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DHS is on the Ground in Kalispell, Montana

James White
Northwest Liberty News
June 9th, 2014
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As many who study the “war on terror” will agree, the apparatus implemented by the Federal Government to fight the phony war has been turned around on the American populace.  Almost all large cities, and many smaller ones, have beefed up their armaments to ridiculous levels.  Even the NY Times has noticed this phenomenon.  Even the sparsely populated Flathead Valley, Montana is not immune from DHS intervention.  With Kalispell, Montana being one of the hubs of the Liberty Movement, it comes as no surprise that DHS has set-up shop here.

In the interview below, I speak to an eyewitness who followed four of these vehicles through town.  At one point, they were flanked by air support with a .50 caliber machine-gunner on back.  Please take the time to comment on this article below if you live in the Flathead Valley and you have seen similar vehicles.

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  • whitefeather

    Purge in 5…..4…..3…..2…..1!

  • Bring it

    I am not from Flathead Valley but I am a retired soldier and drove vehicles like this. They are called Mraps and are specifically made for war. If they are trully just for to deliver warrants as DHS claims, that would be like using an artillery piece to shoot a deer

    Flathead Valley

  • matism

    Do they SLEEP in these vehicles? If not, what level of protection do they provide against a free cocktail delivery through their bedroom window in the middle of the night? Because, after all, that IS in full compliance with their very own Rules of Engagement.

    And understand that these vehicles do NOT exist there without the full compliance of the local “Law Enforcement”. Do you know where THEY live in your AO? Or do you still think that THEY are “good cops”???

  • Mark

    Why is anyone surprised at this? Read the Obama prophecies. Several prophets have been warned about him. Very sobering reading.
    revelation12 dot ca

  • usmcmailman

    “They” DO NOT have enough people! They are outnumbered about
    10,000 to one !

  • David Kachel

    Go to your sheriff or police chief, whoever accepted delivery of one of these citizen killers, and tell him in no uncertain terms to get rid of it within 48 hours, or you will get rid of him! Mean it!!!
    Better yet, tell him to blow it up in a public place.

  • Rick E.

    We are the many dots! The government and authorities are the tiny dot. The only problem is that the tiny dot won’t hesitate to murder and destroy whatever’s in their way!

  • Rick E.

    Ironic that it says on the side of the MRAP: “police/rescue”. The only folks that they’ll be rescuing will be other cops, NOT you or I.

  • DontLikeWimps

    Yep and they will be using them soon!! Look for something to happen around June 22…I keep seeing all kinds of hints on TV…they keep flashing June 22 and the word BOOM…..Coincidence??? Stock up on food and emergency supplies before then people and have some cash put away in your home.

  • DW

    I bet those cops’ sad, little winkey’s get all stiff when they get to ride around in their super-hero-soldier-man-mobiles, looking all important!

  • Dan

    So, why does DHS immigration and customs enforcement need these vehicles? I mean they’re putting them on buses and dropping them off across the country for Pete’s sake.

  • Dick Motta

    Did the Kalispell City Council approve
    of the acquisition of the MRAP by the Police Department? More of an
    indication that the People are no longer Sovereign and that our elected
    officials don’t represent us. Disarm the police and recall the
    elected officials.

  • dvastator

    That article was mainly in the Army Times. The Army is taking the Attack helicopters away from the Guard and Reserves and is giving them Blackhawk’s in return. In all honesty, The Guard and Reserves would have more need for the transport helicopters then gunships anyway.

  • nofrills

    When they do turn on the American Citizens, the proper IED will take their measure. Wait and SEE…

  • MechArmor Defense Systems LLC

    Well, you know what they say – “The more armor you have around you, the bigger the bullet is they shoot at you”.. We started primarily designing armor for the Army, and really, as long as everyone in your areas know what exists and who has them, then I wouldn’t worry so much, because their armor is only good until their doors open. Think of WW2 beach LC landings faced by one MG42. Get the picture? Even a tank crew has to get out to take a leak now and then.

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