump, because they realize the only way to stop him IS to kill him. They are in an all out panic mode. It is also said he is well aware of this and wears body armor., That is why you never see his jacket buttoned. Too bulky.

    • Where do you think a well tailored ballistic garment would be worn?
      Have you ever noticed his personal security people?

      • 19gundog43

        How about under his SHIRT, where anyone would wear it. Personal security is useless for a sniper, genius. You think someone would come up to him and say “hi Mr. Trump, I’m gonna shoot you”. Sheeeeeeh!

        • It is more important how than where it is worn. Any knowledge is wasted by someone as simple as you are, more interested in other’s perception than reducing your own ignorance. I’m beginning to understand why bullies are getting so much attention, given twits like you everywhere to pick on, as they so richly deserve.

  • Meltonmark

    The same bully tactics are used regularly by supporters of Darwinian evolution, especially those associated with the AAA.

  • nimbii

    many of us have thought this would happen and the media would say “Where’s the parade?”

  • God’s Kid

    This CRAP and EVIL that is called the MEDIA is NOT stronger than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God is in control of the EVIL and the GOOD! So people, there a MILLIONS of PEOPLE praying for Donald J. Trump and it is in GOD’S HANDS. The demons are all using articles like this and others to scare him. Anyway, to God Be The Glory! Man’s wisdom is foolishness to God.

  • 0hiojoe

    Demoncrats will try anything to stop the Trump Train!

  • Virginia

    The broadcast news media is so over-leveraged it is easy to see how they are controlled. The “riot” comment played on CNN crawl all day long yesterday. Trump was stating an obvious fact. Any candidate with the majority of delegates who was unjustly ousted by the establishment would obviously cause a backlash. Trump did not say he would cause a riot – he suggested unjust actions could create it. And frankly, it would be understandable. What the media is missing is that not only do Americans mistrust politicians, bankers and the status quo establishment – they also see the news media as slanted and manipulated by the status quo establishment.

    If you want a Republican establishment slant you tune into Fox. If you want a Hillary slant you tune into MSNBC. The public is incited and manipulated by the media which is owned and directed by the status quo establishment. Bernie and Trump are outcasts… But the tide is turning because you can see the impact both candidates are having on American voters. Add up the numbers and you’ll see how many voters are tired of being Sheeple.

  • eggman2

    Hitler was a socialist. That would be more like Hitlery Clinton.

    Trump is addressing a problem or problems that many Americans face. Unemployment due to the employment of foreigners instead of Americans, the forcing of policies by the government on the unwilling people ( like vaccines, Obamacare, refugees’ invasions, illegal aliens’ invasions, the taking away of social assistance programs for US citizens while increasing aid to foreigners in their invasion of this land, and so on ) , and governing officials that are arrogant and many times stupid to what this country really needs.

    The elite politicians are playing with fire in their efforts to always go against the will of the people. How long can they keep that up ?

    • eggman2

      Besides many foreigners are , and have been more violent than any Americans could ever be. I have seen images of Americans being beaten by foreigners because those Americans were protesting illegal immigration. The Chinese Triads ( organized crime ) are strong in cities like LA. The Russian and Mexican mafias are very strong in this country , too. Yet we have our politicians either play patsies, or become paid prostitutes with all the groups that want to destroy this country.

      By ignoring and fomenting the problems that Americans worry about, the traditional American politicians are committing violence against the American people.

  • posercom

    The news media journalists , Hollywood and all other tools of the financial oligarchy the Rothschilds, should be shunned every where they go. No one should serve them or work for them of even talk to them other than to tell them what whores they are of the Synagogue of Satan -The Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, IMF, BIS, USAID, U.N. and all the rest of the Zionist Globalist.

  • alexandron

    If nothing else, Trump has removed the duct tape that political correctness has placed over everyone’s mouth to control them. All those in “the establishment” of both parties and the media are acting like spoiled brats afraid of losing control of their money machine and power in Washington. Lincoln left the Whig Party when they did not support him because of his strong opinions and personality and joined the new Republican Party to eventually win the Presidency. If Trump is deep-sixed at the convention, it would be ironic if he does what Lincoln did and take his supporters with him to start a new party that is pragmatic, not liberal or conservative, or Republican, Democrat or Libertarian.

  • Chosenone

    And the People of America know they are owned and controlled by Globalist Despots, whose sole intent is to make America a Third World Country! Thank God the People are Waking Up and these Tyrants should be Afraid, Very Afraid!

  • Robert

    the scum races in the USA have turned commie and out right criminal. These are supposed to be “Americans”. I don’t think so. Militants of all colors are attacking us. Watch your backs people. Your own so called “americans” will attack you.

  • Joan Camara

    The person, who gets assassinated, is the one that always rubs the elite the wrong way, or is not part of the elite, and won’t play their silly games. You have to be part of the system, or else. Everyone should know THAT by now. You have to ignorant not to know that.

  • G Richard Grayum

    What goes around comes around. It could appear that some in this movement aka/revolution could get very angry and retaliate. It also appears that the political arena has never encountered this much old school anger/rage. I’m going to watch from afar and hope that the Republican Elite is going down for the count.

  • freedixie

    The RNC will stop at nothing to keep a socialist in the White House. Both parties are wings of the same socialist vulture and committed to keeping us on track towards the One World Government. The RNC wants a weak candidate that Hitlery can beat, just as they had weak candidates in 2008 and 2012. It is all by design. The RNC even stated that the people don’t choose the nominee, they do. Trump will upset their apple cart and the elitists of the RNC, the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, CFR, Soros, Trilateral Commission, DemonCRAPS, socialists/communists, and the media can’t stand by and let us return to a Constitutional Republic. They ALL hate Trump, which is a good litmus test. Since they all hate him, he must be the right guy to put into the White House. But the RNC will cheat him out of the nomination and Hitlery will be the next illegal occupier of the White House.

  • bugler1

    Jews = Hitler the myth. I say Hitler the myth cause nowadays every informed person knows that there was no holocaust (That’s why the put you in prison for not believing the lie) at all.
    Jews are murderers who cover their crimes accusing the victims of their own crimes.
    Jewish theme: we are the victims of those we kill.

  • Jason Bjornsson

    Not voting for Trump, but name the only candidate that has Orthodox Jewish grandchildren. But don’t let leftist propaganda get in the way.

  • Amerrikasfinest

    This is sick. Just because Donald won’t put up with their baloney is not a good reason to have him killed. Donald needs to clean house when he gets into the WH.

  • Badger Badgerism

    if the media gets Trump assassinated then each and every one of us TRUMP supporters will tear down the media’s broadcasting centers, burn them down, use a tractor and pull the DAMN TOWERS DOWN

  • Silverbug

    You should be in jail for printing this garbage. Trump vs The Corrupt political establishment in Washington DC.

  • AtomicMetroid

    what is this idiot talking about? Hitler was right, and many now see that America was on the wrong side during WWII.

  • ProfRaccoon

    Yep, this happened to Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands whos political party became second largest in just six month time. Pim’s character was killed first by the media, then Pim was killed by many bullets from several directions, so it wasn’t a lone wolf extreme leftist. People commented on Dutch radio (like communist and “comedian” Freek de Jonge), that the murder was morally justified. Scott Adams is right (thanks man, for making this clear).

  • Eric Levoy

    I wonder if Trump isn’t some kind of a finger in the wind for the globalists to get a better read on the view of the people? Political correctness and internet censorship has kept much of the anti globalist sentiment quiet.

  • abinico

    Build the wall – yeah!