DARPA Insider Reveals the Coming Hive Mind Control Grid: “If Even 20% Of What This Guy Says Is True…”

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The video below features a keynote by Dr. Robert Duncan regarding what can only be described as our coming hive mind control grid. He isn’t just talking about advances in transhumanism, the singularity, or artificial intelligence. He’s talking about how to control the minds of everyone on the planet and evolving humanity in a technological sense… whether they like it or not.

Duncan professes with shame that he worked on “Voice of God” weapons for the US Department of Defense, weapons which can make people think they are hearing voices in their heads in an attempt to control them. He says such weapons were tested back during Desert Storm and were quite effective at getting Iraqi soldiers to lay down arms without a shot fired.

And that’s just what they had 20+ years ago. Can you imagine what they’re working on today?

Duncan also touches on Project Blue Beam, remote neural monitoring, smart dust, and electronic telepathy technology which uses extremely low frequency waves.

Despite attempting multiple times to put a “positive spin” on this information as he nervously delivers it, what this man is saying really can’t be spun in a positive way, not with these kinds of technology in the hands of the military-industrial complex President Eisenhower once gravely warned us about. Duncan notes scientists “are brainwashed into believing that everything we are doing is of benefit to mankind, but look who pays our bills? The military. It’s all for war, it’s all for control, for government control…”

If even 20% of what this guy has to say is true…

Just… you’ve got to see this for yourself.

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  • YeahRightOkay


  • D.Moore

    If they got Iraqi’s to lay down arms then why so many casualties, they will keep trying but give me a break.

    • Just an average joe

      It was about Desert Storm not the new and improved version of 2003. It must have had a glitch that year.

  • mirageseekr

    just started the video so I reserve the right to comment again. At the 8:20 mark he goes into a story about the Army doing an experiment with an Ape and a little girl and the Ape killing the little girl, So where is the Army getting these children to do experiments on? This sure lends a lot of credence to the whole Pizzagate story I would say.

    • Just an average joe

      Which is why it will never be prosecuted, for those holding out hope, forget about it. The guppies may be eaten but the sharks will never be touched.

  • Eevie

    The mind control is total and complete. I was raised by the military thru my stepmom’s brain implant…..she thought god was talking to her. Life was hell. We have had this tech a long time….secret military has used this a very long time. US soldiers are the most programmed military in the world.

  • Dr Anon

    I dare these bastards to use their bullshit technology on me. My head isn’t filled with mush. I’m not a lazy fat pussy American like most of this piss poor protoplasm.

  • Ivan Sanchez

    Listen to Canary Cry radio, View From the Bunker, Conspirinormal… us in the Christian fringe have understood that the mark of the beast is going to involve something like a global hive mind connected to the “image of the beast” which may be a sort of AI supercomputer. It may even entail a genetic upgrade which is why in Revelation we see those who seek death but cannot find it.

  • Michelle Magee

    Watch it on Youtube…

  • Earth’sEnd

    me, too.

  • Daffy Duck

    When you find a defense against it and there is a defense, then you watch, your existence will slide farther and farther away from not just a few, but from everyone you live your life around and for. When the Internet first came alive, I found a truth, the truth about the biggest lie ever told, or, the second or third, one of, the biggest lies ever told, from there I realized I was adrift on an ocean of truth, truth, that was taking me away from ‘them.’ — Think this cannot happen, think about the ‘Church’ think about
    everything the people around you ‘believe.’ Think about Television,
    Hollywood, the invasion of our nations today by people nothing like us
    and all we can do is worry about it. Hive mind control, it is real
    already, no study necessary to prove it. All of it coming from the
    right side of our brains. Not invincible though; all one needs to deny
    ‘hive mentality’ entrance into your mind is a
    stronger, truer thought, than the lie(s) they are trying to implant. I
    have found alternatives to the hive mentality already, ideas of gods and
    devils, of diversity being good for people, of the truthfulness of men
    and women -wearing suits. I have truer realities, I rely on to guide me
    in my beliefs, ideas of where we, life as we know it, came from, when,
    who, what, etc., for example. I know, before the Internet everything I
    thought was the truth was a lie, everything I thought I knew a story
    intending to mislead me far, far away from the truth. No matter what
    anyone says, I know, I am better now. Understanding: everything we thought we knew is a lie, will, leave you more sad and alone than ever, it is up to you to decide, what do you really want, i.e., the red or blue -pill?


    Our only hope and safety is the full armor of God and a relationship with Jesus The Christ ! God in the Flesh (Y’shua Ha Mashiach) and His Helper God The Holy Spirit (Ruah) when this starts soon, it will be to late…Sound crazy ? We Will Find Out soon enough.. 2048 Cubit Quantum Physics Coming soon CERN. 4/15/ 5/1/ & 9/9 9/23/ 5778