Cruz Under Fire for Photoshopping Rubio into This Ridiculous Photo Shaking Hands with Obama

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“The Rubio-Obama Trade Pact,” a new website located at and paid for by “Cruz for President,” has put up a photo which looks like Marco Rubio’s head has been badly photoshopped into a picture where he’s grinning like an idiot while shaking hands with a slightly giant Obama.

The Cruz campaign is pretty phony but wow, that’s a bad Photoshop job to try and pass off as the real thing. Now it’s devolved into the kind of petty drama you’d find in a soap opera or a high school hallway. Via Wapo:

…according to the Rubio campaign and anyone familiar with stock art and Photoshop, the handshake looks totally fake. And, while Rubio and Obama have shaken hands, it seems unlikely they shook hands in exactly that awkward fashion with those strange facial expressions while floating in space above the Capitol grounds. “This is not Marco Rubio,” Rubio senior adviser Todd Harris told reporters Thursday, as Time reported. “This person, we don’t know who that is, but they Photoshopped Marco’s face onto somebody else. This is how phony and how deceitful the Cruz campaign has become.” Under fire from Rubio’s camp, the Cruz campaign fired back — without denying the allegation. “Of course Marco Rubio is throwing a fit because he’s ashamed of his liberal record of standing with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama to try to pass amnesty,” said Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler. “And let’s not let Rubio’s dirty campaign tactics get a free pass here — Rubio is having his supporters crash opponent events and tape literature inside women’s bathroom stalls, and his campaign is running intentionally misleading statewide robocalls. Again, Rubio will do anything to distract away from his liberal record.”

The photo has since been removed… While the site itself makes a good point about how much of a flip flopper Rubio is, trying to pass off a poor photoshop job as real is just the latest and yet another example of how utterly ridiculous the 2016 presidential election has become. If you’ve visited the website lately, you’ll see what I mean. And while the Titanic is definitely sinking, at least it’s been entertaining… Rubio supporters were not amused (or were they?):

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