Current Global Food Production Won’t Feed A Growing Population

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A report published in PLOS ONE by Deepak Ray and researchers from the Institute On The Environment at the University Of Minnesota has highlighted that food production is not keeping pace with increases in the global population.

Studies suggest that production needs to increase by up to 110% by 2050, but at current rates, will have only increased by a maximum of 67%.

“Particularly troubling are places where population and food production trajectories are at substantial odds,” Ray says, “for example, in Guatemala, where the corn-dependent population is growing at the same time corn productivity is declining.”

You can bet your life that Monsanto and every GMO supporter in the country will see this study as a way of pushing their cause forward and making a fortune in the process.

Institute of The Environment Director Jon Foley said:

“Clearly, the world faces a looming agricultural crisis, with yield increases insufficient to keep up with projected demands. The good news is, opportunities exist to increase production through more efficient use of current arable lands and increased yield growth rates by spreading best management practices. If we are to boost production in these key crops to meet projected needs, we have no time to waste.”


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  • Heimdall

    This notion has been promoted by elitists since the time of Malthus and food production has always exceeded population. Many starve because of corruption and the resulting fact that the food does not get distributed to all.

    Remove government bans on growing industrial hemp which has extremely healthy and nutritious seeds with no THC in them and which have large amounts of protein and omega fatty acids. Industrial hemp, non-GMO, requires no pesticides and herbicides.

    Highly nutritious super-foods like Quinoa should also be more widely grown.

    Also in need of elimination, credulous fools putting mandates of the Anthropogenic Global Warming lying wh*res into effect. Using plant based gasoline, ethanol, causes starvation. It is simple econ. 101 supply and demand. Since the AGW dogma is an incorrect lie and an insane delusion, it creates unnecessary demand and scarcity resulting in starvation for the poorest people. Remove the government mandates and the incentive for corporations to cause starvation and all that remains is the organized crime mandate to starve people. If this is done, the crime cartels will have no excuse.

  • Evie

    We are all just “useless feeders.”

  • Anonymous

    GMOs use more inputs and provide less food than traditional seeds. Convert back away from GMOs and the world will benefit but you won’t hear environmentalist yelling about that. The big biotec companies are just interested in control and money. They don’t care who starves of is pushed off their land. If you buy GMO foods here then you are supporting their evil practices.