Mexican Film Trailer Combines Trump Speech With Scenes of Migrants Being Killed

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A soon to be released Mexican film has sparked controversy for its use of an audio clip from a Donald Trump speech. Desierto is a fictional film about a group of migrants trying to sneak across the border into the United States, where they are stalked and killed by a racist vigilante with a rifle (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

A trailer for the film was released on Tuesday, and it juxtaposes Trump’s most vilified speech on illegal immigration, with scenes of the migrants being shot in the desert. The trailer ends with a title card that reads “Los Palabras Son Tan Peligrosas Como Las Balas” or “Words are as dangerous as bullets.”

It seems painfully obvious that the makers of this movie are capitalizing on Mexico’s widespread fears and derision of Donald Trump. At best it’s an exploitation film. What do you think?

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  • Is there anything involving modern politics that doesn’t also involve exploitation?

  • BW83

    Of course it’s exploitation. If there’s a problem with migrants being killed it’s a threat imposed by their own people. Let’s see an honest film about “coyotes” taking advantage of people trying to migrate up to and including kidnapping, extortion, rape, and murder. Or how about drug cartels promising immigration into the US for the small price of being basically their slave for the rest of that persons life. Do interracial crimes happen? Of course, but you’re more likely to be killed by someone of your own race, especially if you’re black or Hispanic.

    I dislike trump almost as much as any candidate but I’d love to see him “win” for no other purpose than the essential middle-finger his potential presidency would be.

    Mexico can shut its third-tier mouth as far as I’m concerned.

    • ahuxley

      I couldn’t have expressed those sentiments better.
      Aspiring Mexican immigrants are exceedingly far more likely to meet their demise at the hands of corrupt Mexican nationals than U.S. citizens of any stripe.
      I also am not a fan of “The Donald”, but I agree that, even though he is essentially an extremely accomplished misanthrope, he is far and away less a threat to humanity than any of the other 2016 sociopathic candidates with the “possible” exception of Sanders.
      And even if Sanders somehow falls through the cracks and gets to sit in the Oval Office, he’d better heed his orders from the sitting oligarchs, or else…!
      But the “middle finger thing” would be amusing.
      Thanks for the well thought-out comment…

  • That’s IT! Somebody needs to get these white supremacist nazis AWAY from our damn border! I mean, all Trump has to do at this point is say the word and 6 million innocent mexicans, all women and children, will be instantly slaughtered by these vicious racists that only know violence and ficki ficki with mexican chicks but even worse than that, they want racist boarders up around our country, again, attempting to sow the seeds of division by cutting off free stuff for anyone paid for with American tax money. Simply put, boarders are racist and if you want one you’re a nazi who murders for the fun of it.

    • BW83

      Lol, they just may cut you a check for that review of the film :p

      You could be a college professor lol

    • Grizzlyone

      So at the same time as we remove the “white supremacist Nazis” as you so eloquently labeled them, from our border, can we also remove the persons seeking to cross our National Geo-Political border illegally and have them exercise the Legal Immigration System? Can we also agree to remove from the border the agents of the Drug Cartels who kidnap for ransom Americans in towns near the US / Mexican border? How exactly is your view of this so “One-Sided”? What I have become accustomed to is outrage from people who live in a Northeaster or middle of the country state who are unaffected by the people who cross into the US Illegally. If they stole you family member, would you feel the same? If your wait time for treatment at the Emergency room went from 30 minutes to 4 Hours for an injury you deem sever would you still feel the same? If your local Mil-Rate kept rising faster than the CPI or other similarly sized towns located away from the border because of the undocumented / illegal persons crossing the border, would you feel the same? I would think you would not, if I am wrong then move down near the US Mexican border and experience what those Americans are experiencing and please report back.

      • You sound like another white supremacist nazi!

        • Grizzlyone

          So you are unrealistic and unable to answer hard questions? Figures.

        • Grizzlyone

          Have I encroached on your “Safe Space”? Or stated some unrecognized Micro-Aggression? Are these questions Trigger Warnings? It’s appropriate for a Country (Sovereign Nation) to enforce border regulations. Follow the rules and no one gets injured, on either side.

          • Grizzlyone, my entire post was satire, it was a troll post, a joke, I am not being serious at all and no, I don’t think you are a nazi, lol. We are being barraged with so much BS propaganda daily that from time to time I just mock it because I can’t stand it. The people that upvoted me got the joke, I’m all for borders and keeping the illegals out so that was my way of making fun of their propaganda.

          • Grizzlyone

            I see. I guess I need to calibrate my “Sarcasm Meter”, it didn’t even register. You had me on the line fully hooked believing you were one of “THOSE” people. You may as well have Rick Rolled me.

          • rui zhou

            Yea I could tell too, sometimes it is more fun to be the “liberal” and say and write stupid things. Liberalism is fun to make fun of.

  • Razedbywolvs

    It looks like a propaganda fail.
    I think they just made a film that will scare the shit out of anyone thinking of crossing the boarded.

  • It is not Paranoia

    This looks like a random trailer to a non-existent movie…aka PROPAGANDA.

  • Time Will Tell

    I personally can not wait to turn this movie into a reality.

    • Time Will Tell

      #taxrelief; #feelthebullet; #borderblitz; #borderbummer

    • bill lopez

      First: Don’t judge me by my name.
      I am a Libertarian.
      I am a Ron Paul supporter.
      I am pro2A (in the constitutional carry sense).
      I am anti illegal immigration.
      Turning a movie about a person shooting illegal immigrants, as they cross the desert, regardless of their destination, IN THE BACK, is not something I ever want turned into reality.
      I would support sending a person like you for a mental health check however for wishing something like this.

      • Time Will Tell

        Dude. He took it from the front. The illegal alien crossed the shaby fence and was already headed to take your job and got shot from about 250 yards on the hill line. Dont try to twist it and say he got shot from the back. If they run away and never try again then thats fine w me. I would not shoot them in the back. Nor suggest that.

        • Major

          I’ve been promoting setting up a wood chipper facing the Rio Grand. Make a nice televised example of just one illegal and the rest will run across the scum to get back. Any caught sneaking in after that will also have to answer to Chip the automated tele-deportation device.

  • stacia

    Pure propaganda playing on White guilt.What we have are masses of people facing zero consequences for breaking the laws of a Sovereign Nation.People do get killed when they disobey immigration laws of most Nations on the planet..And might I add Mexico is well known for its harsh enforcement of these laws.. Any way this propaganda piece has zero effect on me as I view these people as uninvited invaders no different then the Muslims invading Europe..

  • Paul Robinson

    What Mexico thinks of Trump is irrelevant. He is running for President of the USA. It would be a good idea though if the US military treated the illegals as un-uniformed enemy combatants and shot them on sight. That would take some enthusiasm away from border crossing.

  • henrymiller

    I spent a year and a half living in Mexico recently and sadly I found that the good people of that formerly beautiful country seem to feel powerless to fix their own problems. If they had the courage to stand up for legalization of drugs most of their most pressing problems with the cartels would disappear overnight. As always, the current government of Mexico finds it easier to blame outsiders for the fruits of their corrupt system.

  • Ivan Kos

    I would like to see just how many USA citizens did illegals rape and murder.

  • abinico

    Mexicans need to understand they need to stay in Mexico – after all, that’s why they are called Mexicans – duh.

  • rui zhou

    An M14 with a decent scope is a really nice weapon as this video points out.