Cowardly Cop Kills Family’s CAT with a Shotgun Because It Hissed at Him

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North Catasauqua, PA — Six years ago, when Tom Newhart and his wife rescued a baby cat and named him Sugar, they never imagined that his life would end in a hail of gunfire. However, thanks to a North Catasauqua police officer, that’s exactly what happened.

Last Sunday, Sugar escaped from the Newhart’s home. Hours later, he’d be gunned down by police.

“It’s like one of your children, you raised them, bottle fed them,” said Newhart as he began tearing up.

When Sugar escaped, a neighbor five houses down found him and decided to call the police after not being able to detain the lost cat. When the cop showed up, he pulled out a shotgun and it was open season on lost cats.

“I found the cat sitting right here,” said the neighbor, Mike Lienert.

When the officer showed up, he told Lienert that it’s “not politically correct, but if it’s injured we will put it down,” — as if being ‘politically correct’ has anything to do with killing an innocent animal.

The officer then walked into Lienert’s backyard, blew the cat away, and then told Lienert that he’d have to clean up the mess. Lienert said aside from poking at the dead cat’s body, the officer never attempted to catch the cat.

Lienert said the cat did hiss at the officer, but instead of grabbing a pair of gloves and putting the cat in a cage, this public servant did some target practice.

After recovering Sugar’s body, the Newhart’s decided to have him x-rayed by the vet to see if the officer was justified in shooting him. However, they found that Sugar was fine, and the officer had no reason to kill him.

“No lacerations, no blood, other than neck wound on body. ” Newhart said.

Newhart said he called the Mayor and the chief of police, who told him that this is not policy and has never happened before.

“This guy doesn’t deserve the badge he wears, and should be fired immediately and held accountable,” said Newhart in a Facebook post.

In a statement, the borough said it’s in the process of gathering information and conducting a review and investigation of what took place. After this process is complete, the borough will be taking the necessary and appropriate steps, according to WFMZ.

According to a local animal shelter, the officer’s actions could be considered animal cruelty. According to the Free Thought Project, the officer’s actions are considered cowardly and sadistic.


Police Can Shoot Your Dog for No Reason, Even Though a Dog Hasn’t Killed a Cop in 70 Years (if Ever)

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Contributed by Matt Agorist of The Free Thought Project.

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  • StevetheHun

    Yeah. Lots of cops belong in mental hospitals.

    Instead, we give them badges, guns and make them above the law and watch the hilarity that follows. Okay… that was kinda sick, but this happens all the time now.

  • mayday911us.

    I’m sorry did they not have animal control?

    To shoot a cat with the shotgun it was it was like a lion or tiger.

  • doucyet

    You know, I generally support our law enforcement personal, it’s a shitty job but someone has to do it right!

    This guy is a psychopath…………..get rid of his ass!!

    • It could be done better by the well-regulated militia that the second amendment told Congress to allow to keep and bear arms for the purpose of protecting ourselves and what has come to be called national security.

      • doucyet

        Sounds simple enough, who pays them? It’s a full time job you know. How about health care and retirement? Who writes the rules for this militia? Who enforces those rules?

        I believe what we have currently could be called a well regulated “militia.”

        • Guillotine_ready

          Nothing well regulated about a uniformed gang with the protection of the courts and poltroon politicians. What we have is an out of control power hunger bunch of mental midgets on steroids. With no reason not to shoot you.

          • doucyet

            Think man…….with your head, not your mouth.

          • Reverend Draco

            His comment was absolutely correct.

            You may want to do some thinking of your own.

          • doucyet

            The citizens make up the force now. What will change with your new Idea?

          • freedom74

            The absence of the entrenched interest of the courts to protect their lackeys and drinking buddies, duh. Are you like, 12?

          • doucyet

            How long do you expect your “new force” to exist within the entrenched system before they to are corrupt? You people have simple minds and large mouths. You will never change the hearts of men, most all are corruptible, then, now and probably forever!

        • What we have now is the world’s largest terrorist group.

          • doucyet

            Fix it!

          • All I can do is to avoid being sucked into it. It will take the majority of a moral, educated populace to fix it.

          • doucyet

            You seem to have all of the answers though.

        • raziel71

          Well regulated , at the time, meant precise and effective. ex. like a “well regulated watch”. It did not mean that it have to be “regulated” by a body of law or institution. Otherwise it would not make any sense for the forefathers to tell the people to have a militia regulated by the same tyranical government that they were trying to defend from. Most people forget the use of the language changes with time and that was the meaning at that time. Leftards in this country, that have no other education than welfare, keep applying the “well regulated”to mean that it have to be regulated by the government. If we would use today’s words it would be a precise and effective militia composed of citizens. WE are the militia. We should be precise and effective in keeping our tyrants in check.

          • Well-regulated, as used in the Constitution, meant trained and disciplined. It still does if one considers undisciplined many of today’s big city police officers are.

          • doucyet

            Absolutely…….we used the militia to keep the tyrants in check in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch.
            Most of the conversation in this thread is focused on the police departments.

      • bill lopez

        Sheeple need someone to call. Dangerous wild cats roaming in their yard, surprised this one didn’t call 911 to get a hold of the police or mayors office or FBI.

        This is a prime example of what’s wrong with people – who calls the f’ING police to report a strange cat in their yard? You know who – idiots.

        The situation we are in is our own fault, those of us with common sense stopped speaking up and telling those without it to just sit down and shut up. They run this country now.

        • Benjamin Franklin defined democracy as two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch, and liberty requiring a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.
          A disarmed lamb is a shoe-in to become a meal.

    • Razedbywolvs

      “it’s a shitty job but someone has to do it right!”
      I was at my bosses house and he got a call from one of his a neighbour down the road. He thought his crazy E-boyfriend was in his house. We showed up in in a flat minuet. Turned out to be a false alarm, but the point is that cost 0 tax dollars and the response time was ½ hour faster than the police.
      So im speeding and with a loaded handgun in California. What do you think the police would of done to me if I had been caught?
      There is a tweaker down the road who lives in a carport and drives around on a motorized bicycle all day and night selling stuff and buying/selling drugs. The police don’t/cant stop him, and if I kick his ass out of the neighbourhood guess what the police will do to me.
      The police are actively preventing you from living in the type of neighbourhood you dream about.

      • doucyet

        Your kidding right! Your idea is that the citizens are going to respond to emergency calls? Are you going to cover the area where you and your boss live? Are you full time? If so who pays you? What about health care, retirement. So your essentially going to form a police force from the citizenship right! Think that through a bit then back with me.

        • Razedbywolvs

          Your kidding right! Your idea is that the citizens are going to respond to emergency calls? Yes.
          Are you going to cover the area where you and your
          boss live? Wean i am there Yes. For the rest of the time it is My boss and 3 other neighbour that i know of.
          Are you full time? I’m on call.
          If so who pays you? I don’t demand compensation for the people im help. I don’t want other people to pay for my health care or retirement. I will pay for
          my own from the money I earn working.
          So your essentially going to form a police force from the citizenship right! Not exactly, what I am advancing would be closer to an honour culture than a state governed body that “protects property” by taking it away.
          I noticed you skipped answering my one question to you and responded with 5 of your own. So I’ll double down.

          So im speeding and with a loaded handgun in California. What do you think the police would of done to me if I had been caught?

          Given the circumstances would you call it Justice?

          • doucyet

            I noticed you skipped answering my one question to you and responded with 5 of your own. So I’ll double down.

            So im speeding and with a loaded handgun in California. What do you think the police
            would of done to me if I had been caught?

            I don’t have clue! Your question calls for speculation.

            Given the circumstances would you call it Justice?

            “Justice” can not be applied to this circumstance. Use a different word.

            Your kidding right! Your idea is that the citizens are going to respond to emergency calls? Yes.

            Are your citizens trained? Who trained them? Who responds to the calls, all of you?

            Are you going to cover the area where you and your boss live? Wean i am there Yes. For the rest of the time it is My boss and 3 other neighbour that i know of.

            What area do you cover, your jurisdiction?
            Who coordinates the other 50 thousand jurisdictions across the US?

            Are you full time? I’m on call.

            Your on call 24/7, you and your fellow citizens?
            Will you have time to work to make a living ?

            If so who pays you? I don’t demand compensation for the people im help. I don’t want other people to pay for my health care or retirement. I will pay for
            my own from the money I earn working.

            So you’ll have time to work and respond to calls right? Will your boss have a problem with that?

            So your essentially going to form a police force from the citizenship right!
            Not exactly, what I am advancing would be closer to an honour culture than a state governed body that “protects property” by taking it away.

            Who is going to make sure that your people are honorable? If they cross the line, who punishes
            them? Where do put the bad guys you arrest? Who determines your code of conduct and policy?

            You are most definitely creating a “new police force” only with a catchy millennial name.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            Damn, you’re better than Allstate!

        • bill lopez

          Problem is clearly the idiot who called in the first place. Go outside and scare off the strange cat. No need for police, or neighbors or even a 911 call. People are helpless and those who are so helpless should not be coddled – but rather told to go figure it out for themselves.

          • doucyet

            A big 10-4 on that!

          • texasflyer

            A water hose would get rid of the cat in 2 seconds. People are so incapable of handling the smallest of problems themselves. I’ve never called the cops for anything.

        • Guillotine_ready

          You need to really think about you position on this. We help our own and do not worry about pay. Life is the issue we protect life and property for each other and that is worth more than any fiat paper your employer may give you. But feel free to left unprotected with no one to call because you cannot pay them. What a crock.

          • doucyet

            Some people don’t have clue what it takes to operate a gardening business much less a force that responds to millions of calls a day. Your simple “solution”is not so simple if you really thought it through.

        • Reverend Draco

          “The citizens” responded to emergency calls for more years than not.

          Professional Police (read State-sanctioned psychopathy) have only existed in the entire world for 150 years or so – perhaps you’ve heard of Sir Robert Peel, he whom the British “Bobbie” and Irish “Peeler” are named after?

          So. . citizen police have been effective for somewhat over a hundred millennia – but we’ll never make it as a society without professional police who have existed for less than 2 centuries.

          You might want to rethink your premise – it just got totaled.

          • doucyet

            Citizen police exist………’s called the police department.


          • Reverend Draco

            Sorry, Sparkles – but you are so wrong it’s a wonder you haven’t imploded yet or forgotten how to breathe.

            Citizen police went extinct in the mid-1800s, when Bob Peel set down the rules that any professional police force MUST follow in order to rightfully claim legitimacy.

            Your lack of understanding changes nothing.

          • doucyet

            Really……Bob Peel set up the rules! One man, you mean like a dictator? Get a life!

            The citizens make up the force today, dim whit. Much like the citizens make up the military.

          • James Michael

            Sworn servants are not the people…THEY are sworn servants.

          • doucyet

            At which point did they stop being citizens? They swore to protect and serve (I believe) they swore to perform a duty, much like the military. Are our troops not citizens either?

        • What the hell do you think the well-regulated militia did? There were no police departments in the US until 1845 when the NYPD came to be. There were no crimes committed before 1845?

          • doucyet

            Did “we” ever have any problems within the “well regulated militia”? You know like someone pulling the trigger when they shouldn’t have.

            What makes you think that everything would run perfectly smoothly? Because in your mind it would or because you have facts to back it up?

            Are you trying to tell me that no law enforcement existed before 1845?

          • I haven’t touched a bong or a joint since 1990, when I got a CDL.
            Any time human beings are involved, mistakes can be made. That doesn’t change because they are “professional” law enforcement personnel, although that gives them plausible deniability and sovereign immunity that no militia member has ever had. Since when has everything run perfectly smoothly when professionals were in charge?

            The New York Police Department was the first such agency in the United States, and it was created in 1845, following the plan instituted in London by Sir Robert Peel.

            Before that, sheriffs, marshals, justices of the peace, and constables were law enforcement in the United States, and most of what they did was based on We the People capturing criminals and turning them in. The vast majority of offenders were known by the local officials and surrendered, to be released with a PR bond that they’d appear before a circuit judge when one arrived in town.
            Everything was very much like when Marshal Dillon was the law in Dodge City, as portrayed on Gunsmoke.

          • doucyet

            Nothing runs perfectly smoothly, not then, not now, not ever (as I indicated in my very first comment to this thread.) You and a couple of other guys insist that things would be run better (under whatever form of law enforcement you have envisioned) but can’t back in up with any facts because there aren’t any! You guys just hate cops for some reason………whatever! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, in this case yours won’t float………….sorry for you.

            Good job on the dope……….stay clean!

          • Thank you for informing me that I am a self-hating law enforcer.

          • doucyet

            Delusional is what you are. You’re welcome.

      • If you can prove the tweaker is causing you harm, why don’t you sue him?

    • AutismDad

      He should have vaccinated it to death.

      • doucyet

        I have always believed that vaccine’s should not be given to children under five years old and not at all if the parents object.

  • Rick E.

    Let me guess, he’s gonna say that he feared for his life!
    I wonder what this psychopathic imbecile is going to say to justify his execution of a kitty?!
    This asshole needs to be treated just like any other criminal that inflicts animal cruelty!

    • I somehow doubt that we’ll be hearing from the ASPCA and/or PETA on this extraconstitutional killing.

  • Fuckin’ coward pussy.

    • Right to the Point


    • Nathan Togain

      Damn straight!?

    • bill lopez

      In the video the cat can clearly be seenough reaching for something in his waist.

    • Reverend Draco

      You know. . . if I were a fuckin’ coward pussy. . . I’d be insulted that you compared me to a cop.

  • JustaMan

    What else would you expect from a terrorist? He was just doing his job terrorizing. Doesn’t matter, human, dog, in this case a cat. Something has ta be killed by these narcissistic, psychopathic, serial killer, pedophiles. My personal opinion is that this low down high siding piece of sh@t needs his balls dangled n clawed by the neighborhood cats.

    • Guys like that will be in deep shit if SHTF because they will have hunters to worry about.

      • JustaMan

        Yup, that’s for sure.

      • Dan Morgan

        Rule 308

      • Don Juan of Austria


  • kirkpatrick

    I mourn more for cats than people.

    • Cats don’t victimize innocent others.

      • bill lopez

        I’m sure mice don’t feel this way.

    • Maddog

      Like the cat in the beginning of the movie “The Book of Eli”?

  • LiberalsRLost

    Well for you people snookered into supporting israhell first it has come home via IDF training thanks to Chertoff and his policies…so here we are…now what????

    • Rachel Corrie never got much support for her rights from the IDF.

      • LiberalsRLost

        that’s right……and it will only get worse….

    • enough is enough

      Wtf does that have to do with this thread?

      • LiberalsRLost

        it’s the mind set of the training..and if you could not put this together I’m sorry for you…

        Go learn about the IDF training ….

        • enough is enough

          The Israeli Defense Force pertains to domestic policing?…. Whatever the f*k you say

          • LiberalsRLost

            Police Chiefs across murika have going over there and receive training by the IDF and Chertoff initiated your ignorance is your own fault own it….and keep your head where it is presently inserted …good day

          • enough is enough

            First off go f#k yourself, secondly my old man was a state trooper I’ve meet lots of cops from the state, different municipalities and some feds. None of them have done what you claim. But clearly you the great internet sage that knows precisely d!ck. You think you know things but truth is you only come on to spew anti semitic garbage. The turd site from the trenches will welcome you with open arms

          • LiberalsRLost

            Maybe your ego is hurt…relax…a little homework on your part would reveal the incremental infection of IDF influences in our country…just because your world view is not impacted does not make it a false narrative…



            There are many more…… this is about sharing information and knowledge not attacking others…but if that is the level of your maturity well then good luck….

  • ThomasThePaine

    I sincerely hope that someone does the same to everys single member of this psychopath family!

    • Mike

      no, just the cop.

  • Mike

    Would have been a dead cop if it would have been one of my animals. Freaking cowardly cops.

  • whiteberry

    I hope that cop suffers a slow and extremely painful death!!

  • Reverend Draco

    My pets are considered members of my family – no, I’m not one of those batshit crazy “pet parents,” they’re not my “children” – but they are part of my family. . . and anyone kills a member of my family will find themselves ended.

    • disqus_8rJVp9W1S7

      Animals part of your family, no surprise there. It would be difficult to believe any humans would join up with you and your sick perversion. Go ahead, kill a person who kills one of your animals, let us all know how that works out for you. Of course you will kill no one, just one of those sick, mindless idiots who are all mouth, no brains.

      • Reverend Draco

        I have the scars to prove that I have no problem putting myself at risk in defense of others.

        Police dogs are considered cops first, dog second – hence catching a murder charge for killing a cop dog.
        My animals are members of my family first, cats (dogs, birds, fish) second – kill a member of my family and you’ll never be seen or heard from again.

        Now. . . before that irrefutable logic implodes your empty head – go back to sucking cop dick and STFU.

  • dsmlstanl

    We need the cops name.

  • SP_88

    So basically some idiot called the police to report a cat in his yard. Stupid. Then another idiot shows up dressed as a cop and looks for the cat. Also stupid. When the cop finds the cat, he is so afraid of being killed by it that he shoots it with a 12ga. shotgun. Extremely stupid. Then he pokes it with a stick to make sure the shotgun blast killed it. Really stupid. Finally he tells the guy that he will have to clean up the dead cat. Very stupid. If it wasn’t for his long list of stupidity, the cat would have gotten board and walked home.
    Did I miss any stupidity, or was that enough stupid for two morons and a cat?
    Pretty much every action taken by these two dummies was unnecessary, grossly incompetent and could have been handled better by children. The guy who called the police was stupid for thinking the police would care if he has a cat in his yard. But the stupidity of the cop was off the charts. That was a special kind of stupid.
    He should have thrown a flashbang grenade before getting close enough to the cat to make a clear shot. He could have used snipers to take out the cat with a headshot from 50 yards away. Better safe than sorry. Moron.

  • Ernst Iliov Stavro Blofeld

    After finding an elderly lady wondering around the neighborhood who after some conversation I determined she had dementia. At that point I tried real hard to find her home. Later I had to turn over to the cops for disposition. Never heard any gun fire so assumed she got home OK.

  • nanner

    This guy needs to go to jail for animal cruelty and any other charges that can be brought against him , such as abuse of power ,and destruction of private property and anything else that can be put on him, where is Al Not-so-Sharpton on this was the cat not of dark color? But seriously this cop had a power complex, to do this and the guy who called the cops should be charged as an accessory especially as the cat lived only 5 houses from the owner what a jerk!!!!!!!!!! IMHO

    • I think they’re just lazy, it’s easier to shoot it that catch it + it’s more fun for them.

  • frankw

    This kind of senseless cruelty to animals, kids and the homeless will not stop until the perpetrators themselves are brought to task. Sueing the city is not the answer.

  • Another Thought Criminal

    Wow, I used to think the cops were giving the cats a type of professional courtesy when they were only shooting dogs and stomping on parakeets. I guess being a fellow pussy no longer gives the cats any protection.

  • James

    Well He is a American cop. You expect no better from a American cop. After all they are allowed to in America.

  • Jon Geissinger

    Wow! Douchy has all the answers! We should elect him President! The police that don’t take off their badges and hide when the shtf will be target practice.

    • doucyet

      Actually Jon, I had a lot of questions (not answers) that no one could answer without forming another “police force.” They just wanted to change the name to citizen force and somehow that would make it better than it currently is.

  • Kimberly LaMere

    It all starts when lazy people can’t do the neighborly thing and ask around the neighborhood first before involving the police. Who cares if it takes a few days. Call the animal control and let them know what you have and give them your number. These idiots are just as much to blame.

  • dicyo mouth

    Wow, it only took you six years (and five days
    before Christmas) to become aware and report
    Your Patriotic fire and quest for justice
    is overwhelming.

  • BaronGreenBack

    WTF is wrong with you Americans I am thank full i do not live in your country.

  • Difster

    So which one was really the pussy?

  • Nabi

    Identify the officer.

  • raziel71

    Wow… you just reminded me. About 20 years ago I was interviewed to be a policeman(not as a police ,but in a technical field within the force). And druring the psychological review , they asked me what to do when someone was uncooperative. This short ,big glassed “psychologist” for the police department looked deranged himself. When I started presenting all the different ways I could use to not escalate the conflict and have a safe outcome, the guy stopped me and answered himself for me, “no, you are going to use all the force available to you to finish the threat at the spot”- meaning that I would have to use my gun and kill instead of getting a peaceful or less agressive resolution. He told me that while his eyes were gleaming thru his bottle end glasses like a freaking maniac. As you would guess, I continued in the private sector and never went to the academy to be indoctrinated, even as I passed all tests. This is what they put on the minds of this poor bastards, and if you are the type that have no bearings you become a state murderer. This is reality. Some of my friends in my field went into that same position and all of them left the police dept after a few years. Yep, the requirements is that you are a murderer leftard with no brains and just ready to follow orders. That is how it works.

  • AutismDad

    Good news for song birds.

    • sabelmouse

      that cat might have been an inside cat and imagine the trauma for children.