Department of Homeland Security Raids Gun Collector Who Didn’t Violate the Law

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New Mexico – The Department of Homeland Security has raided the home of a noted gun collector, confiscating hundreds of firearms for what they claim was possible violations of the law.

That’s right, the man didn’t actually violate any laws but that didn’t stop homeland security from raiding him and openly stealing his firearms.

Federal Homeland Security Investigation agents raided the home of Robert Adams, seizing 317 rifles and 548 handguns.

A report by local mainstream news outlet KRQE revealed the details of the raid:

Last week rifles lined the lawn of a northeast Albuquerque home that belonged to Robert Adams. Homeland Security Investigations was also busy loading hundreds of handguns into boxes.

It took federal agents days to log every weapon seized into evidence.

Four search warrants filed Thursday show the HSI investigators seized nearly 900 firearms from Adams’ home. There were 548 handguns and 317 rifles listed in the warrant return inventory.

They also searched his office that day taking 599 pistols and revolvers.

Adams has not been charged with any crimes although Homeland Security said the investigation is not over yet.

Neighbors described Adams as a gun collector and a possible licensed firearms dealer. For their part, Homeland Security admitted he had not broken any laws but that he is still being investigated for gun smuggling and tax evasion.

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  • brian domesday

    If you can’t eliminate the second amendment just claim tax evasion and confiscate them anyway.

    • Frankie Ninja

      Very interesting (and sneaky) way of getting around the Constitution. But like the Pilgrims demonstrated to The British at the founding of our country…. taxes too, are illegal. Very well said!

  • L.A.

    You have too much of something we don’t approve of, therefore you must be guilty of something. What, we don’t know, but we’ll try and find some law to say you broke. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll just inconvenience you by making you spend your time and money on a lawyer.

    • daron

      that seems about right, the way its goin, 1 is gonna be too many…

  • Syllamo

    Let us not forget that once a “law” is found which they can deem had been broken – the person will no longer be able to legally purchase firearms. Isn’t that how this is going with the new gun registrations?

  • smokeya


  • Anonymous

    Don’t keep all your stuff in the house. You better find somewhere else to keep part of your stash. Secret vault or whatever it takes. Do not keep all your eggs in one basket.

    • G-DAWG

      You got that right.

    • Frankie Ninja

      I bet that those that have not already done so, will do so immediately after reading this article! (As well they should)

      • Brad

        For a little reminder of how things have been in the past watch the movie “Night Crossing” you can see how easy it is to turn your neighbors etc into an arm of the government.

  • The realist

    I love guns.. I am a responsible gun owner.. But dont feel that this person really needed to have 100sof guns. He was more than a collector.. A hoarder..

    I don’t feel it’s the Feds place to invade his home.. But if he bought all the guns legally.. He gave them the keys to his fortune!!

    We are all screwed anyways.. Who cares

    • G-DAWG

      Mr. Realist, your going both ways. 1st, “But dont feel that this person really needed to have 100s of guns”. It aint nobodies biz how many firearms a person has when they have them legaly. ‘Collector/hoarder’. I assure you 6-7 hundred firearems aint that many in a collection. Try several thousands. Even if he is a hoarder, if no harm, no foul to neighbors, again, its his business. The FEDs will invade anyone at anytime for anything and they can usually and do get away with it. I dont see that he gave anything away but stolen. I hope there is more followup info on this story. Keep in Mind, this is just the start and will be LEOs methode of operation. Systematically, target the good guys and watch it, cause it may soon be you as well, I hope not. They’ll continue to make examples of patriots. They wont care if any Ruby Ridge or Waco events happen. That would probly be better for them knowing that is an additional psycological impact for future raids and confiscations. What better way to get citizens to roll over. You are right, We are border line screwed and I and many others care tremendously. Speaking for myself, soon this crap has got to be stopped by whatever means needed. That is how they will respond with us. Whatever means needed. Like bustin in your home at 0-dark-30, shoot your pets, have loaded “ASSAULT RIFLES” aimed at your children, probly at best taze your wife, sometimes they just like beatup on the ladies, and you’ll probly catch a round in the head.. and oops, wrong house. That scenerio is exactly what I’m concerned about. Anyone? HOW IS IT WE WILL ALLOW A HANDFUL OF ANTI AMERICANS TO DICTATE LAWS TO MIND NUMB LEOs THAT ONLY KNOW TO BLINDLY FOLLOW ORDERS. At some point WE better fix this soon. AND.. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III.

      • sleeper


      • Anonymous


        When this happens to someone, others in the area need to back that person up – at the time it is happening if possible and by force. If it cannot be done at the time the guns are being taken, the others in the area need to storm the LEOs local office and take the guns back!! It may become necessary to go to the LEO’s homes and see to it that they understand that protecting the Constitution is their #1 responsibility – not blindly following orders! I believe we must become pro-active rather than just letting it to continue to happen.

      • U.S.? citizen. or U.S.S.R.?

        Ballot boxes are electronic now and don’t count anymore. No way to count the votes or know who’s programming them. Our Constitution is being destroyed and the dollar will likely collapse causing chaos which will be reason for Obama to claim PDD51 executive order(dictatorship) and martial law to curb the civil unrest. Along with that will be property seizures and FEMA camps(HR645) for the displaced sheep.

    • Locus

      realist: Check out the Kulaks whose eventual plight in the early 20th century is in the early stages of evolving today. Also Atlas Shrugged, the story of the Twentieth Century Motor Company … also this:

      When governments collect arms from citizens they are creating a level playing field for certain games that are sure to follow. The persons collecting the arms may not know or understand where it is leading, unless thay are students of history. What happens next may not be their intent but nevertheless they are responsible.

      When society has devolved to the point where individual rights to land and personal property are no longer respected, it is on this path.

      When a central (Federal) government gains too much power, it must continue to grow because the cost of operating it drains incentives, causing entrepenuers to flee the country, the production and manufacturing base is eroded.

      Then socialism steps in to bring promise of prosperirty, with the fantasy that wealth and comfort like air is all around us and merely needs to be redistributed ‘properly’. The persons most affected by socialist policies, the havers and the doers, are villified. But it does not work because the incentives are gone and the doers’ administrative and technical skill is no longer part of the equation.

      Then communism follows in close order, because things have degraded to the point where only a charismatic central leader like Stalin could possibly pull the country together and ‘make it all work’. And a Stalin will arise, it is inevitable. And he will purge dissent and turn the whole thing into an ant colony.

      Tyranny is the result, for there is no incentive for any absolute ruler to step down. At that point the country is doomed because the only framework that remains is one that supports absolute rule.

      Collectors are preppers in a sense. They acquire particular things according to their interest — if those things and skills are useful their survival is assured just as certainly as it is for someone who has stocked everything, through the magic of cooperation and barter.

      In a socialist revolution the first wave goes after the rich, the Kulaks of tomorrow. Then when things break down they go for the preppers. Preppers are hoarders, the Kilaks of the day after tomorrow. Should we abandon the framework of the Constitution this is the path laid out for us.

      Therefore, having hundreds of weapons merely means that the person has decided to specialize in that. If we pull from thin air some figure, like “no one should have the right to own more than [100] firearms” we are implicitly creating a framework where that number may reduce smoothly over time to [1]. Then inevitably someone will reduce it to [0]. And the games begin.

      So in hearing about a story like this my only reaction is “well — is this guy alright, is he a threat?” In the sense of being a reasonable person. Because part of the right of survival is the right to examine others’ motives. But as a Constitutionalist I’d prefer it happen from the bottom up, from neighbor to sheriff et cetera and not top down, like the Sword of Feinstein and Obama descending from heaven to avenge the people.

      Because it leads to a place that is not a happy place.

      • kodster

        That “charismatic central leader” is the Antichrist of the Bible. The son of perdition (or lawlessness). We are descending into lawlessness now.

      • Brad

        Well said!

    • daron

      umm, I do! who cares? wtf kinda question is that anyway?

    • SKIP

      WHO CARES you ask!!!! WELL I DO! I don’t care if the person had 10,000 guns, C-4, ammonium nitrate if he bought the stuff legally and does no harm to anyone then leave them be. These scenes are going to be repeated and the fed is hoping someone will finally shoot a a sherrif or marshall so the other shoe can drop on legal gun owning AMERICAN CITIZENS but I bet the fed don’t fuck with the muslims and blacks!!

      • Anonymous

        sherrifs and cops need to be told by family members not to turn on their own fellow citizens and most wont..

    • john kohen

      u are part of the problem its not your place to say its to many he gave noone the keys by exerciseing his rights he broke no law and your who cares is more of the problrm you and every other dumbass should care thats why our grandparents died over seas you sir are a fool

      • Dave

        I can almost understand your point and from what I can tell I probably agree with you. With that said, you really need to use some punctuaton and grammer before you go calling anyone a dumbass.

        • rick

          Grammar? It helps to validate your case for proper use of the language when scolding others if you know how to spell the words you use to scold them.

    • Paula

      What difference does it make if he had 5000 guns he didn’t break any laws. I have never seen a law that limits how many guns you can have.

    • FatherPatriot

      He probably kept them as an investment. Their value will only continue to rise drastically against a falling dollar and the possibility of more anti-gun laws being passed.

      • john

        fatherpatriot you are right they are worth ahell of lot more than obamas dollar

    • Trish

      Being a free conuntry, if anyone wants to own 2000 guns they should be able to.

    • what an absolute idiot you are, i am an amateur compared to you !!!! How did you get so stupid ??? Wow !

    • Hal

      Well,not to be rude but the rest of us don’t give a damn what you feel ?
      That rationale is what’s got us down this tyranny road at this point. Bill of rights IS not Bill of needs.
      Mind your own business and obey the law even though at this point, we have enough trouble figuring out just what the law Is anymore until the oppressor’s are damn well ready to tell us.
      why aren’t WE arresting THEM for KNOWN unlawful laws ?
      We’re not done just yet.

    • Hoarder advocacy

      Does anybody need hundreds of beenie babies?
      Or hundreds ofsilver coins?
      Or hundreds of dollars in a bank account?
      Or a retirement portfolio with thousands of shares,
      Or a porcelain plate collection in the hundreds,
      Or hundreds of hand tools, etc,,,,?

      Why does it have to be anybody’s business to determine a figure for things we love to collect or own or use?????

  • REALIST,I know a rancher who owns 18,000 acres of land,yet he don’t use most of it for anything,I bet you would agree if the government wanted it they should just take it right?? and when did you appoint your self the decider as to who should have what anyway……are you sure another country wouldn’t make you a lot happyer,you know somewhere they limit what your allowed to have ,and just kill you if your caught with to much,and you know what,you’d make a good commie why don’t you move somewhere like that ,you’d love it there………

  • G-DAWG

    Been hearing estimates of bout 300 million firearms owned by americans, in the country, somethin. Any.. (Dont freak, thats what I remember). Frankly I would hope we could bring that amount to bout 1 billion. that would be cool, cause I know there are so many more responsible folks out there that could help add to that number if they chose to. I’ve been surprised a few times. Some folks I would thought have firearms dont and some I was pleasantly surprised do. This is a crock of communist crap on this guy. Semper Fi. III

  • not hard to understand..

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    with that said, lawlessness is the law of the land.

  • Are citizens making note of the Homeland agents that live in their own neighborhoods? Might be useful info some day soon.

    • Frankie Ninja

      Thinking back on the published list of legally licensed law abiding gun owners in New York, I wonder if something akin to that might come out?

      I wonder if “Anonymous” would dare attempt releasing and printing such a treasure trove of information for the good of our sovereign nation? I’m just wondering out loud. Don’t y’all? (Just sayin ;-p)

      • TPane

        On the same token “Anonymous” should make the very same list with the banksters names and owning interests of such entity’s that control the
        oppressing regime America “is” an Oligarchy

  • The Arizona Patriot

    How many times will we the people allow our rights to be trampled? Where are our balls, our pride, our honor?? BULLSHIT from on high, the messiah come to rid us of all ways to harm each other? When do we shout NO MORE!! FREEDOM. MOLON LABE brother patriots.

  • The real question is; what the fuck did those warrants say? It says they had four warrants. I’d keep a close eye on this one. Warrants are supposed to be issued upon probable cause, meaning there has to be evidence to support a judge signing off on them. A warrant specifies the person’s to be detained, the items to be seized and the places to be searched and are usually pretty specific about all or any.

    But wait a minute, this is post patriot act and these guys write their own warrants now. So basically, this could be some fishing expedition just because they figure they can grab up several hundred guns all in one shot, right? Is that what I should be getting from this shit?

    Just wait until they start grabbing people up with NDAA authority. You’ll get the usual line of shit, “We have no comment other than he is a suspected terrorist and he is being detained in the interest of national security.”, and that will be it. Americans just disappeared on a claim without the rule of law, natural rights, due process or anything that used to be in this country.

    • With apologies to Forest Gump … “Tyrants are as tyrants do.”

  • roman

    “So long as men die, liberty will never perish.”
    – Charlie Chaplin, ‘the great dictator'(1940)

    I am a young person living in this former republic we all know as America, and I have one question.

    Where does this all end, what is the end game?

    I’ve thought is through for a while and I still can’t answer that question. There are so many forces at play that I just don’t know.

    Is the resurgence of our constitutional republic inevitable, or is the victory of the NWO inevitable?
    Or… it just up in the air at this point?

    • G-DAWG

      I believe up in the air. We way, way outnumber them. (Can U believe so many of us see it that way now, “use and them”.) Its all incrementally, systematically designed to continue to put us out a few at a time. Only when we can rise, stand and resist in such overwhelming numbers can we the patriots do what will need to be done. (Sorry, some things cant just be said outright at this time.) Try the book “Agenda 21”. I think that will bout summerize the big picture.

      If we dont stand together, we will surely be shot seperately, along with our family and pets. One sheriff says, ‘Swore to protect and “SUPPORT” the constitution’. Thinking bout that now that support can go eigther way. LEOs can stand with the citizens or they can stand with the GOV against citizens. Just depends on their polotics I guess.

      The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

      • Ivanhoe


        We need to band together in a proactive way. we cannot wait for this to happen 100s of times because they will eventually draw the number of guns to their benefit. The next time this happens, everyone in the local area need to rise up at the time it is happening and see to it that the person retains their guns. If it cannot be done at that time, they need to go to the local LEO office and get the guns back – by force if necessary. It may become necessary to go to individual LEO’s homes and see to it that they understand that their 1st responsibility is to defend the Constitution. The new laws and stealing law-abiding citizen’s guns under any guise is not protecting the Constitution!

    • Hal

      You ask where we’re going ? When you low count tostesterone types roll over often enough, soon your against the wall.
      We are going back to serfs and nobles again. Just like the Greeks, Romans,
      Enjoy your bread ( food stamps, easy living ),
      Your circuses ( sports,liesure activities )
      Soon you’ll have your IMF riots and you’ll be clamped down on with a hammer.
      You had a great free Republic, now you have a banana Republic. See if you can identify what foriegn vulture is swooping in to buy your homes and infrastructures as we speak ? Don’t forget to pay homage to the leaches who are farming you and yours like a heard of jack asses.
      Not a nice response but it does sum it up.

  • Gary Harper

    They are just testing the waters. And we are watching them. They better prove thir case without possibility of appeal, or all of our taxes are going way up after he wins his massive damages suit.

  • Me in Ne

    Like what has been said if you only.have 1 regestered fire arm, & dont for get when u buy the thing the gov knows what u have, they will get.all of us that got them new!!!!!!

  • SassyRed

    Our USA is going down the tubes….with the likes of the RULER in Office. The writing is on the walls…People wake up!!!!!
    The rest of the World is laughing at us….they think we are ignorant….
    A SAD day for USA

  • earl lee

    Gun Trust! Please check it out.

  • unknown suspect

    Glad it wasn’t me. Every one of those mother fuckers would be on my bucket list. I wonder how those worms would feel if someone walked up to them as they were getting ready to go to work and place a .44 on their forehead? I bet they would cry like little babies and keep repeating “I was just doing my job”.

  • Daniel

    Give me liberty or give me death

  • Pre-64

    I am told by a gunshop owner that the yellow(now white) sheet we fill out is not a problem at all as they are filed away not sent anywhere. I maintain that the back ground ck is where the govt. keeps tract of us. I think I can remember buying guns by filling out the yellow sheet but not having a background ck. If my old 69 yo brain recalls this correctly then those yellow sheets , pre-background ck, are not going to put us on a list. I believe a background ck is very necessary even with a waiting period(no I dont live in Calif) but the bg ck is cooking our ass when it comes to the govt knowing who got what gun or how many purchased new…….Now we see how important gun shows and individual , non-FFL , purchases /sales are before all new legislation is passed…….I’m know Im stating the obvious on this last part but the pre-bg ck is comforting if you can still remember when you got a particular gun……meaning a record of what you bought, who you got it from, how much you paid and what became of it so important. A side note here, a friend yrs back got paranoid about having his name on a list somewhere as a gun owner, so he filed a false theft report with the local sherrif’s office of the loss of his 3 very expensive competition semiautos….that was 20 yrs ago…….stay sane and CYA…..

    • BATFE has been visiting FFLs and illegally copying the 4473s … They are building a list for confiscations.
      Sooner or later, we will have to resist, and it won’t be pretty.

  • Jon Helm

    Now they have the Serial Numbers of all of his guns, and if it took them days to record, they obviously fired all of them into a water tank to get bullets with rifling on all of them to see if they match any crimes ! After all, that must be “Part” of any on-going investigation. Right ? This should ANGER all citizens !

  • Heimdall

    As I have been saying. The government is now an organized crime organization. THEY are the criminals, THEY are the terrorists.

    • mlr

      Man I hate to agree with you, but its hard to come to a different conclusion if you take off the MSM blinders and see whats going on all around us everyday.

    • DHS and other alphabet agencies have recently purchased over 1.8 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo – enough to shoot every man, woman, and child in the country 5 times or more – ammo that’s illegal for military use under international law, and have just ordered more and an additional 7,000 FULLY AUTOMATIC “personal defense” weapons. How does anyone with the capability of rational thought escape the conclusion that our government is preparing for a war on its own citizens?

  • Mike

    This Goverment is so lawless and corrupt, that their biggest fear, or threat, comes from the PATRIOT AMERICAN !!!

  • spencer

    everyone breaks the law every single day including YOU! according to our goverment,and they will just create or change the laws so you will..because they want their nose so far up your #$$ they know what you ate for breakfast.freedom?..i think not

  • Bob


  • majordad

    Someone asked “Where does it end?”

    Everyone needs to read the book ‘Unintended Consequences’ by Ross.

    It presents via historical fiction (True history – fictional people in it) the story of how we got here today and gives a possible solution.

    Copies are scarce and expensive, but it is a good read.

  • johncoward

    grab your ankles , because here it comes.
    no guns , no ammo, but one spoon just to eat shit.
    1774, minute man knew what confiscation means.
    1776 concord bridge, all free men shot on site at red coats.
    Walk down street to day, your house raided at 2 am.
    No knot on door, no warrants, why black booted thug take all.
    john coward.

  • Anonymous

    im already perfecting my recipe for people jerky…bbq anyone?

  • Anonymous

    How does Homeland Security have the power to do this? I think that is the first question.