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DHS Perfecting Facial Recognition System “BOSS”

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September 7th, 2013

The Department of Homeland Security’s latest surveillance tool is the Biometric Optical Surveillance System, or BOSS, and consists of two cameras that are capable of taking stereoscopic images of people’s faces. Facial recognition technology matches the 3-D pictures captured and compares them to images stored in the system’s database, like driver’s license photos.

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  • Ken, your UK friend

    Honest truth. All of the UK’s motorways and railways are covered by CCTV. Unable to tell which are heat seeking/motion sensing but quite frankly I feel sick at all this nonsense and even sicker at the masses of sheeple who believe it is essential to have this technology to stop terrorism and paedophillia when the greater risk is losing the will to carry on as the banks get ever richer at your expense.
    Preppers love to grow their own vegetables. In the same way, get off the bloody data grid and keep your computer as disconnected as your pocket calculator. Buy back the hard drive from a 2nd hand dealer.
    I donated no end of records, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s etc to charity shops. Now I want to buy back the records so the NSA cant profile me according to my tastes in music.
    Ever seen Ghostery? Google Analytics, Facebook Social Plugin, Twitter Button etc send trackers to profile you even if you have never used their services. This can form the basis of future friend suggestions and pages you might like. Amazon, Linkedin and Disqus (the commenting facility on Infowars and Natural News) buttons also keep cropping up like never before.
    In the same way my elderly mother who is unable to even switch a computer or mobile phone on, may be spied on and a complete picture of her buying habits and movements is built up.
    Do you not feel equally pissed off at people for spying on your mother, in the same way Police get angry at ifones pointed at them?
    I’m really worked up.
    So help me God.

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