Could Asteroids be Used as Offensive Weapons that Can’t be Defended Against?

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by Shepard Ambellas

”Today neither Russia nor the United States is capable of shooting down objects from outer space”

— Dmitry Rogozin, Vice-Premier Russian Defense

CHELYABINSK, RUSSIA — It now looks as if the 50 foot chunk of rock that hurled toward earth Friday, causing a massive shockwave upon impact and over $33 million in damages was the biggest meteor to strike earth in over 100 years prompting new concerns with the Russian government.

The earth, now much more populated in 2013 than it was during the 1907 Tunguska meteor explosion that took place in the Siberian region of Russia, adding to the odds that eventually a major city could one day be struck by a rogue rock. In case of such an occurrence nations should be able to one day protect or defend themselves against flying objects, but as of now there is no defense.

However, does technology exist that would allow asteroids to be used as an offensive weapon against an unruly nation?

On July 4, 2005 NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft successfully targeted and shot a projectile impactor at a comet in space to study the effects and possibly change trajectory of the object. Could such tests lead to (or have led to) the creation of an advanced space based weapon platform?

Recently the head of Russia’s Space Monitoring Loborotary Vladimir Lipunov stated, ”It is high time Russia should start investing heavily in building an advanced space danger monitoring and warning system and a system capable of destroying such super bombs falling on us” signifying the urgency that the Russian’s think there is a chance for future encounters.

Has a nation capitalized yet on such a diabolic weapon, which if used could be blamed on an act of God as a defenseless nation awaits impact?





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  • ncjoe

    They sure could, and beams can be made to penetrate the foil hat you wear.

  • NMBC

    Hmmmmm, the so-called METEOR DISASTER has been spun a 100 times, but the media, propragandists and TROLLS have not got it right yet? It changes with every new article.

    It was a missile launched from an area between RUSSIA and KAZAKHSTAN.

    One World gov’t. wants an “ONE WORLD MISSLE DEFENSE SYSTEM”.
    Because the carbal doesn’t know how to build them and wants other countries to pay for it.

    Just like anything else resources (oil, water, diamond, gold and silver gold mines, food supply chains, environments, land, etc….)

    Do you really TRUST THE CABAL TO CONTROL THE BIGGEST & the ONLY defense system pointing the nuclear weapons at your country????? Using scare tactics during the last two centuries to achieve their agenda.

    • NMBC

      Here’s the definition of METEOR vs METEOIDE:

      As we’ve seen the location where the area was hit and the trajectory of the missile went, even the photoshop pictures revealed exactly what it was. The star wars even appear more realistic and much more complicated than this.

      The BLAST FORCE caused the windows to break, just like any bomb.
      The Atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasted out windows over 2 miles away.

      1) The METEORS: A bright tail or streak seen in the sky when a fragment of solid material from space falls into the earth’s ATMOSHPERE and BURNS.

      2)The METEORIDE: A part of a meteroid, usually stony or metallic, that remains and strikes the earth AFTER BURNING in the atmosphere.

  • SKIP

    Of course they can, the BUGS of Klandathu shoot meteors and their ass juice at us all the time.

  • Locus

    “Could Asteroids be Used as Offensive Weapons”

    Yes but only by offensive people. We have nothing to worry about. Only good people here.

    This is one of the only sticky political aspects of having a permanent lunar colony. They would begin as a corporate or national colony, with self-sufficiency they would desire full autonomy Factions on Earth would object. Dire measures would be proposed.

    And then some idiot on the moon would strap some rockets onto a large boulder and send it to Earth precisely where it would do the most good, or bad.

    There’s one in every crowd.

    That is why we need to build robots to watch over us, so we can be cared for by machines of loving grace.

    But seriously it is high time for the United States and Russia and China to start a new space race in partnership to develop a planetary asteroid defense. We’d all win.