Decades-Old Mystery: Is This Woman Capturing Other Dimensions on Film?

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Via Elf Wave on YouTube: Stella Lansing is able to capture diverse anomalies on film and has collected extensive photographic and video footage evidence over a thirty year period that and has kept detailed records of these experiences. This sequence contains footage of the four occupants incident.

Do you think it’s possible?

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  • James

    She is shooting with a lot of exposure problems, Light problems. I can do much the same in low light bright backgrounds mist & humidity. Fog rolling in up the river & such. I have got good at it here in the tropics in many light & humidity shots. Even when I wanted a good photo. Also hand shake will add a lot to it.

  • I forgot


  • you enter FORBIDDEN – DANGEROUS – terrirtory messing with this stuff

    • RE


  • Dunno y

    Was that Abraham Lincoln. Hello Aibs.can you do something about these filthy Zionists while you stopped in for a cuppa.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    I’m so sick of people chasing the paranormal. It ain’t real. Look at these buffoons chasing ghosts and Bigfoot for Christ sake! Down syndrome inflicted retards capturing their dreams and everybody wants to pretend that it’s real. There is even a moron they call Bobo, yeah, he runs around in the woods howling and banging trees with sticks looking for Bigfoot. The guy literally looks/acts as tho he has an IQ of 50. You know people, waking up to this new and brave world also means growing up and acting the part. We don’t need a bunch of Baby Hueys polluting the minds of the masses.

    • Mike

      Bobo ROCKS!!!!! I have watched his show and many others like it. I enjoy the shows that try and debunk or come up with alternate explanations, but I also do believe there are undiscovered life forms on this planet, as scientists discover new species everyday. You must always have an open mind, for if you close it, you are doomed!!!!

      • Nimadan

        I’ve always loved “alternative” stuff but I just don’t believe this Bigfoot nonsense.

        When this country was settled, there were more people living on the land than there are today, they ALL had guns, and they had zero inhibitions about putting rounds on anything that interested or annoyed them. Don’t believe me, ask the Amerinds.

        HOW could the Sasquatch species have lived through the period 1700-1900 without any of them being shot, killed, skinned, and stuffed? It’s hard enough to believe that the same thing hasn’t happened in the modern era since, even though there’s fewer people in the backwoods now, those still there have much better firearms than the old-timers did.

        The only thing that makes sense is if Bigfoot is a myth.

        • Glenn Festog

          Or if Bigfoot is smarter, as a species, than the ones hunting him, lol

    • Witness

      …and you don’t think that you are nothing but a sac of toxicity, yourself?!?!? you have no clue. Parallel worlds do exist and that woman is not chasing after anyone, it seems they are the ones who are after her! I had several experiences I didn’t not look for myself. And I am neither a dope nor a freak. Dumb asses who start to accuse other of this are the problem here.

  • RE

    Why is it only “her” that can see this. I think this is CLICKBAIT.

  • RE

    I’m truly starting to hate this website….