UNBELIEVABLE: Danish Teen FINED for Fending off Would Be Rapist with Pepper Spray!

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The level of politically correct insanity and willful blindness surrounding the so-called “rapefugee” crisis hitting Europe is reaching a fever pitch of stupidity.

Most of these countries where this is taking place are countries where average citizens are not only not allowed to own guns, but they are also apparently not legally allowed to own any real means of protection at all.

Case in point: a seventeen-year-old Danish girl recently fended off a “dark-skinned” English speaking attacker who attempted to rape her with pepper spray. The man had knocked the girl to the ground and was unbuttoning her pants and attempting to forcibly undress her. She pulled out the spray and was able to get him off of her with it.

And that’s how it should be. A woman should be allowed to protect herself from a scumbag rapist!!!

It’s what happened next that will probably make your brain ache with sheer dumb.

Via the Local DK:

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd.

The case has sparked a backlash among some Danes who point to increasing reports of sexual harassment in Sønderborg and other Danish cities at the same time that police say they are stretched too thin to properly carry out their duties.

Numerous readers wrote in the comments section on TV Syd’s story about the incident that they would be willing to pay the girl’s fine, which will most likely be 500 kroner.

Do you think he ended up in jail for attempting to rape a teenager? Nope. He got away.

It is SHE who will end up punished with a 500 kroner ($73 USD) fine for illegal ownership of pepper spray. At this point, she probably thinks it is the best $73 dollars she ever spent in this insane, screwed up world — a world where the State in its infinite power and wisdom will charge her for not bowing down to its authority and being helpless in its arms and just allowing herself to be raped.

Then again, it’s surprising the media even covered it, since we have already seen stories of these rapes being covered up in the press due to the political nature of the alleged rapists largely being asylum seekers. Switzerland even made a public service cartoon in the hopes that it would help refugees understand that women have rights… you know, to not be raped.

The authorities are essentially like this:


Gee. Seems to be working beautifully so far…

Now consider how the anti-gun lobby is slobbering all over itself to get the guns taken away in America, and to make us just like these places in Europe. Just like the UK or Australia — a.k.a. defenseless and completely dependent on the police and government to protect us.

In a chat thread regarding this story, someone from the UK wrote:

Denmark is as cucked as Britain?
guns illegal
tasers illegal
pepper spray illegal
only allowed to have rape whistle and colour spray to mark the person that raped/killed you

By the way, in the UK authorities require people to be carded when they buy plastic knives at the store. PLASTIC knives. They have drives where they get people to voluntarily turn in their kitchen knives.

This may be news to people who can’t wait to infringe on the Second Amendment here, but a rape whistle and colour spray probably won’t stop or protect you from being raped. Neither will calling the cops and waiting however long it takes for them to respond to the scene of the rape, considering most rapists aren’t too keen on the rape victim taking the time out of the rape to make a phone call.

“Yes, I know you are about to rape me, but may I please call the cops for help? You see, it is the only way I am allowed to protect myself, but I guess you, as a rapist, already knew that…” In addition, considering the many hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits and the fact that only three percent of rapes are even solved in this country, rape is seemingly just not that high of a police priority.

Europeans in these chat threads and leaving comments on YouTube videos and articles about this topic just keep saying over and over, “Don’t give up your guns, America.”

For now, we still have a widely armed populace here in the U.S., and if these outbreaks of “politically incorrect” rape come here, the media can try to cover it up all it wants but you can best believe, someone is getting shot.

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  • Inherent rights: back in the day i think rapists were eliminated

  • time to break out the Circle ‘R’ branding Iron & put one right on the Rapist forehead!!

  • Guillotine_ready

    Governments, central banks and rampant unchecked greed are the problems, which breed these corrupt anything for money and power psychopaths. Until these issues are resolved and those who deserve it punished there will be no positive change anywhere. It is impossible to have freedom while employing your own jailer.

  • Eric

    They failed to mention that the pepper spray was bacon scented.

    • BillyBaloo

      BACON! BACON! BACON! Bacon Grease, that is a concept! Issue the women of the countries that are having the rape problem a spray with bacon grease.

  • FiverPrometheus

    It’s highly unlikely there will be a Muslim rape epidemic in America because we would never tolerate it. The rapist will be hunted down and murdered by vigilantes. So bring it on scumbags.

    • bodysonthground

      Culled, not murdered.

      • huntress

        Yes, murdered! Right between the eyes, close range. Save the taxpayer money. You want to rape, murder, mug, burlarize, be ready for the consequences, period! No government in the world has a right to take away our God given rights to defend ourselves while the elites stand there with their armed security, phucking hypocrits!

    • BigGaySteve

      Did you miss the news about the moslems raping girls from an indian reservation? Pamela Geller & the Refugee Resettlement Watch are the places to get your moslem news.

      • FiverPrometheus

        No I did not hear about that. Pamela Geller is doing a great job. If it gets like Europe it’s gonna be open season on Muslim rapists in America.

    • I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Certain parts of the country would likely do it, but I suspect most would just ignore it, similar to how we ignore epidemics of crime that have occurred with our non-Muslim populations.

      Also, this is less about Islam than it is about primitive South Asian, Middle East and African nations. The Christian and Jews of those areas can be just as bad. It is just a primitive and savage part of the world that is best managed through strongmen, as the people there will likely never evolve.

      • FiverPrometheus

        I’m not singling out Muslims it’s just that they’re the ones committing the atrocities in Europe.. Some of the nicest and most generous people I have ever known are Muslim. I agree it’s a third world-er mentality that’s the problem. I honestly believe if it was as bad here as it is in Sweden then Americans would start taking maters in their own hands. If Europeans hadn’t so pathetically surrendered their God given right to own firearms for self defense and government redress, then it would probably be a different situation over there. If someone raped a member of my family I would probably hunt them down and kill them regardless of the consequences.

    • D.Moore

      Really do we hunt rapists down and kill them now? Come be logical, however I’d love nothing more than to hunt impale,murder all animal & child abusers plus any sexual predator but it’s not legal nor do I have mob mentality.

      • juskom95

        A rapist who meets an armed woman is not likely to be in a condition to be hunted down.

        • Then why would he be a rapist?

          • juskom95

            You know most rapists are repeats, and not first time offenders, right?

            Come on, at least troll better because your response is immature and disingenuous.

          • You could only have gotten that information from one of two sources, propaganda or personal experience.

          • D.Moore

            Oh it’s dawned on my but if attacked and you defend yourself, it should never stand with a conviction when defending ones life in any country. But then that’s my thoughts, and I would defend myself one way or the other. It is ludicrous she was charged with anything when she was the victim. Shows what Denmark really thinks of women and their safety…

          • It is all hearsay and may be as fictional as Gulf of Tonkin or Sandy Hook. Unless of course, you know her personally…

          • Glenn Festog

            Well, if he was shot in his very first attempt, he was just mobile fertilizer. In all other cases, he would be a former rapist, now fertilizer. Although I wouldn’t recommend them for food plants – too many toxins. lol

      • FiverPrometheus

        It’s not an epidemic in America like it is in Europe. Also in Europe the perpetrators are easy to identify. I believe it’s realistic that if the refugee rape situation in Sweden was the same in America we would see plenty of vigilantism. The Europeans are unarmed and can’t take matters into their own hands, but we can and would in my opinon.

    • You really need to learn more about vigilantes than it is apparent that you do.

      • FiverPrometheus

        Please explain. How am I using the word vigilante incorrectly ? What am I missing ? If 25 percent of American women were being raped by Muslim immigrants as they have been in Sweden, in my opinion we would start killing the rapist without the involvement of the authorities. I definitely would regardless of whether anyone else was joining with me or not. I do believe others would feel the same way.

        • You are using the wrong word, then, because what you describe is not the way that historical vigilantes did things. There is even less reason for them to behave the way that you surmise we should in a world where information is rife. The only person with the legal authority to kill a rapist without due process is the instant victim thereof.

          • FiverPrometheus

            Legal authority ? According to Info Wars, Red Ice Creations and many other alternative news outlets the legal authorities in Europe are deliberately standing down and allowing this lawlessness. Alex Jones says repeatedly that the legal authorities only harass, arrest and prosecute the peaceful native protesters and anyone who exercises their God given right to free speech to speak out about the immigrant crimes. Check out the government persecution of Tommy Robinson in England. Maybe I’m not describing the way historical vigilantes did things. I’m not an authority on it. But historically speaking ‘the legal authorities’ have killed more people by far than any other cause. It’s estimated that in the twentieth century governments murdered approximately 265 million people. Which apparently is way more than died fighting wars in the twentieth century. So the legal authority is way more dangerous that marauding raping bands of Muslim immigrants. The point is the governments are importing the immigrants to erase the borders to create their one world government. The fact is I’m just speaking hypothetically because I’m informed and I’m freaking out and I want to inspire anyone who might be reading this to stand up and fight for freedom. But I really mean it if the Muslin immigrant rape situation was the same here as over there it would mean that the police weren’t doing their job and people would start taking revenge. Americans are heavily armed and we’re not gonna tolerate this take down effort. In my opinion people are waking up at an exponential rate and things are about to start getting very interesting. The NWO is completely screwed and it’s just a matter of time until everything changes for the better. Everything they’re doing now are acts of desperation. The tide is rising and it lifts all boats.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I taught my daughter that if she were ever attacked, to go first for their shins. Everyone is vulnerable there. Once they are down, go for their eyes-and don’t stop until you’ve gotten both of them from their sockets. From there, call for help, or find the nearest sharp instrument, remove their testicles and go about your business.

    • bodysonthground

      What about the GUN? Teach her the GUN! 🙂

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Oh she can shoot! But she resides in Europe-no guns.

        • bodysonthground

          I’m sorry for your loss.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            Not as sorry as I am….but thanks for the sympathy anyway.

          • sunshine

            What does she say about the immigrant invasion?

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            How do I say this politely? She has been indoctrinated by the US college systems curtain of ignorance. She insists that our fears are unfounded, despite all the evidence to the contrary. She’s in Germany and spends a lot of time in Berlin, has an Iranian roommate and says most Muslims are peaceful. I lay awake a lot at night…..

          • sunshine

            Oh that’s right, I remember we talked about this a bit before. I will include you both in my prayers, and pray that she wakes up soon.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            Thanks! I’ll take all the prayers for her I can get!

    • august

      Smash there balls, then cut them off.

    • Never been kicked in the nuts, huh?

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Yes, I have-more times than I’d like to remember. But there are a surprising number of men who are unaffected by being kicked, punched etc there.

        • The testicles will succumb to a full-handed squeeze delivered to one in each of the palms of the intended victim.

  • Arti

    Carry pig blood spray then.

  • lilred

    It is time for women to start raping men

  • BigGaySteve

    She will probably be punished more than moslem rapists are.

    • Well, it seems the Europeans value their lives more than their own women.

  • whiteberry

    WOW………… wow… the future is bleak.

  • James

    We do not seem to have that problem were I live. We do have to check our knifes & guns before entering the bank and some other places. Very little crime here. But for some reason beyond me. Pepper spray is hard to find & buy here. Not illegal just no one buys it.

    • Pepper spray can be tricky; a gun is much better as the wind won’t blow bullets onto your face.

      Plus, I think for a women, the best weapon is a knife, preferable multiple of them with training on how to properly slash, so as to destroy the attackers movement. I think a knife is better for women as their biggest threat is sexual which is up close and personal, and so a knife is much more deployable over a sidearm, which can be dangerous to the owner if the attacker is within an arm’s length distance.

      • James

        I have not seen a girl here by the age of 8. Who can not flip eggs, slice meat, do light butchering. With the round nosed curved blade Asian meat clever in the home. With the 12 to 18 inch blade. There Mothers train them well here on how to slice & dice, do some carving & such. But this is in the islands were we are not considered the most civil of people. But we have very very little crime.

      • I’m not saying that it justifies rape, but there might be less of it if women would stop walking around in pajamas.

        • Glenn Festog

          I spent three years as a Campground Host at a REMOTE nudist hot springs in Arizona; in that amount of time, no rapes. I had one incident of verbal harassment that I stopped, and that was in the 2nd year there.

          If people want to drop the rape rate, then do what Nevada did and make Brothels legal.

          Guys who “think with their dicks” need lobotomies.

          • The best way to prevent rapes is to make sure that potential rapists understand that they might suffer a ballistic castration at the hands of a threatened woman. If it weren’t for guys who think with their genitalia, there would no professional sports and a whole lot less war.

  • Reverend Draco


    “Few criminals wish to get into a fight with the intended victim. Most desist and try to flee before the lawful defender has even cleared the holster.
    Again, since the perps can’t tell who is armed ahead of time, concealed carry affords a protective umbrella even to those who go unarmed. Note that almost every mass homicide in the last decade happened precisely in those
    locations where lawful carry was prohibited by Federal or local law – schools, hospitals, churches – or by company policy.

    “Use of a concealed handgun doesn’t always involve firing it. In general, a verbal request to be left alone, with a gaping muzzle for a period, is sufficient
    to discourage most perps from further hostile actions. In the rare instances where presenting a weapon does not stop aggression, firing it does.

    “Real-life thugs depend on non-resistance for success. When effective resistance is offered, most retreat promptly. Promptly can be defined as the
    time between drawing a handgun and pulling the trigger.”


    If someone wants you unarmed, it is a 100% absolute certainty that they do not have honorable intentions.

    • Wags71

      The police feel the same way. Or maybe that’s who you were referring to…

      • Reverend Draco

        And because they’re Anointed by God – their desire to “go home at the end of the day” trumps mine. . .

        Fuck them, fuck you.


        • Wags71

          WTF? I think you completely missed my point or you are the shill rooting for the murderers in blue enforcing the excessive collection of money for the state. If they are so scared for their lives every time they escalate an encounter with a civilian, they shouldn’t be cops. They should be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. But there are no standards other than “they are always right no matter what”.

          • Reverend Draco


  • It is a shame, the European elites are turning their women into mere “comfort women” for the Asian horde.

    • Reverend Draco

      Political Correctness Über Alles.

      • Tatiana Covington

        That used to be Deutschland Über Alles.

        • Reverend Draco

          Political Correctness has taken over everything. . . with depressingly few holdouts.

    • jaguar

      Asians????? Try Aficans and middle Eastern Muslims….

    • James

      Asian women are kitchen trained. Most wish to be house wives. There Mothers train them with knifes in the home. Kick boxing is a school sport. Americans come here to marry those sweet obedient little wives. Middle Easter men would have a very sudden attitude change once they touched one here. Also other girls do so enjoy joining in such sport once the first kick is threw for practice. Maybe that is why they refuse to come here. The girls are to much for them to handle.

    • Alpin Thueson

      European Elites: ‘amish’ khazars.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Finally a rape story I don’t have a problem with.

  • Tatiana Covington

    The proper response of a woman to a would-be rapist: instant death.

  • casimcea

    When you understand that the matrix is a piece of software and the algorithm is propaganda, you will understand the true nature of promissory notes (“money”)

  • D.Moore

    To bad she didn’t have a knife and slit his throat then cut his dick off and shove it up his ass wonder how the dan’s would react to that? Morons

    • I guess it hadn’t dawned on you that she’d be the criminal, then.

  • FiverPrometheus

    Muslim rape is not an epidemic in America. I believe if it was this would be a tipping point and plenty of real Americans would get off their ass and start going on the offensive. I would.

  • sleat

    No, pussy -thieves- need to be eliminated!

  • Kathleen

    It’s intentional, they want to destabilize the citizens of their country (our country is bringing in massive amounts of immigrants mostly male to do the same thing here) to create chaos and fear so citizens will sign away last of rights to be protected and governments will have total control of it’s people. The bill this last weekend being run through the house and senate under Fast Track Authority is one more gigantic nail in the coffin of American freedom, this bill gives this president and the next absolute authority, without Congress to declare war on any country around the world and on this Presidents own citizens, no need for Congress to participate in any way. It’s all intentional and of course the American people are sound asleep and worse running and asking where to go to sign away their rights and freedoms.

  • Becky Strohl

    When the people are not allowed to defend themselves against aggressors then the people need to defend themselves against the government that enforces such nonsense!

  • BillyBaloo

    Too bad she did not have a 45. At least a 45 would not hurt the attacker if it hit him in the eye!

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    Dear Europe – Stop voting these anti-self defense people into office.

  • Wags71

    The means and ability to protect your own life from harm is a basic human right.

  • frankenbiker

    What BS. Sure its the best $73 bucks she ever spent, but what about next time? Will this stop her from carrying it in the future? With the influx of goatfcking muzzie bastards into these european countries, you KNOW its going to happen to her again.
    To think, our own leftist, socialist regime wants to take our own means of protection. I say HELL NO, MOLON LABE motherfckers.

  • If the would be rapist got away, who is the damaged complainant?

  • None of us would be here without them.

  • Alpin Thueson

    Denmark: ‘amish’ controlled to the extreme.

  • icetrout

    time to rid the West of Liberals for our own good….

  • Marty North

    well, pay the fine I say. pepper spray is cheap. I guess you have to pay to enforce the law….what dum—–fined this woman should find out what rape feels like, or maybe someone in their family. Might turn the tables. Till then, don’t just stand/lay there and get raped!!

  • bosunj

    The only way they’re going to get my pepper spray is to pry it from my cold dead fingers.

  • farmerdave

    Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6

  • Having been raped in fact is a life long sentence.
    No matter what sort of healing is applied, the experience never completely leaves the cellular memory.

  • FiverPrometheus

    I’m 50 . Its been my experience that when presented with the truth in a way that is easy to understand most people wake up and get with the program. It seems that the most resistant are older folks who don’t have the internet and believe they actually know what they’re talking about.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Danish teen to Danish gov’t: “Suck my cock!”

  • Helmut Beintner

    Quickest way is to immediately castrate the B.A.S.T.a.r.d.s.