Creedence Clearwater Lead John Fogerty Clarifies Hit Song “Run Through the Jungle” Is a Plea for Gun Control

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Former lead singer and guitarist for CCR John Fogerty recently said in an interview that the “jungle” he’s singing about in the band’s 1970 hit “Run Through the Jungle” is not Vietnam.

“The thing I wanted to talk about was gun control and the proliferation of guns,” Fogerty said. “I think my first experience as a kid was hearing about the fellow that climbed up in the Texas tower and was able to kill several people on the campus.”

The Texas Tower shooting, which occurred August 1, 1966 when a heavily armed, 25-year-old Charles Whitman climbed the UT campus tower and started sniping people, has been described as the first time the nation was introduced to the terror of a seemingly random mass shooting in a public place. It has also been called into question as a potential false flag for gun control legislation. A month later, President Lyndon B. Johnson was calling on Congress for gun control legislation in response to the shooting. On October 22, 1968, Johnson signed the Gun Control Act into law. SWAT teams were also created after and as a response to this incident. Still others have suggested the tower killing was a message to LBJ regarding the Kennedy assassination. Still others have said Whitman is the nation’s first lone wolf mass shooter and his killing spree in 1966 is when random mass gun violence truly began in America.

Back to the oh-so-timely interview with Fogerty, he continues before citing a bunch of gun stats:

“On through the years, of course, we’ve seen more and more of this sort of event,” the singer continued. “One is just as wacky or crazy as the other. When we sometimes think we have a handle on why this person did something, then another one comes along that’s a complete departure.”

Fogerty’s new gun control admission about “Run Through the Jungle” that comes just after President Obama announced more gun control executive action has prompted some people to ask: how much is the gun control lobby paying you Fogerty to suddenly come up with and publicize this supposed angle about a 46-year-old song everyone thought was about Vietnam all these years?

Here’s the song below, which someone set to footage of, you guessed it, Vietnam.

By the way, in December, gun rights activists held a mock mass shooting at UT campus to make a statement on how easy it is to become a victim in gun-free zones:

(Photo Credit: Marco Annunziata)

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  • Airb0rne4325

    Oh yeeaaaahhhh, I see it….nope, nope I lost it again.

  • Welcome to the show, folks! What’s that, you don’t want a show? Well tough shit, you’re getting one anyway!

    • sunshine

      OMG talk about a show….Trump tonight was AWESOME! The ENTIRE place was packed! It holds about 10,000, every seat was filled, the floor was packed, and there were even people standing 3-4 deep around the railings all around the place. The lines to get in were crazy, it was freaking AMAZING!

      • Political rock concert?

        • sunshine

          Haha pretty much a spot on description!

          • Nice, I bet is was fun! Gonna post a link to your question yesterday, it’s a long response.

  • One was to wonder if that was what he had an argument with his brother about before the latter died, and left the argument unresolved.

  • Helluva3ngineer

    Well, that song still sucks, so I really don’t care about his r3tarded opinion.

    • sunshine

      Aww that was his only good song!

  • Helluva3ngineer

    I always thought it was about Detroit.

  • doucyet

    And “liar liar” pants on fire was written about John Fogerty……………….

  • rich

    What a crock! Being a Vietnam War veteran I could see where the song was about the lousy, democrat-induced war we were sent into but I cannot see where it has anything to do with gun control today. I also wonder what Fogerty was paid to say that nonsense.

    • Cracker122049

      He shows his true colors and they are that of a traitor!

  • mirageseekr

    Fogerty trying to please his jewish masters in hopes of becoming relevant again.

  • Sammy

    I wish I had my money back that I stupidly spent on his music.

  • jim_robert

    Who gives a flying rats arze what the old leftist thinks? Rather, as Ph.D. Dr. John Lott – a former gun control advocate turned 2nd Amendment supporter – said in his book “more guns, less crime.”

    This vs. some ignorant leftist who is, like all th other Hollywierd glitterati, surrounded by ARMED GUARDS.

    Go away, John. And take your platform shoes, big hair and music that, with a few exceptions, was uniformly krappy (my guitar teacher once called Bad Moon Rising the worst song ever written)

  • aliasooze

    Damn it to hell…now I have to throw all my CCR and Fogerty CD’s out. I’m glad he clarified that it wasn’t about Vietnam. There goes all the movies that Run Through The Jungle are on too. It will never be the same watching them with this sell out’s stunt

  • It is not Paranoia

    Oh no please John 🙁 Don’t be one of them. I love your music.

    This makes me sick.

  • RobertFl

    Another entertainer scratched off my list.
    I’m down to, Ted Nugent. At least I know that Teddy’s “Free for All” isn’t a liberal thing.

  • Silvertone

    That’s it. F*** this a-hole. I’m using all my CCR records for target practice!

  • rich

    I used to be a Fogerty fan but now that he’s a loony bin and a liar to hell with him!