Despite Attempts to Shut It Down, Pizzagate Is a Worldwide Citizen Investigation Now

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Editor’s Note: The mainstream media is in damage control mode over this, now claiming that Pizzagate stories are “fake news” to try and further shut it down. Unfortunately for the cockroaches, this story is not going away and is only getting bigger and gaining more independent investigators around the world… it’s global now.


While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor breaking news on the global pedophile ring – it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle. We will not be stopped. Truth will be revealed. Because #PizzaGate is a WORLDWIDE CITIZEN INVESTIGATION NOW. And the pedos are running scared.


#PIZZAGATE Banned on Reddit

CENSORSHIP: Our Site Got SHUT DOWN for #Pizzagate Podesta Wikileaks Story

The Disturbing, Disgusting Pedophile Code Hidden in the John Podesta Emails

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  • TrevorD

    Seems like an unstoppable runaway train for `the peoples` justice at the moment. However I am fearful that it could be derailed by a huge diversion or `false flag`
    If we consider that this so huge with massive implications we can bet `THEY` will try something desperate to save their disgraced backsides.
    We need more brave whistleblowers and those that KNOW or KNEW that have power and a conscience to act NOW!

    • gull

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      • ahuxley

        Please stow the spam…!

    • Benjamin Durka

      Obama can still start WWIII.

      • TrevorD

        I don`t think so. any call to war by the US now will have very little support. Times have changed very quickly I believe. Hope I am right

  • frankw

    Another example of the total corruption of the elites who believe themselves to be untouchable. Composed of princes, presidents ands kings of the financial world we are faced with an array of evil power that can only be breached by a massive uprising of the proles.

    • sven brown

      Yes but why does anyone go along with this crap? For instance, Hillary has reported income of $28Million FOR GOD’S SAKE – amy politician who is a public servant should not make this kind of money. Obviously, there are crooked deals going on – the people are so influenced by the media and
      academia that anyone who speaks for Trump is immediately trounced upon.
      So these paid rioters are against Trump but I suggest the education in this country, the media, the tv and movies all promote the NWO and people are
      too stupid to see this. No wonder NWO Puppet said that Americans are
      stupid. No wonder the lies about the false flags – killing Osama bin Laden to
      save the election for His Majesty, then killing the Seal Team so no one could talk, then the trick at Newton, possibly the Boston Bombing – its all set up by
      our government, folks. If anyone thinks our government didn’t have a big hand in 911 then go back to sleep. I am not going to stay in this country –
      it simply will never get better. Too many greedy lying poiliticians and too
      many stupid people are here.

    • MJ F

      more like an example of stupid mouthbreathing hoaxers that are bored with their lives and need a new made up boogeyman to fight. Sandy Hook hoaxers have moved on. Boston Marathon Hoaxers have moved on. People that claim the Bataclan didn’t happen have moved on. To What? Pizza Gate? Wow. SMH. Conspiracy Theorists have really jumped the shark, haven’t they?

  • Sean

    Spoiler Alert: It’s the Talmudic Jews running the shitshow at the highest levels.

    • Chocodog

      Seems like it to me also. World War Z ……… Zionists.

  • j.hendricks

    The parents of those poor kids are on the way…….

  • Mollie Norris

    There’s a German baby for sale for $1200 at the end of this video. FBI director James Comey, whose qualification for the job is his experience with HSBC’s money-laundering for Mexican drug cartels, terrorists and international child sex trafficing when he worked as a high-level HSBC exec, isn’t going to investigate this. Obama used $65000 of US tax-payers’ money for a party at Pizza-Comet; he’s a ‘party’ to this satanic perversion. The US pays the UN $100 billion/yr just for the global warming bankers’ ponzi scam, and UN satanists and pedophiiles aren’t interested in child trafficing and satanic child sacrifice, in spite of the UN bureaucracy’s Human Rights Commission’s and UNICEF’s and Rights of the Child ‘s self-serving PR. Putin is the only head of state who is making any effort to eliminate evil predators like the ones running the US. We need help from outside to fight US corruption.

    • Mike Smithy

      Don’t worry, Trump will force James Comey to resign soon enough.

      • Arthur Jackson

        Trump owes that fucker Comey the election. Of course he [Podesta] had to issue that letter about the emails that made it seem like there was something there right before the election because Putin had given Trump pictures of Podesta getting oral gratification from a male baby. That poor fucker was between a rock and a hard place either being known as a gay, baby fucker or knowing Hillary already had a contract ordered on him if anything election-wise went awry.

    • MJ F

      there is no baby for sale in the video – you people are a bunch of morons

  • Christopher Pearson

    Pizza-gate Pedophiles -The thing is that Info Wars (for example) as a centerpiece of alt-news and public information and the attack is coming from mainstream media news and information censorship and propaganda which will tactically prevent exposure of the psycho-criminal elitists that they are covering for. A class action lawsuit is probably the most effective action as with the Christic Institute’s / Daniel Sheehan in the Silkwood / Iran Contra / et al cases that were represented. Daniel Sheehan is now a legal advocate for the “Disclosure Project” but this would be the way to go. The mainstream mass media is a CIA front news and information propaganda organ and they will act to shutdown whatever and whoever (pedophiles) they are protecting as a “national security” interest sick as that appears they protect a whole lot worse! The Iran Contra filing was disbanded because GHW Bush sr, after deliberately throwing in the towel to Bill Clinton, pardoned all the interested parties involved in the civil action lawsuit. Obama is in a similar position to GHW Bush sr – this should be expected.

    • MJ F

      you know this is all bullshit, right?

      • Christopher Pearson

        MJF bs is a meme. What exactly do you mean?

        • MJ F

          pizzagate is a bunch of stupid madeup malarky

          • Christopher Pearson

            Got it. Just wasn’t sure which wind you were blowing in…..

  • SP_88

    These elitists are a bunch of sick, twisted perverts who use their money to buy these people so they can rape them. They are disgusting cowards and should be put in jail. I don’t know why we tolerate their disgusting behavior.

    • We don’t only tolerate it, we allow them to rule over us!

      • SP_88

        Sad, but true. Very sad.

    • MJ F

      you know this is all made up garbage, right?

      • SP_88

        It can’t be, I read it on the internet, and since Google has taken away all the “fake news” this must be true.
        Besides, these politicians and banksters and other assorted wealthy criminals have been involved in all sorts of weird and disturbing behavior since forever ago.
        I would find it hard to believe that these people are not doing something like this. With the amount of money these people have, they can afford to indulge in whatever strange or perverse behaviors they can think of.
        And if somehow us regular people should find out about it, people will just make it look ridiculous and nobody will believe it’s real. And then they can continue to do it without having to worry about it becoming a scandal.
        But apparently people are being more persistent about pushing this into the light so that they are exposed for being the pedophiles they are.
        I’m sure that there will be some effort on their part to do some damage control. But it looks like too little too late. The cat is out of the bag.

        • MJ F

          There is no cat. There is no bag. Just a bunch of chicken littles making up baseless BS. “With the amount of money these people have, they can afford to indulge in whatever strange or perverse behaviors they can think of. ”
          So is that what is stopping you? Money? If you had more of it – you’d be “indulging” in whatever “strange behaviors [you] can think of”?
          Cuz just because someone has a few bucks – doesn’t mean they think of perversions. And just because someone thinks of perversions – doesn’t mean they act them out.
          So you see people with money – and you must then assume that they are conducting sadistic practices?
          You’re delusional beyond repair.
          Talk about Confirmation Bias. You’re more like “Confirmation Desperate”

          • SP_88

            Because you say so? What do you know? You’re one of those people who hears the word “conspiracy” and you automatically believe there can’t be any truth to it.
            It’s not the money that causes the people to do deviant things, the money is what allows them to be able to get away with it. Just look at Hillary. She wasn’t even charged with anything for doing something ten times worse than other people who are sitting in jail right now.
            There is no question that she mishandled classified information. What she did was illegal. You can’t tell me that she didn’t send or receive a single classified e-mail during her entire time as secretary of state. She must have sent or received at least some classified e-mails. And since she only used her personal server the whole time, any classified e-mails would have been sent through it.
            Meanwhile, there are a lot of other people who did something like take a picture or send one e-mail with their cell phone, and they are sitting in prison right now. One person who was in the military sent a message on his personal cell phone while they were being attacked by terrorists. And by doing this he saved lives. And he immediately told his commanding officer about it as soon as he was able to. And he faced a court martial and was put in jail.
            Another one took a picture with his cell phone of the inside of the submarine he was stationed on. He’s in jail.
            The government doesn’t fuck around with matters of national security. They will throw you in jail for it. And it doesn’t matter if you had any intention of committing a crime or not. You still go to jail. Unless you’re Hillary Clinton. Or some other aristocrat with money to burn.
            These oligarchs are never held accountable for their crimes, no matter how egregious they are.
            And it’s not just these types of crimes. These people are engaged in all sorts of debauchery, drugs, hookers, you name it. And they are never arrested or prosecuted for anything.
            Because they have money, they can get away with anything. And they know it. And we know it. There are two different sets of laws, one for the wealthy and one for the rest of us. And the one for the wealthy doesn’t involve arresting or prosecuting anyone. And everyone knows it.

          • MJ F

            Sorry – I’m into conspiracy theory. So right off the bat – your whole post is rendered completely useless.
            I’m into conspiracy theory. See. And you stupid bastards are constantly peeing in the pool.
            Ruining it for the rest of us with your low standards.

          • SP_88

            If your comment was actually relevant, there would be a counter argument with reasoning for why I’m wrong. But there isn’t. Just empty, ad hominem rhetoric. And I think that you drank too much of the Kool-Aid to be into conspiracy theory. You sound more like a mainstream media zombie with your propaganda inspired talking points and faulty logic.
            You use an awful lot of words for someone who isn’t saying anything.

          • MJ F

            You made the false statement here “You’re one of those people who hears the word “conspiracy” and you automatically believe there can’t be any truth to it. ”
            So I let you know that – no – I’m a person that is into conspiracy theory. And then you reply saying that I didn’t present a counter argument.
            Um – that is precisely what I did.
            Are you mentally stunted? Do you wear special shoes?
            You’re literally saying the opposite of reality.
            No kidding – some Pizza Gate hocking bullshit conspiratard?
            I’M SHOCKED.
            You seriously started off your little comment there with an ad-hominem attack as the whole crux of your argument – and then you have the gall to say that I presented the ad-hominem.
            You’re clearly a fucking retard.

          • MJ F

            you just made up a bunch of unsubstantiated garbage. Thanks a lot. You’re really helping things.

          • SP_88

            I think you fell down and bumped your head. Your straw man argument isn’t working. None of what I said is made up, as much as you would like it to be.

          • MJ F

            Nice try – deflecting and projecting.
            You lose.
            I win.

          • SP_88

            Oh no, not that. You’re gonna make me cry.
            BTW, what did you win? Was there a prize or something? Or are you just looking for your “everybody wins” participation trophy?

          • MJ F

            Yes there was a prize. It is amazing. And Technicolor.

  • OneTwoFive

    Dis info de-lites for the cabal?

  • Joe Strange
  • Benjamin Durka

    This media blackout is bigger than the 911 Inside Job blackout.

    • MJ F

      there is no meat to this story what so ever – just a bunch of mouthbreating morons clucking about the sky falling or something. Nothing to see here folks – just a bunch of conspiranoids.

      • Arthur Jackson

        Whatever! WTF do you think goes on in Area 51? Yes, exactly, alien pedophilia.

        The plane that crashed into the pentagon in 2001? Yup, it was a to crush all the evidence there of the big pedophilia ‘romper room’ that all the government officials use. The other three planes were strictly a diversion.

        Ever notice how you NEVER see Bill and Hillary at the same time. Indeed the whole reason is one of them has to monitor the pedo ring at all times. Oh i know you are going to say, but there are pictures of them together, film. Body doubles my friend.

  • wakeup

    Now expose the government targeting innocent citizens with military weapons to isolate them, ruin their lives and then try to have them act out criminally. They are using mind control and directed energy weapons (V2K, remote neural monitoring, microwaving, scalar, sound) and gang stalking on innocent citizens. These technologies can’t be seen or traced and the victims are left with little recourse since the attacks can’t be proven. The victims may appear to have mental issues, however it is the technology that is violating their minds and bodies causing voices, hallucinations, time lapses, and multiple other violations. Psychiatry is a hoax, these technologies cause many mental issues.,, Jesse Ventura’s Brain Invaders youtube,, John Hall’s book Guinea Pigs, Renee Pittman’s (Anne Frank of our times) books and countless victims are trying to expose the truth. The media, politicians, and psychiatry all cover for this and are complicit for this torture taking place for decades remotely in every city. These psychopaths in government need to be exposed and the true terrorists are in government agencies remotely targeting individuals with military technology.

    These technologies violate the minds and bodies of the afflicted persons and are the most egregious violation of human rights perpetrated by the government with your tax dollars. Taxpayers should be demanding their government quit paying for these crimes against humanity on law abiding citizens. No wonder we are broke. Why pay perps sitting at computers screwing with people in their beds and living rooms, these treasonous criminals and agencies need to be exposed and jailed. EXPOSE AND END THE TORTURE AND HOLOCAUST NOW

  • phone2000

    Close and secure southern border…that is where a lot of human trafficking comes from

  • MJ F

    Pizzagate? So you dumb bastards know no bottom, huh? You just keep on digging and digging and digging. One day – you’ll find an actual conspiracy. Some day. But not today.

    • Mike Smithy

      What’s it like being a lib-tard tool?

      • MJ F

        I wouldn’t know. I’m a libertarian. You’re pretty dumb, aren’t you?

      • MJ F

        What’s it like being a conspiranoid heel?

  • andrew domenitz

    If this is true then there should be a roundup of these people and appropriate consequences. Whether they are mentally ill or not they need to be stopped.