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Residents in the apartment block where Thomas Duncan was staying prior to his admittance to The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, are on record as saying that he was throwing up all over the place as he was moved to the ambulance.

This is not good news. At this point it was not known what had sickened him. Someone has cleared up the mess, possibly not knowing what they were exposing themselves to.

Speaking to Reuters a neighbor described Duncans relatives as “screaming” and Duncan himself ‘throwing up all over the place”

Duncan is currently in a serious condition in an isolation unit. Let’s hope he was isolated before the disease he is carrying spread to the wider community.

How long will it be before a travel ban is imposed on non-US citizens making the trip from West Africa to the United States?

Read more from Reuters.

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  • NS

    There won’t be a travel ban. ZOG wants Ebola in the US so the sheeple flock to buy their overpriced vaccines (that won’t save you btw)

  • Sir TuberKopf

    BBC interviewed several neighbors of the family that have the Ebola infected relative last night. I’d be laughing at their utter ignorance if this weren’t so serious. It appeared to be an entitlement funded neighborhood!

    They were making statements along the lines “Someone better get down here and get this Ebola stuff out-a-here”. “I don’t want this Ebola round here!”

    I think they are looking for the same people that provided them with an Obama phone, to come and fix this.

    They interviewed three or four, one young woman seemed intelligent, all the others seemed to have third grade educations. Frightening!

    • Sir TuberKopf

      On the subject of ignorance, a doctor on Charlie Rose was suggesting the nurse who interviewed the Ebola infected dude from Liberia, when he was first given antibiotics and turned away, may not have known Liberia was in Africa!

      You are only as safe as the foundational knowledge of healthcare officials! Geography 101, what countries are in West Africa!

  • 1stworlder

    The person he was living with in Africa came down with it on 9-15, so he should have know what the symptoms meant.

  • 1stworlder

    One of the things I saw was that dogs can get it and transfer to humans, I am not sure if its by petting them or eating them though