Data Shows Cops Kill Three People a Day in America

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Take a look at this screen capture of the recent news on police shootings in America:


It was taken yesterday. The ten stories on this list range from December 21st to December 28th, 2014 and provide a snapshot of the average week in the American police state.

All of these stories are from different states as follows from top to bottom:

1. East Baltimore, Maryland
2. Jacksonville, Florida (deceased)
3. Texas City, Texas (deceased)
4. (Protest story from prior police shooting)
5. Washington, D.C. (two shootings; one deceased)
6. Berkeley, MO (deceased)
7. Rotterdam, NY
8. Bedford, OH (deceased)
9. Los Angeles, CA
10. Las Vegas, NV

Half of the ten people shot by police in the last week died from their wounds. Others ranged from serious condition to stable, while one story had not been updated since the man was in surgery. One story not on the list was that of Craig Schiffer, a pedestrian who was randomly struck and killed by officers responding to a non-related 9-1-1 call in Islip, New York.

One man was shot and wounded for reportedly “holding something shiny” and not heeding police commands. One man was shot by police 21 times in a dark corridor where police thought he might have a gun in his hand. One person was shot for fitting the description of a burglar and running away from police. In another case, an armed teen was shot by a cop who, curiously, did not have his body or dash cams on for unknown reasons (and five miles from Ferguson, Missouri, too). Another was accused of committing “suicide by cop,” and yet another man was shot because he threw trash at an officer during a routine traffic stop and sped off. After chasing him across three counties, police shot and killed him under what they claim was suspicion he was armed. And they were right, he was armed…with a sword. The guy who was shot in Vegas was the 16th person shot by police in Vegas in 2014 alone.

Again, this is just what is being reported, but at least six people were killed by police this week across the country.

Were all of these shootings truly justified?

While the mainstream media attempts to portray it differently, not nearly as many police officers are shot and/or killed in the line of duty as people might think.

For example, if you look at data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, only 31 officers were shot in the line of duty in 2013. The fund’s data spans 2004 to 2013, and approximately 55 police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty each year in America during that time.

That data, however, does not tell the whole story.

First of all, depending on where you look at and what factors you consider (part- or full-time, etc.), there are somewhere between 780,000 and 900,000 or more police in this country in over 18,000 police departments (more by far than any other nation on the planet). Secondly, not all of those fatal wounds were homicide-induced. Some were accidents. According to the FBI, only 27 officers were fatally wounded last year, while another 49 officers’ deaths were accidental in nature. Overall, officer deaths in 2013 were the lowest reported in 54 years in this country.

In fact, “police officer” didn’t even make the top ten list of the deadliest jobs in America.

And yet, in the age of “big data,” apparently none is consistently being kept anywhere on how many citizens are shot by police in this country each year.


According to the Facebook page  “Killed by Police” which aims to do just that, at least 1,848 people have been killed by cops since May 1, 2013 when the page was formed (key words “at least”).

Of those, 1,089 were killed just this year alone. Although the year doesn’t end for another two days (and one of those is a holiday known for its alcohol-fueled celebrations), if we go with that figure, that means nearly 21 people are killed by police on average every week in America.

That means cops kill an average of three people every day here.

Again, are all of these deaths truly justifiable? (Oh, and if they aren’t keeping data on the number of people killed by cops, then suffice it to say we truly have no idea at all how many family pets are killed by cops on a regular basis…)

It certainly seems excessive in a country where crime rates have dropped drastically in the last two decades and continue to do so.

Yet, after the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and more, citizens are looking for answers. Protests against police brutality continue in cities across America as our ever-more-militarized law enforcement agencies go on the defensive.


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  • Joe Lizak

    One dead NYC cop drew 25,000 for his funeral paid for by taxpayers. Where’s the funeral for guy who threw a piece of trash at the officer and then was gunned down?

    • probably incinerated ole boy and tossed the ashes in a ditch

      • Joe Lizak

        Now you’ve done it. You’ve gone ahead and make me laugh my ass off. Now that’s sick….funny…but sick.

      • lol

  • ego=enemy

    When I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s…One if my family’s best friends was an LAPD Sargeant. He taught me to shoot and coached my school’s football team.
    Things started to change when LE was allowed to keep the pillage and plunder from drug busts.

    • Western Gunowner

      THAT is a big part of the problem!
      Then there is the increasing attitude that the police are “special” and that they “deserve to go home at the end of their shift”.
      But it seems that all too often they don’t care if you or I don’t go home at the end of their shift.
      For all practical purposes we no live in a police state because they can kill you with near impunity.

  • Mike

    And at least 25% of the people they kill a day did nothing wrong at all. But the statistics don’t show that.

  • moovova

    Cops, nationwide, should stand down for a month…just call in sick.

    Let civilians confront the actual massive tide of evil that is out there. Let them see it first hand. Folks would be begging the cops to come back in no time. Love cops, or hate them…they are the thin blue line that separates us from evil.

    • whitefeather

      I agree, but I believe a different outcome will result. People need to be more self reliant. I believe the empowerment would do them some good. They would reduce these force by half, maybe more…..

    • lolzngigs

      I seriously doubt that moovova, considering the fact that cops aren’t there to protect and serve(iaw supreme court ruling). You must be into s&m but I for one am not. Are you saying its better to trust the evil that we know than that which we don’t? Because that is a phallacy. They are government money generators, who endanger law abiding citizens, fan the flames of tensions, and need to seriously be reduced in size; since all they do is clean up after crimes have been commited, issue tickets, and shoot people.

    • Marais Baudet

      Go back to sleep. Begging them to come back and shoot at innocents? Hand out tickets? They are nothing but tax collectors.

    • Tanya Stone

      I think if we legalize drugs at the same time, we’ll probably be okay.

    • fatwillie

      Not me, nor would a real man, a real man defends his family and self, how do you guys how many minuttes away protect anything, your over rated, and for sure over paid. There are several communities that have their own policing from within the neighborhood, and they have little if any crime. Because the solution is on the spot, not minutes or hours away. What did people do before the police enforcers came along? And you separate nothing when you become part of the evil, or are the muscle for the evil.

    • a black ,blue and blood redline that is bi-polar. One moment a cop is helping a kid buy lunch, the next a cop is gunning down the kid for having a toy gun

      • moovova

        Look up “sheriff” (from shire reeve)…or even “constable”.

    • Tom

      Two elections in a row the county I live in has voted down a property tax levy earmarked for the sheriff’s department, jail, and district attorney. I suspect that among the grumbling losers they think the only reason people would vote against this measure is because they are cheapskates or criminals. Wrong. I voted against it because it’s really nice living where I don’t have to worry about a well-funded sheriff’s department constantly being a threat to life and property. We can take care of ourselves here, thank you.

      • moovova

        And, that’s exactly how it should be done. Good for you.

    • Reverend Draco

      As long as everyone gets a tax refund for the money saved by giving the criminals a month off, I don’t have a problem.

      Only weak-minded whiners (you, for example) would beg for their return.

      • moovova

        I’m your huckleberry.

    • So you support cops shooting unarmed & innocent people is your position, correct?

      You’re against any reform like cameras, better training, better education, better pay, correct?

      Your positions seems to support law enforcement corruption & you’re against improving it.

      Let me guess, you’re a conservative.


      • moovova

        That’s a pretty good imagination you got there, pardner…

        • I’ve just edited it to make it more clear for ya.

          • moovova

            A waste of your time. You would have benefited more by simply “getting a life”

    • Western Gunowner

      I for one would be happy to see the cops disarmed. That would rid them of the psychos who are drawn by the power the gun and badge give them.
      Let them call for armed back-up if necessary like in Britain.
      Or, call for help from among the armed citizens around them. And restore the 2A all across the country of course.
      Now that would be community policing.
      And I say this as a 58 y/o CPA, life member of the NRA since age 15, and as in favor of law and order as anyone.
      But there are way too many abuses by cops up to and including out and out murder under color of the badge.
      Disarming them is probably the only way to stop the abuses.

  • vic

    ‘unprovoked attack’

    you all do know whats coming

    • TruthIsAll

      I can’t wait until we get “proactive threat neutralization”. Now I feel like reading some Philip K. Dick.

  • statistics prove nothing, for either side. I can torture any piece of logic and come up with numbers to support pretty much anything. Just saying.

    • Reverend Draco

      70% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

      • Maybe I’m only half right

      • TexTopCat

        Agreed, just list to what “Mommies Demand Action” publishes. There is a reason that they block comments from anyone with opposing views or facts.

      • moovova

        And, you have evidence to back up that claim…right?

        Link, please.

  • Dr NoNo

    Killed By Police 2014:
    According to this site, 1089 killed.

    The last 5 were yesterday Dec 28-
    One 10yo child run over by a police cruiser
    One male pedestrian run over by a speeding police cruiser
    One suicidal man reportedly with a gun
    One armed military recruiter
    One man who police claim wad armed, with a black sock

    • TexTopCat

      Apparently you did not bother to read the details of these events. In both of the traffic the officers were responding to an emergency high priority call and the people walked out in front of their car, giving the officer not enough time to stop.
      “One man who police claim wad armed, with a black sock” – Scott had just killed one of his friends in a poker game minutes before.

      None seem very questionable and all are being investigated, so what is the problem?.

      • Dr NoNo

        –The 10 year old boy, along with some of his family were already crossing and in the street when he was run down by a police car driven by Franklin Township Police Officer Nicholas Locilento .

        Witnesses say the police car did not have its lights or siren activated when they came recklessly speeding down the dark street.

        Of course, the cop’s handlers have declined comment on this but prosecutors are looking into the legality of cops who speed without light or siren warnings.
        But police again assure us, that they are investigating themselves.

        Pathetic attempt on your part to blame it on the boy you falsely claim “walked out in front of their car” .
        Your contention is not found in the article linked to this story.

        –The 54 year old pedestrian was also killed when legally crossing the street with his wife. Witnesses here also stated that the speeding cops didn’t have their lights and sirens on. Again, this pedestrian was already in and crossing the street when “The police car hit him pretty solid,” Rob Wenz told PIX 11 news.

        The police tried, like you, to blame it on the pedestrian they killed, claiming by innuendo, that “Schiffer was not in a crosswalk”
        Gee, technically the cop was right. This statement reads like a statement that a sociopath would use to distract and implicate his target-He wasn’t in a crosswalk therefore it was his fault.

        Unfortunately for the cops, a local business owner had to point out the obvious to the dolts…
        “We’re right by Islip Town Hall and there are no crosswalks at all on
        Main Street,” David Murphy, the proprietor at Balcony Art and Antiques”

        “Police said Schiffer was not in the crosswalk while crossing north to south, but the investigation is ongoing.”
        Again police assure us ,they are investigating themselves.

        –Another man cops killed really did have a sock that the dolts “thought was a gun.”
        and was was shot 21 times.

        “Scott had just killed one of his friends in a poker game minutes before.”
        Scott was unarmed and killed by cops on Sunday December 28.
        The poker game shooting was Friday Dec. 26, hardly “minutes before” as your sloppy contention reads.

        And since dead men can’t defend themselves, the actual poker game murder may have been committed by another person and blamed on Scott.

        I think we still live in a country where one is considered innocent until proven guilty, unless your judge, jury, and executioners are cops.

        didn’t have their lights and sirens
        didn’t have their lights and sirens
        Cops didn’t have their lights and sirens

        • TexTopCat

          say the police car did not have its lights or siren activated when they came
          recklessly speeding down the dark street” – normal when operating near the scene or in a neighborhood so as to not warn the criminals. You step out in font of a car and what do you expect to happen,

          • Dr NoNo

            You perpetuate your original lie that the pedestrians stepped in front of the poor cops-
            In both cases, the pedestrians were already in the street crossing, as per ALL reports. The cops were reckless, going too fast to avoid killing the pedestrians that they ran over.

            Surely the pedestrians would have had a heads up if they heard or saw the cops siren or flashing lights. –common sense.

            At least you admit that the cops were speeding in the dark without siren or flashing lights, giving no warning to pedestrians/other traffic
            How did that work out for the cops?.

            Shame on you for your pathetic attempts to twist and blame the victims of reckless cops.. Are you a sociopath? Just wondering. You “argue” like one. One of the hallmarks of a sociopath is pathological lying and manipulating facts, .Or are you just another lying cop?

            If cops are speeding without siren nor flashing lights so as to not warn the criminals” as you say, then common sense, which you seem to lack (although I suspect sociopath) would say that anyone in the street, pedestrians/traffic. would also not be warned.

  • euragone

    How many Blacks Kill Blacks Per Day… I Bet its more than 3!

    • StBernardnot

      Who can keep track?

    • Reverend Draco

      And, how many of them were paid to “Serve and Protect” but ended up Oppressing and Killing instead?

      • TexTopCat

        They are paid to “serve and protect” the population in the general case, not any individual.
        Yes there are bad urban and unionized police, however, they are the exception not the rule.
        “Oppressing and Killing” – well in every case there is due process done to determine if the officers actions were justified. If you do not like what your police are doing, stop voting for the big government corrupt mayors and governors.

        • Reverend Draco

          So. . . if “they are” the exception rather than the rule. . . where are the legions of those who are the rule when these exceptions go on their crime sprees?
          Except for very rare instances – nowhere to be found, is where they are – making them the exception rather than the rule.

          I stopped voting years ago. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

          • TexTopCat

            So, I guess approve of the corrupt unions electing corrupt progressive liberals to control your city.

          • Reverend Draco

            Sorry. . . I left my moron-to-English dictionary at work.

            Wanna try it again? Try to make sense this time.

  • qweztionz5

    it’s probably higher than 25% who are innocent, certainly innocent of committing capital crimes.

  • TexTopCat

    Yes, prosecutors may be inclined to give police officers a bit more latitude than they would a citizen under the same circumstances, so would the “civilian oversight committee”. Now, there are two things very wrong with police in this country. 1) many work for a police chief that is appointed by the mayor/city counsel instead of having the police chief elected.
    2) Police unions are so powerful that the elected government is beholding to the votes that the unions can deliver. So, we need to stop all public employees from being union members.

    Now, if there are only examples where the officer does exactly the correct thing, (officer Wilson) then there is no substance to the complaint. All of the examples listed in this article are either fully justified or not enough information to know if justified or not. It is not the victim (person that used deadly force in self defense) that has a duty to show that he acted correctly, but the states job to show that there is compelling evidence that he did not act correctly.

    Start by showing at least one clear cut case of abuse.

    • Reverend Draco

      How interesting that your example of an officer doing “exactly the correct thing” is an officer who did pretty much everything but.

      • TexTopCat

        He is alive, the attacker and robber is dead. That is the bottom line.
        In the Brown case the evidence that the GJ used to clear Wilson of any charges was made public. If you had bothered to look at the evidence and was not paid to think otherwise, you would agree, Wilson did everything right.

  • Pravda01

    That keeps You save! Hahaha.

  • Pravda01

    The US cops are all murderers – the victims of these thugs are 100% innocent.

    Only a brainwashed Hollywood gay and hamburger swallow guy would question this.

  • Mike

    I went through plenty of articles about criminals and innocents being killed by the police and did the math.

  • Spiritof76Revisited

    Next time the “author” is in trouble, call a black crowd instead of the police. See how that works out.

    • Reverend Draco

      Or, he could simply take care of the problem himself. No black crowds or Clown-Costumed Criminals required.

      You do realize that some people are really actual adults capable of fending for themselves, right? Not everyone needs a babysitter to tell them not to touch the stove.

  • vic
  • mael

    How many people do the n*i66ers kill each day???

  • Reverend Draco

    I’m going to guess the number approaches zero. . . while the number of murdering cops who are paid thusly is 100%.

  • Western Gunowner

    I for one would be happy to see the cops disarmed. That would rid them of the psychos who are drawn by the power the gun and badge give them.

    Let them call for armed back-up if necessary like in Britain.

    Or, call for help from among the armed citizens around them. And restore the 2A all across the country of course.

    Now that would be community policing. You can bet un-just laws would not be enforced then and someone (supposedly) selling non-taxed cigarettes wouldn’t be killed because of a stupid law.

    And I say this as a 58 y/o CPA, life member of the NRA since age 15, and as in favor of law and order as anyone.

    But there are way too many abuses by cops up to and including out and out murder under color of the badge.

    Disarming them is probably the only way to stop the abuses.

  • The American people, who live in a 100% corrupt, inverted totalitarian, police-state, should be killing at least a thousand cops a day throughout the country. It’s a moral imperative for the survival of mankind.

  • things are not what they seem sure there is some people who
    dose kill cops and people kill people and then there is them who do
    Suicide by cop (SBC)
    lets not get caught up in there moment of confusion
    and say this is all it is when in fact its not
    “Shit run’s down hill just like water”
    everything starts at the top
    and we say we are civilized we live in civilized society