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The World Health Organization (WHO) has not only declared that the Ebola outbreak currently ravaging West Africa is “totally out of control,” but now the organization has officially declared it to be “one of the most challenging Ebola outbreaks ever.”

That’s ever, as in “in the history of time since the WHO has recorded it”.

Check out this list of recorded Ebola outbreaks. What’s happening now is the deadliest one.

The death toll is now at 467, with nearly 800 people infected throughout Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The WHO points to faith in faith healers, the fact that these areas are so densely populated, and cross-border transmission as the three main reasons the outbreak continues to worsen by the minute.

A WHO press release stated, “Containment of this outbreak requires a strong response in the countries and especially along their shared border areas.” Yes, a strong response, especially at shared border areas. This is EBOLA, after all. Deadly in 90% of people infected with it. Not something to deal with lightly.

Cross-border transmission seems to be one of those three areas where Ebola could be dealt with immediately. Not being a medical professional myself but just using the most basic common sense available to humans in any form, first thing I’d go with is stopping flights and shutting down borders to restrict travel and quarantine the virus as much as possible.

So what is that “strong response” the WHO came up with? Let’s look at the follow-up sentence in the agency’s press release: “As one of the response elements, WHO is organizing a high-level meeting for the Ministers of Health in the sub-region…”

WHAT?! A freaking meeting?

That’s the WHO’s “strong response” to the most challenging Ebola outbreak ever that is admittedly totally out of control?

“As one of the response elements” better mean they decided to do something else, you know, in addition to just slapping together a bunch of stuffy professionals in a hotel conference room to show each other a bunch of stupid PowerPoints while PEOPLE ARE DYING IN MASS OF EBOLA.

It’s “totally out of control” and the “most challenging” outbreak everand these guys are going to have a freaking meeting?

In fact, the WHO press release went on to say, “WHO does not recommend any travel or trade restrictions be applied to Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone based on the current information available for this event.”

Nah. Why would they restrict travel?! The WHO just said the shared border areas are one of the biggest causes of the Ebola virus being spread so easily and continuing to kill people…so why would they restrict travel on those shared border areas that are one of the biggest causes of the Ebola virus being spread so easily and continuing to kill people?

Oh wait, Medical Daily is going to reassure us as to why we don’t need to worry about shutting down flights or closing borders:

Although the outbreak is obviously very serious, there is a very low chance that it will ever spread to other parts of the world, thanks to the low volume of international flights leaving the affected area. In Conakry, Guinea, where the Ebola outbreak is prevalent, and which has an international airport, most flights remain local. “But 10 percent of the traffic goes to Paris,” infectious disease specialist Kamran Khan told NPR. So, if it were to spread, Paris would be the next stop. [emphasis added]

What. The. Hell.

Good thing there are only 290 cities around the world with nonstop flights out of Paris on any given day.

If I were a conspiracy theorist who didn’t know any better, I’d wonder if these people are intentionally allowing this deadly virus to spread on purpose in some grand eugenics/depopulation scheme to kill as many people as possible. Of course, I know the WHO loves everyone and only acts in the entire world’s best interest, so I would never ever think that.

Guess I’ll go see what’s on Fox News…CNN…surely there’s a ball game on somewhere.

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Hammerun

    Surly intelligent people couldn’t possibly think for a second that the dirtbags in the WHO and other false fronts could give a flying rats ass about anybody other than themselves?
    If you look to an outfit like WHO for your salvation, you need to be drug screened, you live in a fanciful world and a small one at that. Note: if a pandemic like this gets going a word of advice. Get secluded, get armed, get self sufficient, and get lethal to anything that gets close to you, for the duration. You can bet the big power players in this country are planning the identical.
    The DCish Ilk uses us, they couldn’t give a flying shit about us.
    We are considered “expendable assets”. Not them but US!
    Act accordingly.

    • GoldDust

      Its probably one of their “scientific” experiments they started and are observing from their mobile laboratory.

  • wales777

    …and the conclusion drawn at the historic meeting was; We’ve been planning for this since our inception and there’s no reason to interfere now.

  • dabub

    And, no doubt there are scientists all over trying to see if they can make it worse, and far more contagious!

  • Francis Flandro

    If Captain Chaos could import some of this mayhem into the U.S. he would invite the UN blue helmets to assist. Once the UN has boots on the ground, Small Arms sweeps would commence.

    • blagostwin

      Somehow I don’t think small arms sweeps will be well received by a foreign entity such as the UN or anyone else for that matter.

  • Tatiana Covington

    The world’s population has grown by about 80% just since 1970.

    Time for a dieback?

    • LexiconD1

      Long past time.

  • Jus’my’2’cents

    If I were an Islamists and belonged to say, ISIS or the IRGC or something. The first thing I’d do is go Kiss someone with Ebola and then go on a hugging spree at an Obama fundraiser! Hey, wait! I don’t have to be an Islamist to do that!!!
    Good idea, me!!!

  • blagostwin

    That’s it nothing to see here, go back to business as usual. The master minds that want eugenics let them be the first to go

  • Calabash

    The threat of a pandemic of one or more deadly diseases for which Americans have no treatments or immunity could be used to shutter the November 2014 elections. There’s Ebola, MRSA, TB, Dengue Fever, Plague, Leprosy and many other contagious killers out of third world countries, including south of the U.S. border, that the mainstream media is ratcheting up to crisis level news reports. I have been brainstorming with myself as to how Obama and the NWO cartel could risk losing what they have accomplished as well as their exponential momentum towards “fundamentally transforming America” once democrats are voted out of power in November. They would have to win by doubling down on their usual voting fraud or stop the elections altogether. They are ruthless and no doubt have many more nasty surprises in store for Americans, some which we have not even dreamed could ever happen here, like gun confiscation. As a bonus, the resulting decrease in worldwide population by a pandemic would be irresistible to them. Has Obama finally driven me crazy, or am I onto something here?

  • ThomasThePaine

    Just put a 1000 foot wall around Africa and fill it with cement. . .