David Morgan: Silver Is Historically Undervalued

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By Shadow of Truth, The Daily Coin

“This market isn’t a nightmare, it’s just plain silly – stupid silly”  – Dave Kranzler, Shadow of Truth

Based on all the data available, serious market analysts – note: Wall Street robots are not considered serious analysts – silver is historically undervalued. We can point to several metrics, like the gold/silver ratio or the ratio of paper silver claims vs. the amount of available silver to deliver, in order to start making the case.

Instead of going through the monotony of presenting quantitative analysis, the Shadow of Truth hosted David “Mr. Silver” Morgan to make his case for investing in silver right now. Everyone with one brain cell knows that the silver market is the most manipulated in history. But Mr. Morgan makes a very interesting and valid argument with regard to reasons for not focusing on the the degree to which the market is manipulated.

All of the billionaires I know were buying silver aggressively at $4 when the precious metals bull began. Currently silver, on an inflation-adjusted basis, is back to the $4 – 5 dollar level of 2000/2001. Don’t be afraid. Buy when no one else wants to buy – think like a billionaire. The silver market is a gift right now:

Towards the end of this interview David lets his hair down and begins discussing – with all the passion he can muster – his convictions regarding the Constitution, personal liberties, and responsibilities. Well worth sticking around to hear Mr. Morgan lay it on the line! It is truly amazing.

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Contributed by Rory Hall of The Daily Coin.

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