Diabetic Woman is Denied Insulin, Dies in Jail

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A 37-year-old diabetic woman died in a Texas jail after she was denied insulin.

Sarah Tibbetts was no stranger to the jail administration – she’d been arrested for misdemeanor trespassing and drug charges in the past. The jail staff knew she was an insulin-dependent diabetic.

This time, Sarah and her boyfriend were arrested at a hotel in Irving. The license plate of the car they were in came back as belonging to a missing person. The arrest warrant affidavit says that officers searched Sarah’s belongings and found clear baggies, marijuana residue in her purse, and a Wells Fargo Visa debit card in Sarah’s purse with someone else’s name on it.

Fox DFW reported that Rebecca Tibbetts, Sarah’s mother, received a call from an officer asking her to bring insulin to the jail the day after her daughter was arrested. Rebecca lives in California and said she wouldn’t be able to bring the insulin:

“I said, ‘I live in California; she’s in Texas. There’s no way I can bring up insulin.’ Asked me if I knew of anybody who could get it up there. I said, ‘No, I don’t,’ but I told them at that time she was an insulin-dependent diabetic and she needed her insulin or she would die without it.”

Rebecca said it wasn’t the first time the jail has called her for insulin for her daughter:

“She’s been in there in the past. I have received that phone call in the past from them before too…[those times,] I believe they either sent her to the hospital or sent her to Dallas. It was one of the two, but they did send her to where she could get treatment.”

Sarah collapsed and died the next day. Jack Pritchett, her boyfriend of six years, was in the cell next to Sarah’s and watched his girlfriend die. He heard her calling out to him and knew something was wrong, so he yelled for help:

“I screamed at her for five, maybe 10 minutes. Screamed bloody murder until they finally got up. They all started rushing over there.”

Pritchett said a guard pulled her into the hall and pumped her chest, briefly reviving her:

“It was like a movie. She looked right at me and closed her eyes.”

He banged on his cell door as paramedics took Tibbetts to an ambulance:

“I said, ‘Let me out and help her!’ Because I brought her back a few times over the years, you know. But then she couldn’t hear my voice no more.”

Pritchett’s story coincides with the few details police have provided. The jail staff attempted CPR before Sarah was rushed to a hospital. She was pronounced dead about half an hour later. Surveillance footage has not been released.

Rebecca Tibbetts got another call from the jail and was told her daughter was dead.

She asked the officer on the phone if Sarah ever got her medicine:

“He was kind of polite. He said, ‘No, she did not have any insulin.’”

DallasNews.com reports that the staff knew Tibbetts needed insulin:

A jail employee, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that staff knew Tibbetts needed insulin before her death. A police spokesman would not discuss the incident while the city investigates and the district attorney considers possible criminal charges — standard after an in-custody death.

Pritchett said his girlfriend was a beautiful woman who loved baking cakes, solving crosswords and deserved better than she got.

“She was never evil of any sorts. It was straight up murder through negligence.”

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  • Greg Straw

    They will kill one way or another. Sick ole USinc cops.

  • oracle

    Multiple arrests, possession of a stolen credit card, drug
    possession, driving a stolen car belonging to a missing person, loved baking, and solving crosswords, and chose a boyfriend who thinks reality is like a movie. Guess the lazy mother who could not bother to FedEx insulin over-night
    to her daughter will now win a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office. Trouble does tend to follow such people, but the courts will see that they all get paid anyway.

    • Cracker122049

      you sound just like the filthy pigs that killed this woman.May you see the piece of shit that you are when you look in the mirror.Are you a pig?

      • oracle

        No, trailer/ghetto trash, I’m not a cop. I’m a hard working white guy who knows that low-lifes deserve all the shit they bring down on themselves. When I look in the mirror I see a man who busted his ass to become successful and succeeded. What I don’t see is that ugly loser’s face of yours blaming others for their own lack of accountability. The cops didn’t kill that dumb ass woman, she and her screaming boyfriend and her lazy mother killed her.

        • Cracker122049

          WOW such rage,glad I pissed your dumb ass off,thanks for letting me know!

        • snoebay88

          You may have busted your ass to get where you are but your brain got busted as well !

        • Distant Warrior

          Dude, you are just a sick hating asshole and mentioning your color makes things worse. There are fucken laws, motherfucken swine, and those laws are valid for all. The laws mandate how a person in custody with a health issue should be treated. So save everyone spitting on you and let the pigs eat shit if they have not followed the law. The only problem I see is that a person is dead and it’s me and you who gonna pay for the murderous negligence of the pigs. And that’s not right.

        • Xanatos9790

          I agree with Oracle 100% and dont give a F#@% what other people think. I do have to say, the cops or prison could have done something more to help her get the shot. Peace and Love everybody its the Holidays ^_^

        • athynz1

          I know this was a month ago but can you be any more of a fresh steaming pile of fecal matter? Yes the woman did drugs, yes she was a petty criminal but she did NOT deserve to die. If you think that is the case then you are even worse that I originally thought.

    • Dadwasright

      You are in custody ! This is not a sleep over . When she was arrested , it became their responsibility . Charge the police with negligent homicide . May they burn in hell .

    • emilyellie

      you can’t send insulin via FedEx; they view it as a potential liability, as it needs to be refrigerated. how can you call someone lazy simply because she did not wish to drive halfway across the country?

  • fromaway46

    Sounds like pre-meditated murder.

  • rejco

    Multiple arrests? The cops can arrest ANYONE they want on any made-up charges; where were her convictions?

  • oracle


  • Confucious

    Obviously, the cops knew she needed insulin (why else would they call the mother asking her if she could provide it.) They could’ve gotten it from just about any pharmacy… hell, my vet carries it! When they had the mom on the phone, did they also ask her to send over some food for her daughter? How ’bout some water? Air? Sorry people but our society is now saturated with total idiots (check out the comedy “Idiocracy” if you want to see where things are going.)

  • F*ck me ta pieces. ..

    This just angered me…Texas..wear everything is bigger…

    Except the mind of a cop…judgmental I know..

    I am sharing the hell out of this

    posting it everywhere on social media from


    Thanks..will come here often!

  • Just a thought here

    I would think that the Jail would have at least one RN on staff to handle medical situations. If not, then it is contracted out. Cops /Jailers are not medical staff and do not prescribe medication even if they believe the confinee needs it. I am sure it will come out as to who failed to provide care when needed and she may have had other health/drug problems that contributed to her death. I don’t understand how they would expect the Mother to have her medicine…she was 37 years old and living in another state. How many parents have their adult children’s prescriptions – it does not make the mother lazy!

  • Maxwell Demon

    The US police…creating the world they want their children to grow up in. How ingenious.


    They killed a woman named Deborah Braillard in Maricopa County, Arizona the same way last year.

  • snoebay88

    Texas jailhouse justice. Guess the local PD were tired of dealing with her.

  • Diaz

    2 words:
    1) Hunting
    2) Season

  • Andy Fife

    Michigan Dept. of “Corrections” did the same to a guy in Adrian prison, eyewitness said “healthcare” refused to do what was required: a simple IV .
    He stumbled to healthcare 2 or 3x that day. Around 2010. Tim Watley, or Wotley is the eyewitness, along with numerous others.
    Numerous died there according to eyewitnesses on the scene, that were refused healthcare. BOTTOM LINE YOU KNOW. The “doctors” and staff get bonuses for removing prisoners meds they were on before prison.

  • Andy Fife

    Solution : DEREGISTER. Get a Constitutional Congress , voted in to the true Republic , to reconvene, they haven’t since 1861

  • binro binro

    Does anybody even think of her death as any kind of a loss?

    • Morgan Sheridan

      Her mother? Her father? Her siblings? Those who loved her in spite of her human failings?

  • abinico

    This is murder. These people need to go to jail.

  • Dadwasright

    negligent homicide , if not First degree Murder !

  • athynz1

    Yet another POS.

  • athynz1

    You sure she’s the one who robbed you? Do you think anyone who steals deserves death? Grow the f&*k up.

  • athynz1

    Yeah becasue she totally deserved to die because she did drugs and was a petty non violent criminal. /sarcasm

  • emilyellie

    they take your belongings away from you when you’re arrested. fyi.