DHS Chatter: Suspected Terrorists Planning to Infect Themselves With Ebola

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Editor’s Note: With the Ebola virus now in America many are suspicious of how it got here or if more cases will be popping up soon. The current case in Dallas looks like a naturally spread contagion, but one major concern on the minds of the public as well as intelligence agencies alike is that a rogue terrorist could infect himself with the Ebola virus and then make his way to the Americas. With the southern border being completely open to immigrants and no policing efforts to speak of, it is the perfect entry point for the perfect delivery vehicle. With an incubation period of roughly 21 days, were someone to infect themselves with the virus they could easily make their way into the country and begin spreading it with no one being the wiser until it was too late. 

The following commentary, originally published at On Point Preparedness, and generously shared for the benefit of our community, suggests that not only is this a possibility but that intelligent agencies have actively monitored conversations between suspected terrorists who may be in the planning or implementation phases as we speak.


On Point Preparedness

A friend of mine recently attended a local conference with speaker Perry Stone.  One of the most interesting topics was the use of Ebola as a weapon by terrorists.  When we think of weaponized Ebola, we think of some high-tec way of distributing the virus in the air or water supply.  For a terrorist willing to sacrifice their own life, the deployment is much more simple.

Perry stone told the conference attendees that he has three sources at high levels within the government: two within DHS and one within the CDC.  All have confirmed that there is chatter of suspected terrorists inflicting themselves with the Ebola virus and then traveling to the US to infect others.  Again, this information is anecdotal and twice removed from the so-called “sources”.  However, when logically thinking about how terrorists operate, it’s a frightening reality.

Let’s review some facts:

There are 250 million Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa.  That is 1/5 of the entire world’s population of Muslims.

AND radical Islam is spreading quickly throughout those countries.  In fact, Nigeria with 60 million Muslims has already adopted Sharia law throughout many of its northern states. What this means is that we have a very large population of Muslims who will continue the trend of radicalization and hatred towards the western world.

Ebola is spreading rapidly throughout many of the sub-Saharan countries

ebola-across-africa-small(Click for larger image)

Ebola IS NOT contained.

In fact, air travel is still relatively unrestricted in the “HOT” countries.

Take Ebola patient zero in the US.  He traveled freely from Liberia to the US.  Since the incubation period of the virus is up to 21 days, people can appear healthy and board planes in these countries.

And last but not least – Terrorists are willing to give up their own lives to kill others in the name of Allah

To a normal person, the thought of self-infliction with Ebola sounds mad.  However, for a terrorist, it means glory in the name of Allah.

So let’s put this threat together and see if it’s credible:

  • We have several Muslim dense countries within Africa, and radical Islam is spreading quickly through the region.
  • It just so happens that many of these countries are out of control with Ebola infections.
  • Many unconfirmed terrorists have VISAs which allow them to travel freely from these countries into the US, and there is little restrictions in these countries in terms of inbound and outbound flights.
  • Terrorists are willing to kill themselves in the name of Jihad.

It seems VERY credible to me that a terrorist would self-infect themselves by finding individuals infected with ebola, thereby weaponizing themselves.  So long as they are not on the terrorist watch list, they can board a plane and make their way to the US.  From there, they can wait until they get symptoms and start purposefully infecting others in highly populated areas.  Why would they want to put themselves through that agony though?  Well, perhaps some can deal with the pain until death, but perhaps some of them will commit suicide when the symptoms become unbearable or they are no longer mobile.

Will this threat really manifest?  With Black Friday shopping and the Christmas season coming up, it seems very easy to find densely populated areas to infect.  However, any major city can be a target at any point in time.

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  • Nichole Koonce

    Let us stir the puddin’

    So Muhammad Ak Bar gets a few test tubes of blood from Omar who is bleeding out from Ebola.

    Muhammad and crew make for America via the southern Silk Road. Once here the pass out the tubes and deploy around the country. Going to mall food courts, events, parks where they pour blood on their hands a walk through the people touching them, this and that. Later when they are sick they go back to a mall food court where the wait to vomit and spew over people while they are eating…

    Aren’t you glad I am a good person…
    BTW I am a Solutions Engineer.

    • Tatiana Covington

      The correct solution in that case would be the final solution.

  • mirageseekr

    I would disagree with the editors comment “The current case in Dallas looks like a naturally spread contagion” While it may have been a naturally occurring event it is important to watch how they have handled it. I have worked at restaurants with high school drop outs that function better than how this has been handled. First the emergency room sent the man home who told them of his travel history. Second they waited a day to notify the paramedics who were driving around in a potentially effected ambulance. Third, they only put Duncan’s family under true quarantine after they violated an order to stay in the home. So to me it does not seem like they are doing to damn much to stop the spread and quite a few things to encourage it. I had viral and bacterial meningitis when I was 12 years old so I am familiar with how they handled that communicable disease. So why so sloppy with this one unless it is intentional? Let us also not forget Obama and Cameron letting people know they will not tolerate “conspiracy theories” and the FDA is unconstitutionally trying to control the language used regarding this..

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