CPS Investigating Parents for Letting Kids Walk Home Alone

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By all appearances, Daniel and Alexander Meitiv are smart, responsible parents who want to instill independence in their children. They don’t like to throw caution to the wind, but they do believe that kids should be granted some freedom, so that they may learn how to take care of themselves from an early age.

They practice what’s known as “free range parenting” as opposed to hovering over their kids and showering them with fear and paranoia like most parents do these days. Unfortunately, their attempts to instill responsibility and self-reliance in their children has met with resistance from the society they live in.

Last December, Daniel and Alexander Meitiv ran afoul of the nanny state, when they had the gall to allow their children to walk home alone from the park. “We wouldn’t have let them do it if we didn’t think they were ready for it” they claimed. What they didn’t realize was that in America, the state knows what’s best for children, parents be damned.

“The world is actually even safer than when I was a child, and I just want to give them the same freedom and independence that I had — basically an old-fashioned childhood,” she said. “I think it’s absolutely critical for their development — to learn responsibility, to experience the world, to gain confidence and competency.”

On Dec. 20, Alexander agreed to let the children, Rafi and Dvora, walk from Woodside Park to their home, a mile south, in an area the family says the children know well.

The children made it about halfway.

Police picked up the children near the Discovery building, the family said, after someone reported seeing them.

The Meitivs say their son told police that he and his sister were not doing anything illegal and are allowed to walk. Usually, their mother said, the children carry a laminated card with parent contact information that says: “I am not lost. I am a free-range kid.” The kids didn’t have the card that day.

Yes, you read that right. Some ex-stasi busybody couldn’t stand the sight of children roaming the streets without their leashes and dog tags, and reported them to the police. I’m not sure what’s more offensive; the fact that this person thought that kids can’t walk alone in broad daylight, or the fact that he or she thought she could use the police as her personal truancy squad. Surely they have something better to do than rounding up wayward children?

What’s even more infuriating is how the police responded to the incident. When you live in a nanny state, the government talks down to parents like they’re the children.

Alexander said he had a tense time with police on Dec. 20 when officers returned his children, asked for his identification and told him about the dangers of the world.

As you might have guessed, that wasn’t the last of it. It never is when you’re dealing with the horde of busybodies that run our society. They are relentless. Not only do they treat your home like they own it, but they will hound you and your family, no matter where you are.

The Meitivs say that on Dec. 20, a CPS worker required Alexander to sign a safety plan pledging he would not leave his children unsupervised until the following Monday, when CPS would follow up. At first he refused, saying he needed to talk to a lawyer, his wife said, but changed his mind when he was told his children would be removed if he did not comply.

Following the holidays, the family said, CPS called again, saying the agency needed to inquire further and visit the family’s home. Danielle said she resisted.

“It seemed such a huge violation of privacy to examine my house because my kids were walking home,” she said.

This week, a CPS social worker showed up at her door, she said. She did not let him in. She said she was stunned to later learn from the principal that her children were interviewed at school.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated case. Last September a mother from Austin was hounded for letting her 6-year-old son play outside a mere stone’s throw away from her house. And this case from Maryland is remarkably similar to what the Meitiv parents are dealing with.

It always starts with a tattling busybody reporting your kids, which then escalates to a visit from the police, who then call Child Protective Services. They’ll provide you with a “safety plan” that you’ll need to sign, and if you refuse to do so they’ll take your kids away on the spot. They’ll proceed to interview your children without your permission or presence, and they’ll continue to break you down and investigate every aspect of your life until they are satisfied.

And if they aren’t satisfied? Good luck. Your your kids now belong to the state, where they will be pumped full of psychotropic drugs, and possibly sent to a foster home inhabited by known sex offenders. And all while they completely fail to investigate and prevent real cases of child abuse.

This is the system we live in. Where raising your children in a healthy environment, and teaching them to be independent, means they might be kidnapped by the government to be drugged and raped. If you ask me, Child Protective Services should be renamed the Child Predator Service, because that’s the only thing they’re good at. Preying on our children.

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  • Smarty

    Sigh…..there’s only one way to fix this bullshit….

    • Guest

      A collapse of society?

  • Joe Lizak

    In second grade I remember walking about 2 miles to and from school. We had a big snow storm and while walking home I had to walk in the street because the sidewalks were covered in 2 feet of snow. Then the snow plow came right at me as I dived into the snow bank narrowly missing getting crushed. How old were we in second grade? Seven? I survived just fine. Also I remember what I did the day JFK was shot. I was a 5 year old kid and had played football in the park with all my friends all day long. I was alone, no parental supervision, from 9am until 3 pm….playing football. When I got home my mother gave me the terrible news about JFK.

    • nighthawk

      And I bet you rode a bicycle with helmet or knee/shoulder pads.

      • Joe Lizak

        At least I didn’t wear my helmet during school and take the “small yellow bus” like you.

  • Undecider

    Imagine what would happen the first time a CPS worker doesn’t make it home from work.

    • James Michael

      Hundreds of thousands of parents with kidnapped kids…will rejoice….

  • CPS is a terrorist organization. They terrorize families for profit

  • Private Name

    We had to walk too. Not a mile, but we all walked to elementary in the 1970’s. There are lots of kids in my town now, but they are cooped up indoors all day, everyday. It took me a while to figure out that they are probably texting and playing video games. Back in the 1980’s, we had just one rule and that was to be in the house before sunset. Today’s kids have never hiked, hunted, or fished it would appear.

    • Cracker122049

      If they are seen with a gun a SWAT team would kill them. A lot has changed and none of it for the better as far as society goes.

  • Mike

    CPS workers need to have more lead in their diet.

  • stk33

    The threat to seize the children unless some plan is signed is bluff, they do it always. No comment, CPS, come back with the warrant. If they could take the children, they would do it at once (by obtaining the warrant), it’s their bread and butter. Every parent should read this: http://fightcps.com/2010/04/09/what-to-do-if-child-protective-services-social-workers-are-investigating-you/, and instruct the children accordingly, to never talk to government agents anywhere. To interview at home they need a warrant, so they go to school.

  • Guest

    By registering your child’s birth certificate, you are GIVING them to USA CORP (United States incorporated in 1871). You are giving them the RIGHT to tell you how to raise your children. Please read these: http://www.dailypaul.com/225566/the-great-birth-certificate-trust-scam-this-is-how-they-are-enslaving-you AND http://thecrowhouse.com/Documents/mary-book.pdf


    • James Michael

      Prove it…All registration is …Is a recording of facts and transfers no interest in property…

    • Ken Griffith


  • outraged!!

    Who ever called in complaint could have asked the kids if were lost and see if knew what to do in the event a stranger approached them. My guess is the kids would probably said not suppose to talk to strangers or ran. Know reasonable parent let’s kids walk that far without proper instructions on how to deal with the whole stranger danger thing. Fact is the caller saw them and so did others. Must have been a non rural area. Can also say that most pervs won’t bother kids walking with other children in non rural areas. Would assume parent must be close by in a house. Not to mention fact that most kidnappings are by people the child knows or has been told is safe not strangers. What’s next we gonna tell kids not to take a bath cause might slip or fall asleep in tub.

  • Tom Lowe

    In the 90s in San Diego County I began to notice every spoilt soccer mom had to drive her kid to school and return to pick it up, which created huge traffic problems near the schools. It seems that nowadays this type of overprotective behaviour is the norm enforced by law. What it shows is that CPS workers do not have enough to do, are overfunded, and a lot of them should be dismissed.