Crime Totally Pays: DC Council Approves Paying Criminals to Stop Committing Violent Crimes

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This sounds like a mafia extortion shakedown, doesn’t it? However, it’s all too true.

The Democrat-controlled Washington, DC Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a crime bill, which among other things will “pay for peace.”

According to one provision of the bill, it would pay as many as 200 individuals up to $9.000 per year in order to participate in therapy programs and stop committing crimes!

This has drawn heavy criticism from those looking on.

Washington City Paper reports that the council is even being tight lipped on who gets this money and how much they will receive.

In an amendment in the nature of a substitute attached to his bill that [Kenyan] McDuffie submitted yesterday, McDuffie requires the city agency in charge of the program to make an annual report on its success. The report would include participants’ progress, demographic information, and recruitment figures.

It’s a necessary review on a program that could ultimately pay individuals thousands of dollars to attend anti-crime programs and stay out of trouble. But McDuffie’s legislation makes it difficult to see just how the program is doing, because he exempts the annual reports from the Freedom of Information Act.

In an email to LL, McDuffie spokeswoman Dionne Calhoun says the FOIA exemption is meant to “preserve the confidentiality of participant information.” But language in McDuffie’s legislation already requires the report to be “protective of personally-identifying information,” to say nothing of the privacy exemptions already built into the city’s FOIA law.

Instead, McDuffie’s FOIA legislation will make it harder to know whether his unorthodox anti-crime approach is actually working.

Whether it’s working? It is a crime to take money from the people and use it for means other than what government is limited to do. Among those limits, it should be fairly obvious to all that paying criminals not to commit crime is not something that taxpayers should be paying for. For McDuffie’s part, he claims that the program will work because rewards outweigh punishments.

“One homicide in the District is one too many. We know that we cannot simply arrest our way out of crime; prevention is key,” McDuffie said at the Tuesday hearing. “This comprehensive bill is a step in the right direction.”

This has to be the most flawed logic I have heard coming from Communist Democrats.

So far, Mayor Muriel Bowser, whose own staff member has been charged with dealing crack cocaine, hasn’t spoken on the issue, but I’m sure will be in complete support for such a wicked transfer of wealth.

At least one citizen in DC gets it.

“It’s weird and it’s dumb,” John Gaul, told WUSA9. “If it’s serious, if people are trying to do it, DC’s got a lot better places to spend their money. That’s just silly.”

I agree. Start bringing justice on criminals. If they are violent offenders, there is a sure way to determine that they won’t commit another crime, it’s called bringing back the death penalty. Then no one is spending anyone else’s money to deal with these people, but I suppose that is asking too much of politically elected criminals.

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  • kirkpatrick

    Pay me $8000 and I’ll stop a given person from committing crimes.

  • mdogg0724

    That’s ridiculous. That will only encourage people that don’t want to work to go out and commit crimes just to receive free money. We have literally given the government TOO much control.

  • doucyet

    What are you going to do when the bad guy insists on 20k per year?

    I never in my life would have thought our government would become this stupid…….

    • ExecutorOffice

      it ain’t our government – just a satanic corporation on a foundation of fraud

  • WTF…? This has got to be a joke, right? Pay criminals to NOT BE criminals. How many people will then become criminals in order to get paid…? Instead of teaching morals and educating the mass – they want to pay them instead…? IDIOTS!!!!

  • mayday911us.

    I’m sorry just just sounds like an absolute waste of money.

  • Anothereno

    Lets see, people typically don’t have money, because they can’t find jobs, are lazy or are just in a bad set of circumstances drugs/alcohol/abuse etc etc so they steal…

    Guaranteed minimum income could solve all of this… People think it would be incredibly expensive to do this but in truth all the government would have to do is stop dropping a few bombs a year >.> Lets say 2 million people need help topping their income up to 15k a year we’re talking a measly 30 billion dollars…

    Each year the US is spending about 600+ billion dollars on the military… It is actually feasible to end poverty in the us…

    • Reverend Draco

      You forgot the /sarc tag.

      • Anothereno

        What sarcasm tag money isn’t real it’s a joke.

        • Reverend Draco

          Your comment made so little sense I figured it had to be sarcasm. . .

          • ElaisaKasan

            It sounds like you have not yet figured out that the “cabal” has stolen literally thousands of trillions of dollars from humanity, for which we are demanding retribution. Please educate yourself. Start by studying SIRIUS: The Movie.

  • Frank

    The criminals and their usually just as criminal baby-mamas are already getting paid because they’re all on welfare, live in subsidized housing, and receive Assistance on their utility bills. Now the geniuses on the DC Council want to pay the violent offenders to be good?! First of all, some of the members of the DC Council will qualify for the annual “Be Good” salary, and the extra money will in no way provide a meaningful incentive for them not to commit qualifying crimes. When people don’t work for what they get and have no sense of it’s value, it means nothing to them. Most of the qualifying offenders will take the money AND continue to commit crimes. The required attendance in “anti-crime counseling” will mean nothing and there will most likely be no consequences for non-attendance – they might do the obligatory show-up in order to keep the payments rolling in, but will steal (uh, “borrow”) a car either to get to the session or to get home. Why not tie all of their Public Assistance benefits to completion of job training? Another great idea is to out-source incarceration of these violent offenders to a Third World nation – anybody sentenced to more than one year in prison gets to serve it in an exotic location like Mexico, Algeria, Ethiopia, etc. Time Served starts when they are loaded on to the boat that will take them there.

  • Mike

    Pay me to deal with the criminals at 9000 each and your crime rate will drop.

  • Mike

    more proof that democrats are morons.

    • Tiffaniedlowe

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  • whiteberry

    I used to be a criminal and have spent the last 15 years trying to better myself and get rid of that stigma, and let me tell you… it hasn’t been easy! So now the libtards are saying I could beat one of their asses and get paid to sit at home? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! It also trivializes all my years of struggle, hard work and accomplishments! I hope the criminals they are trying to help shoot each and every one of them!

  • Confucious

    National debt is over $18 trillion… IMPOSSIBLE to realistically ever pay off. Might as well give every adult man and woman a monthly stipend, which would be a fixed amount irregardless of how many children you had. Eliminate all the welfare programs. Once all these welfare momma’s realized that you couldn’t get paid to stay home and have kids, they’d either enjoy their monthly check, or be inclined to make more and get a job. Less poor and suffering people (all the children from these baby-momma’s) equals less crime. Less people also equals less government payout over the long term. There’s something to be said for the concept but a non-transparent program paying established criminals to not commit crimes sounds like a total SCAM!

    • Americaislost

      The national debt is now over 19,000,000,000,000 and climbing.. Thanks, government liberals

    • Americaislost

      I have a better idea. Every able bodied man and woman in this country either work or don’t eat. It is a joke to give people money. If you do not earn it, you do not respect it. Socialism does not work

  • Alabama Mothman

    Pay me and I’ll blog about it…

    Our country is a disaster.

  • lilred

    Please see other article about European Union handing out cash to migrants

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    9K a year is not going to stop any crime. A low level street dealer or thief can make that per month. What a waste of taxpayer money. How about D.C. allows all law-abiding citizens to CC. That will quickly bring down the crime rate. It has already worked in Detroit where the police chief urged all law-abiding citizens to be armed because his police force could not be everywhere at all times. Crime has dropped dramatically in Detroit since his announcement.

  • DeeBar

    Where do I sign up ? What can I steal ? Make it big and if you’re not caught , money ahead ! Caught ? Get $9,000 to stop plus food stamps and housing , free medical and probably a Bama free phone . Sure makes sense to me .

  • Axe Man

    Cheaper than putting them in prison, besides the government hands out billions to corporations who’s boards consist of billionaires, why not spend a bit to keep poor people from stealing from innocent law abiding people


    Another way to get money into the hands of the career criminal.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Congress gets over a hundred grand a year and commits constant crimes, so this bound to fail.

  • ExecutorOffice

    The politicians get paid to commit crimes against mankind – it’s called voting. De-register from that slavery chattel line and form a new line : At the Republic.

  • Dunno y

    Could it be their paying for knowledge to use against non criminals later. Dunno but there’s more to this that meets the eye.

  • PCS

    Just another LIBTARD idea that makes no sense like deadly gun free zones, gun laws that HELP the criminals by making it tough for a lawful citizen to PROTECT himself, sanctuary cities that PROTECT CRIMINAL ILLEGAL INVADERS, shipping the Middle East and its PROBLEMS here, and keeping MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL INVADERS at a COST of BILLIONS. STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS !!!!!!!