Democrat Warns: Left-Leaning Media Outlets LIE To Protect Big Pharma

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A prominent Democrat is coming out with some harsh words for liberals in the United States who continue to fall for outright lies of profit-driven pharmaceutical companies. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes that certain mainstream publications lie to their readers by hiding information in order to protect big pharma.

“Slate and other liberal online publications including Salon, Huffington Post, and The Daily Beast customarily block articles that critique vaccine safety in order, they argue, to encourage vaccination and protect public health,” writes vaccine truth advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for Common Dreams.

Much of the “positive” research out there suggesting that all vaccines are completely safe and effective is inherently flawed, unreliable, or flat-out falsified, an investigative report conducted by Slate has revealed. But many mainstream news outlets like SalonThe Huffington Post, and The Daily Beast, even Slate itself, are notorious for covering up this truth as they blatantly lie to readers about the “merits” of vaccines.

That’s because there’s a whole lot of cash flowing between Big Pharma and these corporate media outlets, which are essentially bribed into blocking all independent research that depicts anything “negative” about vaccines. Even though it might help parents make smarter and more informed decisions about vaccines for their children, the shill media actively censors it in order to keep vaccination rates at the highest possible levels. –Natural News

In fact, Merck itself, the world’s largest vaccine maker, is currently fighting multiple lawsuits, brought by its own scientists, claiming that the company forced them to falsify efficacy data for its MMR vaccine. But it seems like this information is looked at by liberals as unnecessary while they blame the unvaccinated kids for their child’s cold when there’s evidence to suggest those who get the flu shot are the ones actually spreading the flu.

“Instead of demanding blue-ribbon safety science and encouraging honest, open and responsible debate on the science, too many online outlets are silencing critics and shutting down discussion on this key public health and civil rights issue,” writes Kennedy Jr. And one doesn’t have to look all that far to see the ridiculous levels liberals will stoop to when they figure out someone is an “anti-vaxxer.”

Just look at what happened to famous tattoo artist and makeup designer, Kat Von D when she posted publically she’d be raising her child without vaccines.  She was attacked and harassed while many said they would be boycotting her brand. And the most used argument by the pro-vaccine mobs was that “vaccines protect those who can’t get them.” Sorry, folks.  But no one, Kat Von D included, is required to set their own child on fire (read the potential side effects) to keep your kid warm.  Besides, if your precious vaccines work, why are you concerned about the unvaccinated? That’s the million dollar question no vaccine advocate can answer; well, not logically anyway. –SHTFPlan

“The liberal media – the supposed antidote to corporate and government power – has helped insulate from scrutiny the burgeoning vaccine industry and its two regulators, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” Liberals hypocritically lambast Big Pharma while worshiping their favorite media outlets that are completely sold out to the vaccine industry aka, Big Pharma. 

What’s interesting too, is that many of these media outlets, and the leftists who read them, fully understand that Big Pharma is a corrupt entity that’s enabled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell chemical poisons that kill people, yet they proudly proclaim themselves superior when using the flawed “science” behind vaccine research done by the CDC or FDA, which is clearly done to promote a billion dollar industry.

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