Crybaby Democrats Throw Temper Tantrum, Host Sit-In on House Floor over Gun Control

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So, Democrats have decided to host a sit-in on the House floor because all of the gun control legislation they rushed to a vote just a week after the Orlando shooting failed to pass.

They didn’t get their way, so they’re going to literally sit and whine about it, or, as Reason pointed out up front in this article’s title, “Democrats Sit-In for Secret Lists and Maybe Even a Police State”:

Details are scarce. reports that House Democrats would like to force a vote the way Senate Democrats did through a filibuster. The Senate voted on four gun bills on Monday night, with all four failing. The most egregious wanted to deny the right to bear arms for anyone who was put on the federal government’s terror watch list, a list the federal government can put any American on without even the pretext of due process.

But there do not appear to be any bills similar to the ones in the Senate that have actually been submitted to the House. I called the DC office of Rep. Lewis to ask for which legislation the sit-in was intended but was told there was no “specific” legislation but rather a push to get some kind of vote. After asking a follow-up, the person who picked up the phone told me he did not speak for the office and gave me the contact information for Lewis’ communications director, who has not responded*.

We had a vote, and all four gun control bills were shot down. That’s how Congress works. Do these people not realize how their own jobs are supposed to work? (That last question was actually rhetorical).

What a bunch of petulant toddlers… they’re just going to force a vote? On what?

Well now there is talk of a vote on compromise bills introduced by Maine Republican Susan Collins that might be even worse for innocent American gun owners than the ones which were already voted down.

In this new version of “no-fly, no-buy,” Americans unfairly stripped of their 2nd Amendment rights would have to appeal the decision in Federal court.

By Collins’ own admission, this proposal still strips due process and takes away Second Amendment rights before an appeal, boiling down to an absolute bureaucratic nightmare. Although Collins’ effort to prevent terrorists from purchasing firearms is noble, her amendment is an absolute nightmare for innocent Americans who end up on these secret, government terrorism no-fly and “selectee” lists.

Almost makes you wonder if that was not the plan all along…

(Lily Dane contributed to this report.)

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  • Wow, BLM has infected congress, it was only a matter of time. After their asses go numb from sitting they’re planning to do stompy feet and NOBODY wants them to do stompy feet, do they? The answer to this severe threat is simple, ban all guns and all people who own guns… or else….
    (Oh yeah and make white people illegal too!)

  • Uncle Sham

    it’s gonna take weeks to clean to shit stains off the carpet

  • Frank

    Lock ’em in there and let them live in their own filth for about a week – they’ll eventually see the stupidity of their action, but will no doubt deny that they learned anything.
    The proposed “compromise” Bill will never pass, as it is already acknowledged to violate the Constitution – by presumption that a person on the “no fly” list is not only guilty of an unspecified crime, but has been convicted and therefore is not entitled to any Rights under the Second Amendment.
    We need to send some of these bafoon Congresspeople to Chicago. Its obvious that the wrong people are being shot, and we need to facilitate the right people getting into the path of a projectile.

    • Michele Therien

      The bill didn’t violate SHIT in the Constitution. You don’t even understand the fucking Constitution. What part of fucking “WELL REGULATED” do you not understand. The Constitution does NOT guarantee that you can have any fucking weapon you want.

      • Frank

        Whoa!! Such UGLINESS and foul language. Who are you?
        I implore you to not try and get into an educated and reasonable discussion about the Constitution, with me or on this site, as you obviously have a Liberal perspective and your own interpretation of the intent of our Founding Fathers and the framers of our Constitution. I may not be a “Constitutional Scholar,” and I doubt that you are, either, but I’m versed enough to know that you cannot presume a person’s guilt of a crime and deny them their Constitutional Rights, let alone a FUTURE crime, without Due Process. Correct?
        Perhaps you would like to enlighten all readers of this post just exactly what YOUR interpretation of “Well Regulated” means? And, even though the Second Amendment does not specify any type of weapon, there are already laws in existence that prevent civilian ownership of legitimate “weapons of war,” of which I own none.
        Save your anger-filled vitriol for somewhere else. If you want to state a reasoned opinion or position, please do so.

      • bosunj

        This shrill response is the direct result of lack of a “Y” chromosome.

      • willmuny

        How would you like to be married to this nasty mouthed biotch?

  • Right to the Point

    Then they have interrupted the Legislative Process by other than legal means. Arrest their sorry Butts, charge them under RICO, and have the Government Secure their belongings and Bank Accounts. Bet this Unconstitutional BS wouldn’t last long after that……..

  • 2016usaofzimbabwe
  • Helluva3ngineer

    Ironic that the former slaves want to disarm…the slaves.

  • Razedbywolvs

    So inside the building they stage a sit in and demand a vote, but the democrats that demanded a vote of on the outside of the building get arrested.
    But if your a cattle farmer doing a sit in inside a government building the democrats call for them to be murdered by the government that screws them out of a vote…

  • Vows of Vengeance

    I dont give a flying fuk what anti-gun laws they pass. Im done with this shit.

  • randy wellman

    GIVE IT TO ‘EM! let them have their vote…..and it better FAIL….and then next, somebody’s got to draw up a bill repealing ALL of the more than 50,000 gun laws in this country that mess with the second amendment!

  • Broos

    Therby committing Felony lynching against their own House Sargent-at-ARMS from doing his duty!


    The degenerates want their own way. Their use to ignoring their constituents. Bad losers. Move on rubbish.

  • ——

  • Right to the Point
  • sbyrstall

    Was there a list of those who did this? I’m thinking a recall vote in needed.

  • Frank

    This “Sit In” is a SHAM. Those infantile Democrats are only staging what appears to be a Sit In. They’re not staying in the chamber, but are taking turns occupying the space – they’re not enduring any type of personal hardship. When not taking their turn sitting in the chamber, against procedural rules mind you, they’re going out to use the bathroom, eat, drink, etc. Its all a big drama show for the “mainstream” and social media-believing stooges. If the Republicans did this, which they likely would not, the Dems would be screaming and pulling their hair out, demanding that they be removed. Spoiled, delusional hypocrites is all they are.

    • SHAM indeed! The Demonrats HAD TO turn the Orlando shooting into a gun-control issue.
      The only other alternative would be to admit that Radical Islamic Terrorism exists. A natural consequence of such an admission would put a bright light on the total-complete-utter-disastrous-failure of Obama / Clinton foreign policy.

  • Michele Therien

    FUCK ALL OF YOU. You are so brainwashed by the NRA that you actually WANT terrorists and other nutjobs to be able to continue to purchase weapons. Check out this page and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two. Although, I’m guessing you prefer to live in your little paranoid, conspiracy-theory fantasy world. FUCK ALL OF YOU!

    • Frank

      And your point is…?
      Do you know if Chuck Shumer is a gun owner? Yes/No
      Chuck Shumer (D-NY) lives in a bubble of privilege, excess, and security – all provided by us, the US Taxpayers.
      If you choose not to demand the right to defend yourself, that is your choice. But, don’t expect the same from everybody else, gun owners or otherwise.
      The people on the No Fly list, in most cases, haven’t committed any crimes. They are merely SUSPECTED of being somehow associated with the potential of….what, exactly? And, it is common knowledge that there are many people’s names on that list in ERROR. There are so many problems with it that it in no way should be used to deny a person’s right to travel, for one thing, or to buy a gun for personal defense. (If you argue this point, you are obviously insane and there is no Reason left in you.)

    • bosunj

      Is it time to check your feminine protection? Off you go now Dearie.

  • Michele Therien

    All you people are SICK. You are so fucking un-American it is unbelievable. Fuck you for trampling on my rights.

    • Frank

      And just which of your Rights, exactly, are being trampled upon?

    • Frank

      And which of YOUR Rights, exactly, have been trampled on? You are obviously free to exercise your First Amendment Rights. And, oh BTW, one of Bernie’s pledges, should be become President, is to censor internet speech – through which your Right to express your opinion would be prohibited. Think about that for more than a dismissive millisecond.

      • Really Frank? I hadn’t heard about Bernie wanting to censor internet speech (although I’m not surprised). Got a link?
        Although I can predict how it will work. Probably something like this…
        Hate Speech Examples…1) I’m voting for the Republican nominee.2) Our taxes are too high. 3) We need to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. 4) Radical Islamic Terrorism et al.
        Just like the IRS being used to knock out Conservatives from the last (fixed) election. I can see the Liberal Fascists using a Bernie “hate-speech” law to permanently silence any and all political opposition.

    • bosunj

      Hey you shrill f#*king c#*t your rights aren’t superior to others rights. They exist EQUALLY at the same time. I guess you’d not recognize that concept because the “XX” crowd in DUHmerica think they’re equal but better than those with “XY”.

  • Tom Jones

    real quick lets look at almost all the major cities in the USA that are
    pretty much a war zone. Who runs these cities? Oh wait it’s liberal
    Democrats. Worthless douche-bag Maryland democratic congressman Elijah
    “Jabba The Hutt” Cummings is proof positive that affirmative action is
    alive and well in politics. That moron has an IQ lower than a dog turd
    yet is a congressman.

  • bosunj

    Very strict gun control in Germany didn’t prevent a gunman opening fore in a movie theater hitting 50.

    Won’t work despite these crybabies trying it either.

  • Mark Rothschild

    La-La Pierre,continues to, Dance on the Graves of our Children.

  • Mark Rothschild

    “I’m a total loser, and,”Hysterical Schoolgirl”,with tiny hands. But my Gun makes me feel like I’m somebody” luv, NRA Billy-Bob

  • quillerm

    Democrats have become the most dangerous group of subversives our Nation has ever faced. Their lies, control of the media, contempt for our laws, and love for Islamic terrorists has put our Nation at risk.

  • Craig

    These democrats are committed socialists and communists. They MUST ban firearms in the hands of the people so they can rule them like the North Koreans do.
    Buy a gun and learn how to use it.