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Demand A Plan? Demand Celebrities Go F*ck Themselves [Extended Cut]

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January 1st, 2013
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  • rick34

    I like that I like it a lot. “Kill a celebrity in the name of Love.” Maybe its time to brain wash those who will by creating videos like this.

  • Sameolshit Difday

    Welcome to the American version of the Ministry of Truth.

  • The Old Man;

    Why wood the rich want to disarm the poor? Why does China want the USA to disarm its peeps?

  • BuckNekkid

    Its like solving drunk driving by taking the keys away from the SOBER drivers!!

  • michael

    Stop listening to these shitheads! If that’s Beyonce on one of those pictures, i’m not surprised; Her husband is a known Rockefeller crony anyway!

  • rabbit

    hypocrites thy name is hollywood

  • antiglobalist

    My plan is to defend the constutition from all forign and domestic enemys. That include my fellow misguided Americans. Stupidity is at a all time high in this country. That means every one in your dumbass vid message. F*ck Off, Shit heads!

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