Dianne Feinstein Cries ‘Gun Control’ in Wake of LAX Shooting…What Else Is New?

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Every time a highly publicized shooting incident happens in this country, you can bet that Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein will be right there to call for increased gun control more than you can safely bet on the day’s weather forecast.

Even though LAX airport was already considered a “gun-free zone” (aside from roving police patrols curiously removed from checkpoints for reasons unknown in the months leading up to the recent shooting), that didn’t stop Senator Feinstein from going on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday to say she’d introduce another bill over it.

From Politico:

The California Democrat said, “the weapon was a .223 MP-15, where the MP stands for military and police, clearly designed not for general consumption … Same gun that was used at Aurora. Would I do a bill? Sure, I would do a bill. I mean, I believe this down deep in my soul.”

But Feinstein said that such a bill would be very difficult to pass. “There’s a hammer lock on the Congress by the gun owners and gun people,” she said.

“Gun people”? Does she mean people who assert their Second Amendment right, one of the founding principles of this country written into the Constitution she swore an oath on when she took her position in Congress?

Feinstein already introduced a bill called the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 earlier this year, but it has since stalled out.

Remember, this is the same person who wants to strip independent journalists of their First Amendment and limit protections only to those she deems “real reporters” (read: mainstream media establishment puppets).

Never mind that law-abiding citizens aren’t the ones perpetrating gun crimes. If laws stopped crimes, there would be no crimes.

Congress’ approval rating is hovering around a pitiful 10%. People are more afraid of the government than they are of terrorists.

While the suspected LAX shooter has quickly been labeled a conspiracy theorist with strong anti-government views, in the crazy times we’re living in, that’s really not even saying a whole lot anymore. The claim is 23-year-old Paul Ciancia went to the airport specifically with intent to kill Transportation Security Administration officials and even had a note in his bag about wanting to “kill TSA”.

In fact, the whole story seems completely bunk to many who follow alternative media and are paying attention, people who are sick and tired of the never ending police state being erecting all around us… and here’s why.

Why would someone with anti-government views who dislikes TSA that much purposely commit a violent crime against them that would only serve to strengthen the very same TSA and government he is so against?

To do so will only be used as a new excuse by the government to give said TSA EVEN MORE POWER.

In a matter of mere days, we’ve seen this predictable response already. Look at Feinstein already calling for a new gun bill. Look at the fact that the Department of Homeland Security had already ordered over 3 million training bullets for the TSA officers back in August (and the shooting death of a TSA for the first time in the agency’s 12-year history is a perfect excuse to hasten that training). Look at the fact that any time something like this happens and it’s exploited all over the mainstream media, ultimately it is only used as an excuse to try drive the point home that we need to have more of our rights taken away.

They might arm the TSA, but they won’t let Americans exercise their Second Amendment rights at an airport. No way. This shooting will only give the government more power, and ultimately, more control over the people. That’s how these things work.

So it really doesn’t even make any sense in any way for someone who doesn’t like the TSA to shoot up an airport.

Anyone paying attention who is truly against what this tyrannical, runaway government is doing to centralize power and enslave its citizens — you know, someone who isn’t a false flag patsy — well, that person would know that.

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  • Andy

    Knew this was coming more communistic ranting by the queen of leftism,first off Kalifornia has more gun control than most states combined but it didn’t stop this from happening.Gun free zones do not work,not having enough armed officers does not work,LAX is like a city,a lot of people go through there everyday,have a police force that can accommodate this,and also do away with the law that prohibits ccw holders from carrying in airports,if there had been a ccw holder nearby this might not have gone the way it did.Plus I would be willing to wager that this young man has some type of mental illness issue.I have begun thinking that maybe some of these incidents might be a Manchurian Candidate type of happening,if not due to mental illness.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Andy

    Also if ya’ll want to see an after being shot picture of the LAX shooter go to weaponsman.com,he has a picture and a link to it.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Tuckem!

    What a dumbass bitch “the weapon was a .223 MP-15, where the MP stands for military and police, clearly designed not for general consumption … Same gun that was used at Aurora. Would I do a bill? Sure, I would do a bill. I mean, I believe this down deep in my soul.”
    So I guess a Noveske or Knights Armament or even a LWRC International would be OK Because it doesn’t say Military or Police in the name. Her Logic is fucking stupid and she knows nothing about guns.

  • Justin

    So, tell me… What’s your plan for the dry powder you mention each time you post a comment???

    • ed

      Keep your powder dry, if your ammo powder is damp or wet your ammo is useless, however if your powder is dry you can fire and continue firing at will. Always stay prepared for ????? what ever comes down the pike, the prepared shall prevail and inherit the land.
      Always be prepared is my motto, (from the very basic like “should I take a jacket, it might get cold.” Have it and not need it rather then need it and not have it.) To being prepared for TEOTWAWKI…uh that means “The End Of The World As We Know It” always be prepared and keep your powder dry. GET IT!

      • Justin

        Wasn’t what I asked bonehead.

    • In order for the powder to be useful, it must remain dry. How else can one use powder, other than dry. For if the powder were to get wet, it would render the powder useless. Therefore, the powder must remain dry.

    • Andy

      It is a saying that goes back to the first American Revolution,due to the hard winters that they had to fight in,and they carried their powder in powder horns,and they could be susceptible to moisture.So they would out of friend ship and military brotherhood in passing say this to each other,it was a sign of mutual respect.Also I keep my powder dry,as I reload my own ammo,and I do respect any one who feels the same way I do about the way this country is being raped from within,and our freedoms being destroyed,every day,and wants to take this country back by whatever means necessary.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • Brent

      Would you rather have him say “Drop your cocks and grab your socks?” It’s “code” for urging everyone reading this to begin “lone wolf” operations to purge our nation of Jewish supremacists/neocons/illegal aliens/homosexual child molesters/communists etc.

    • SpudWeb

      Don’t answer this “Justin” retard- He is a troll looking to entrap you!!!!

  • mott8900

    M&P15 M&P is just a marketing thing. This AR is pretty much the same as any other AR, stamp any name or number on it you like it’s still a semi automatic AR. Would Feinstein not say anything if the shooter had a KelTec .223 or a Mini 14 ranch rifle? Makes my blood boil!

    • 41MagMan

      According to the lefto-communists, any rifle that doesn’t load from the muzzle and use black powder MUST be an “assault rifle”. These idiots actually would classify my Dad’s old JC Higgens .22 rifle as an “assault rifle” because it is a semi-auto and it has a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. It’s tube-fed, so can hold up to 18 .22 LR rounds.

      So, Feinstein feels something in her soul, does she? And just what soul would that be? Her god is political power. Like other leftists that is ALL she cares about.
      Everything and everyone else is merely a tool for achieving job 1.

      None of these cretins seem to grasp the idea that every place that has the most gun laws and restrictions also has the most crime. But then, gun control really isn’t about guns or crime, is it? It’s about CONTROL.

      People like Feinstein do not play well with others and desperately need a rubber-lined room somewhere safe where they cannot harm anyone.

      • Andy

        Amen brother ! Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

      • Jean

        A rubber Room?
        Don’t you mean a hole, about 6 feet deep, 30″ by 6′ long?

        Preferrably filled with Lye for quick dissolution of the filth.

  • Mr. Jonz

    And if the rife had “Colt” on it, it would clearly be designed for equestrian consumption.

  • It is I only

    When are you going to hang this pig’s carcass?

  • Big Dan

    Democrats harping on gun control, is like the GOP harping on abortion & gay marriage: they’ve been assigned these topics from those that both parties work for.

  • Dick

    I too think we need gun control. Take away the guns from the pigs, military, and right wing shit. give them to the hippies, commies, and fags, and let them create a new government, culture, etc. like Iceland, but more so.

    P.S. It’s too late to write your congressmen, etc. Kick everyone out and start over.

    • Jean

      Kick them out?

      Bury them. Clear, concise message.
      Amplified if you bury the family first…

  • Fuck gun control. We need demonically-possessed psycho-bitch control.

  • Doc

    I think we need hoax control. Will they demolish the airport after making the construction personnel sign confidentiality waivers?

  • Pudintain

    What keeps this old crow alive and squaking??? Clearly a case of “oldtymers disease” Lets find her a nice quiet hospice to spend her final days in quiet morphine induced peace…

  • Dad Was Right

    Do not want to kill them too kind. All eternity pat downs with grouping & endless cavity searches. I was going to recommend the same thing for the she devil,but she would probably like it. Aren’t vicious dogs required to be muzzled in public ? Maybe for Christmas we all should send her one of those Hannibal Lecter rigs tho i suppose you would not want to wear white after labor day.