Cops to City Council: ‘We Were Given an Illegal Traffic Ticket Quota’

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For those who still say it’s a myth that cops are given quotas for how many tickets they have to write, maybe you’ve never been to Waldo, Florida. The National Motorists Association listed Waldo as the third worst speed trap for a town of 50,000 people or less in 2012, and it’s so bad, billboards like the one above are taken out to warn drivers before they get there.

But earlier this week, five police officers came forward to testify before the Waldo City Council that they are mandated to write a certain number of tickets each shift or face punishment — even though such a quota stands in direct violation of state law. Waldo, by the way, only has seven police officers to begin with.

The Gainesville Sun reported:

Before a packed room, Officer Brandon Roberts told commissioners they were required by Chief Mike Szabo to write 12 speeding citations per 12-hour shift or face punishment. Roberts explained his claims with the help of an electronic presentation and printed emails as evidence.

“We’re doing this with a heavy heart,” Roberts said. “We would never want to go against our fellow officers but we have no faith in our chain of command.”

It was also noted that apparently half of the city’s $1 million budget comes from something officially listed as “police revenue”.

The officers also accused Chief Szabo of enforcing “questionable” traffic stops and abandoning his post and disabling equipment so none of the department staff could find him.

Szabo has since been suspended pending an investigation. Sadly, Waldo Police Cpl. Kenneth Smith, who was named interim chief following Szabo’s suspension, has also been suspended as well.

At least it’s nice to see a few honest cops for a change…

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  • patriot156

    DUH! but you still stand with the police atmost anytime. Funny how we all call Molon Labe, but when the chance comes to do something about it it’s all hugs and kisses to the cops! This is all over not just this town. If they can do this what makes you think they won’t illegally pull you over, and if you for one moment give them any lip on your rights being violated wont shoot you!
    I get it as long as they’re not taking your guns you’re ok with it then!
    Seems we ought to be up in arms/ ar-15-ak/47’s, and any other type of weapons that the second amendment was meant for for things like this but NO! We want to protect them and side with them at most any level!
    Shooting in Ferguson, shooting in LA just recently and shooting in Salt lake city just for starters.
    How about a story I just read where a kid was shot in a squad car hand cuffed behind his back twice frisked for weapons but yet the coronor still sides with the cops version of the story; which was called a suicide!
    OMFG how dumb are you if you believe a kid who was firsked twice could actually hide a gun behind him then while handcuffed behind his back sneak the gun out and shoot himself in the fron of his chest! Come on get real!
    Serioulsy people you got to stop siding with these laws and LEO’s that allow for these things to happen and stop thinking your ammuned to having them bust your door down in the middle of the night and kill you!
    The slippery slope has many hills adn they all lead to tyranny and different slopes that get/got us here!
    Damn as the title says wake the Flok up!

    • Smarty


  • Bacon and gravy lover.

    if there is a societal collapse, cops better think about it, keep being shit bags. when it does all come crumbling down, the people are gonna come looking for cops when they realize they have no more back up coming any time soon. it would be in their best interest to form more compassionate bonds with the community. they may have all them toys and fancy rifles and machine guns, but we have way more numbers, theyd run out of ammo before they could stop a crowd tht wants their heads. as for mraps, there are people tht know how to disable any vech, they are everywhere. it maybe mine resistant, but there are other was to open a tuna can, with out a grenade. they should wise up, they will need our support in a shtf type situation. but its ok, let them sign their own death warrants.

  • antiShill

    patriot156 trolls just about every article on the sheeple

  • sharonsj

    This is what you get–fleecing the ordinary citizen–when politicians give tax breaks to the rich. There isn’t enough money to run the country and the only way for municipalities to get money is to squeeze the rest of us. If you don’t think corporations run America, then you are stupid.

  • Mark Fischer

    Waldo has been an infamous speed trap for decades, why the outrage now?

    • ymygody

      If there’s only seven officers and been corrupt for years. Why hasn’t somebody executed the seven officers?

  • Cindy Loo

    This POS police chief needs to be fired, and charged with a crime

  • 02144pomroy

    I hope that they all die of cancer and burn in hell.

  • Barn Cat

    The cops should enforce the law. It’s obvious from the way people speed that traffic laws go unenforced.

  • Speed limit signs,city limits signs,etc etc signs,,,,,,,,all bordered by solid line – doesn’t that mean in legaleze that they do not exist?

    it does on a legal ( not lawful) document.

    all legal fictions. money makers. any thoughts?