Declassified Document Proves US Created ISIS

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Ever since ISIS began its bloody rampage across the Middle East, many of us have been suspicious of their origins. The West seemed perfectly willing to support the rebellion against Russian backed Assad, but as soon as those supposedly “moderate” rebels formed ISIS, they turned against them (according to the media at least). But according to a recently declassified document, the US government knew more than they were letting on (gasp) in regards to the formation of ISIS.

The seven page document, which was dated August 12th 2012, was attained by Judicial Watch through a federal lawsuit. It reveals that many of the rebel groups supported by the Defense Department, eventually rallied together to form ISIS. More importantly, the DoD seemed to have anticipated this result. They not only expected the rise of “an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria” but welcomed it, knowing it would undermine the Assad regime, as well as Iranian influence in the region. They also predicted that the conflict would eventually turn into a proxy war.

Iraq is also mentioned as a crucial part of this future “Islamic state” so the DoD knew from the very beginning that supporting these groups would fracture the nation we spent so many years fighting for. And contrary to the media’s claims, it’s obvious that the government knew these rebels were not moderates.  The document proves once again that the United States is almost always purveyor of her own enemies.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • It was the least they could do after Israel created Hamas, for the same reasons.

    • Shiva

      Yes in 1987, and the Hamas Charter affirmed in 1988,
      that Hamas was founded to liberate Palestine, including modern-day
      Israel, from Israeli occupation and to establish an Islamic state in the
      area that is now Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

  • Shiva

    Declassified Document Proves US Created ISIS <— Wrong
    Her cult subsequently spread throughout the Roman Empire, and Isis was
    worshipped from England to Afghanistan. She is still revered by pagans today

  • TanDaLayO

    I am so embarrassed and sad to live in this country…supposedly run by such criminals. We have so many good men and women in these jails and prisons who have harmed no one…and they are in a cage FOR NOTHING..while these ‘elites’ are hiring mercenaries to frighten everyone…making up propaganda, lies to spread fear around the world. I’m relocating to Ecuador or Switizerland…just someplace safe?…where the SMALL govt…leaves you live your life..

  • guitta Dabe

    2012-that dates puts the strategy directly in Obama’s lap. It never made sense that Bush would want to destroy Iraq after betting his reputation on fixing it and handing it to Obama in relatively good shape. But Obama knew the media would take his “blame Bush” strategy and run with it.