Decorated Marine Committed to Psych Ward for Facebook Post

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Most of the time, when we post on Facebook, we don’t expect to be dragged from our house in nothing but a pair of shorts, summarily arrested and then placed in the psych ward.  But that is exactly what happened to Brandon J Raub .

Despite the fact that the arrest was videotaped (above) Raub has been charged with assaulting and officer and resisting arrest. Raub is to appear before a judge on Monday and has told family members that he has not been told what the charges are.  Raub refused the proferred drugs at the psychiatric hospital where he is being held.

What caused all of the hullabaloo?  This very patriotic post made on Facebook on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 9:00am:

America has lost itself.  We have lost who we truly are.  This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  This is the land of Thomas Jefferson.  This is the land of Benjamin Franklin.  This is the land of Fredrick Douglas.  This is the land of Smedley Butler.  This is the land John F. Kennedy.  This is the land of Martin Luther King.  This is the land where the cowboy wins.  This is the land where you can start from the bottom and get to the top.  This is the land where regardless of you race and ethnicity you can suceed and build a better life for you and your family.  This is the land where every race coexists peacefully.  This is the land where justice wins.  This is the land where liberty dwells. This is the land where freedom reigns.  This is the land where we help the poor, and people help eachother.  This is land where people beat racism.

The federal reserve is wrong.  They have designed a system based off of gread and fear.  They designed a system to crush the middle class between taxes and inflation.  This is wrong, and it is unjust.  It is wrong.

We have allowed ourselves to be devieced and seduced by the powers of the printing press.  It is not a good system.  It discourages saving: the foundation for all stable economic activity.  The federal reserve is artificially manipulating interests rates and creating phony economic data.  This thing has decieved our entire nation.

They created it 1913.  They also created the income tax in 1913.  They encouraged the growth of debt so they can tax you on it.  There is interest on the debt.  Your government is in bed with these people.  They want to enslave you to the government so that they can control every aspect of your lives.  It is an empire based on lies.  They operate of greed and fear.

There is a better way.  It’s called freedom.  Freedom is called a lot of things.  But there is a true meaning.  It means very simply that you have the right to do whatever you want as long as you are not infringing on the feedoms of other people.

I firmly believe that God set America apart from the other nations of the world.  He saved a place where people could come to to escape bad systems of goverment.  This system we have created works.  It really works.

There is evil going on all around the world.  The United States was meant to lead the charge against injustice, but through our example not our force.  People do not respond to having liberty and freedom forced on them.

Men and Women follow courage.  They follow leadership, and courage.  Our example has paved the way for people all around the world to change their forms of goverment.

Force is not the way because liberty is a powerful concept.  The idea that men can govern themselves is the basis for every just form of government.

We can govern ourselves.  We do not need to be governed by men who want to install a one world banking system.  These men have machine hearts.  Machine and unnatural hearts.  They have blocked out the possibility of a better world.  They fear human progress.  They have monopolies on everything.

This life can be free and beautiful.  There are enough resources on this earth to support the world’s population.  There are enough resources on this earth to feed everyone.  There is enough land for everyone to own their own land and farm, and produce their own energy.

These people have been hiding technology.  There are ways to create power easily.  There is technology that can provide free cheap power for everyone.  There are farming techniques that can feed the entire world.
The bill of rights is being systematically dismantled.  Men have spilled their blood for those rights.

Your sons and daughters, your brothers and sisters, and Americas best young men and women are loosing their limbs.  They are loosing their lives.  They are loosing the hearts.  They do not know why they are fighting.  They are killing.  And they do not know why.

They have done some extroadinary acts.  Their deeds go before them.  But these wars are lies.  They are lies.  They decieved our entire nation with terrorism.  They have gotten us to hand them our rights.  Our Rights!  Men died for those rights!

September Eleventh was an inside job.  They blew up a third building in broad daylight.  Building 7.

Your leaders betrayed you.

You elected an aristocracy.  They are beholden to special interests.  They were brainwashed through the Council on Foreign Relations.  Your leaders are planning to merge the United States into a one world banking system.  They want to put computer chips in you.

These men have evil hearts.  They have tricked you into supporting corporate facism.  We gave them the keys to our country.  We were not vigilant with our republic.


According to Raub’s mother, the Police, FBI and Secret Service swarmed in and arrested Raub, taking him to John Randolph Mental Hospital.  Raub served in the US Marine Corp and is a decorated, two-tour veteran of Afghanistan. He is also a frequent contributor to the website Don’t Tread on Me.

His mother, Cathleen Thomas, has been extremely vocal in supporting her son.  She has told the media outlets that her son was arrested without having his rights read to him. She released the following update:

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” Patrick Henry

Met with Brandon tonight at the John Randolph Hopewell VA~Psychiatric Ward. He has not been drugged for those of you asking. They are holding him until  Monday when he is to appear before a Judge whom will make a ruling based on the Dr’s (Of their choosing) evaluation of his ability to function in society. Should the Judge deem him a terrorist threat and unstable he will continue to be detained for a greater length of time of which is undetermined.

I am looking into him being evaluated by an outside Dr. of our choosing. I was told that this was not possible. We are seeking legal counsel on this. We do not trust their choice of Dr.’sHe is being held for 72 hours until Monday’s hearing.

He has NOT been accused or booked for any crime. Yet, he was handcuffed, not read his rights and taken away in a police car to be placed into a Psychiatric hospital. Oh yeah, he is an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

What some do not seem to understand or “get” is this, it is not about what someone says or how they said it, or even if I agree with it. This is about the government, OUR government telling us that if you take a stand and speak out against them you can be “taken away”. This is a direct violation of our Constitutional Rights aka “Freedom of Speech”. READ IT, it is clear.

They will not stop here, they are coming after your guns, hard and fast. They will attempt to disarm you.

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” — George Washington

We are seeking legal counsel, more importantly the MOST HIGH counsel.

For all of those who have reached out, to all of those that have called, or posted, or agreed to stand with us in prayer and love we appreciate you and we ask this only…

Read the Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Then look around and ask yourself if you see our government following it. Question Everything your government does. If you find an area (there are many) where they are falling short or even completely abolishing sections of it along with our rights then please, do something about it.

I cannot tell you what that is, but I can guide you if you are willing to listen. This has been the sole aim for sharing with you this past year since I came out of “the matrix” and my eyes and hearts were opened. This has been the reason behind my conversations with many of you and your reaction has spoke volumes to me.

Many of my friends and family have distanced themselves from me, you know who you are. I make you uncomfortable and who likes that right? I am a Conspiracy Theorist and “why the heck can’t you just “settle down”. I see it in your eyes and in your inaction to a government gone rogue.

Many of you have now become my friends, my comrades, my colleges and I hold you dear. Not because you have agreed with me all the time, for who grows that way? But for your hearts that love this country, love liberty more than anything and love God. You amaze me, you astound me with your fierce loyalty to our founding father’s words and works and you inspire me!

You, must choose your own path and thus your destiny. Just remember, this is more important than you, this is our future children’s legacy. What you choose to do today will become their tomorrow. Choose wisely!

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. — George Washington

If we ALL share this story on Facebook and via email, can they arrest all of us and have us committed?

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