Data Shows Voter Fraud Across The Country

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With election day less than a month away, there are multiple cases of voter fraud emerging from past elections. Liberals attempt to make excuses to not follow voter ID laws by saying that they are discriminatory towards minority groups, but how can identifying those whose votes are to be counted be considered discrimination if it actually ensures integrity in the voting process?

In Colorado, there were multiple cases where the names of dead people were used in attempted voter fraud. A certain woman, Sara Sosa, who died in 2009, was found to have ballots in her name for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Virginia has found the same type of fraud being used with more than 20 names this past year.

Texas officials are now investigating a type of fraud called “vote harvesting,” which means illegally obtaining signatures of valid voters to fraudulently use their names without consent. The voters would find that someone else cast their vote for them for whichever candidate the fraudster wanted. There’s no reason to think that these are isolated incidents.

Brennan Center at New York University claims that voter fraud is a myth. The only fact they were able to use in support of this claim is the lack of voter fraud enforcement in North Carolina, which is a focus of their report. In other words, they claim that there have been no charges brought against any individual for voter-fraud, but this does not mean that none occurred. That would be a non-sequitur.

A Pew Research report from 2012 showed that one in every 8 voter registrations are significantly inaccurate or no longer can be considered valid. This means that there are approximately 18 million invalid voter registrations among the 146 million registered voters. According to the report, over “1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters, and approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.”

The fact that there is little to no enforcement of voter fraud is reason enough to think that there are likely many more cases of fraud brewing in the election this year.

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  • TrevorD

    My cat and I both got ballot forms and we are British (Not our fault). Still waiting to get for my dog, goldfish and grandma who are all dead.
    Hillary really does mean“Stronger Together“

  • lloyd Lisco

    Democrat slogan, Vote Early and vote often.

  • Steve Rusk

    Pathetic, this is the era of election tampering software, it’s used regularly here in Ohio. This business about election tampering one vote at a time is completely out of date. I’ve even seen claims of busing people around for this, it would take fleets of buses. At this point in time claims of this nature can be considered nothing but a smoke screen.

    • Jeorg Adams

      You are so wrong. I don’t vote because I tried to get into my voting record and DID. No password or security. Someone else had been voting for me for the last 15 years. Voting is a complete joke. The election board can eliminate any vote they want by declaring the vote was questionable. It’s all a big fake out to make you think your vote counts but it doesn’t. yes, I live in Ohio and nothing here is fair and honest.

  • JustMe2

    Make vote fraud a felony… it should be;;;and (IF) people start getting put in jail for a year or so, the problem may not disappear. but would make people think twice.

  • frankw

    This sort of fraud has been going on for decades. Anyone remember the Daley machine in Cook County throwing the election to JFK in 1960? It has just been getting worse, but thanks to the internet we’re becoming more aware of it.

  • Rey d’Tutto

    The Ammo box

  • SP_88

    Individuals voting more than once is an antiquated method of voter fraud. Nowadays they use rigged software to control the outcome of the election.
    Here is a link to a five part article about voter fraud using the GEMS election management system.