Cops Shoot and Kill Naked Woman in Her Bed After They Order Her to Show Them Where She Keeps Her Gun

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The daughter of a police shooting victim has brought a federal lawsuit for wrongful death, municipal liability, and failure to train and supervise against police who she claims shot and killed her naked mother for complying with their request to show the officers where she kept her handgun.

Fifty-four-year-old Deanne Choate was shot dead by Gardner police after they responded to a 911 call that she had been drinking and was suicidal. Police arrived, arrested Choate’s boyfriend, then entered Choate’s bedroom where she was asleep, naked.

The officers demanded to know where she kept her gun for eight minutes.

Via Courthouse News Service:

“Deanne was obviously not carrying or concealing on her person any type of weapon,” her daughter says. “During this time, officers came and went from the room. They looked under the sheets of the bed.” They stayed in the room “with the naked, 115-pound woman” and finally gave her a sweatshirt to wear, according to the complaint.

After repeatedly demanding, “Where is the gun?” and “We know you have a gun,” Deanne finally “complied with officers’ request and produced a handgun, stating, ‘Oh, here it is.'”

Then they shot her to death.

Choate was simply complying with the cops’ request. If they were afraid of her finding the gun they asked her to find, why did they ask her to find it? Indeed, Choate’s daughter Michele says if police had “cleared” the room as they reported they did, the officers would have found the handgun themselves.

Reports after the fact note that police did not say whether Choate “pointed the gun at them or if the officers were threatened in any other way”.

Further, the officers were reportedly ordered “to turn off their video and audio recording devices to further protect officers and prevent recording of incriminating evidence,” before they shot and killed the woman. Then a “veil of secrecy” was lifted at the police department regarding the incident.

Nothing about the situation make it seem as if there was an actual threat to these officers that in any way warranted the use of deadly force.

The only threat, again, comes from people calling 911 for “help”. The only “help” increasingly offered by these officers in the modern American police state is into an untimely grave.

Is this the new trend? Cops killing suicidal people in their beds? This isn’t even the only story I’ve posted recently about a reportedly suicidal person being killed in bed by responding officers. Last month a mother and daughter filed suit over a man who was shot by police a ridiculous 11 times while he lay crying in his bed.

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  • kirkpatrick

    “Deanne Choate was shot dead by Gardner police after they responded to a 911 call that she had been drinking and was suicidal.”
    Nice work, police! God forbid she take her own life.

    • Reverend Draco

      Didn’t you get the memo?

      Suicide is only legal when it’s homicide by cop.

  • Mike


    • huntress

      Agreed. I don’t care what is going on, the last thing i would do is call the cops. Almost 100% you will come out in a body bag if you do.

      • JaneMTorres

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    • Anti Everything

      And if anyone does call the cops,… RUUUUNNNNNNN!

      • Rolly Joger

        Been doin’ that my whole life, lol, it works!

        • lazWbiPdit

          I saw, I read, I laughed.

        • Anti Everything

          Hey Dude! Have not seen your symbol in awhile. And, yes me too. We do need our health!

  • jim_robert

    How about WHITE lives matter. Guess this won’t make anything other than the alternative news…. just like that young white man shot and killed by a black cop in Salt Lake City right after Ferguson, who had earbuds in, never heard the cop, and was just reaching for his phone.

    In fact, ALL lives matter (even police lives, as well as red and yellow, not to mention black also).

    What happened to being PEACE officers?? I have two close friends who are police (recently retired), and they would NEVER in a million years even THINK of doing something like this when active.

    • cops have earned their hate and deserve their fates .no sympathy for the fascist killers ……………………….they put on the uniform they are legitimate targets.

    • CrazyTerry

      All lives do matter. And cops victimize white victims too. but the point of the BLM movement is not that other injustices do not exist. But when it happens to a black person, there is too high of a probability of a cover up and no justice done. And incidents like this are happening to black people way too frequently. Just google Gregory Gunn. Killed in his family’s own driveway. And white people do suffer from such a mentality too as you can see in this case because cops have become used to doing things first and asking questions later, if at all.

  • Perhaps we should start considering police officers to be the criminals that we expect to protect us from them. This is Keystone Cops with a deadly twist.

    • that has already occurred in most citys ………in Albuquerque you only call the cops when you need someone dead and you don’t care who it is ….

      • It has never happened where I live because serving and protecting isn’t a phrase on police vehicles here, they being too busy doing it.

        • ukalally

          you are full of sheet

          • I am not that much into linen.

          • ukalally

            ok you are full of shit

          • That is impossible since I have blue eyes.

          • Ah so it was you that ate Smurfett !

          • Unlikely, since I have no idea what one is.

          • Nathan Togain

            His tongue would be blue if that was the case.

          • Smarty

            You sound HANDSOME !!!

          • I’ve been told, all of my life, that I am, but I make no claims:-)

          • Nathan Togain

            Damn we have allot in common!

        • murder is not their only ongoing crimes . bottom line is if they have done nothing wrong they have nothing to fear sadly for 99.999% of the Police and Fedcoat Enforcers this is not the case

        • Smarty

          I thought you lived in a van down by the river. How do you do that in a WY winter? You would be freezing your balls off….

    • SomeTruthOutThere

      Based on the case Warren v District of Columbia I don’t expect them to protect me. No one should.

      • With all due respect, a DC appeals court verdict doesn’t hold sway as well as one from the SCOTUS, Castle Rock v. Gonzales.
        Anyone who bothers to study the creation of the London Metro Police by Sir Robert Peel would never expect any of the subsequently created police departments to do anything differently. Sheriffs are a different situation, they being reaffirmed as the supreme law enforcement authority in their counties in Printz v. United States, which was the impetus for Richard Mack to create the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association.

  • this is not a issue for the courts .this is a case for mob justice and a lynch mob for those case you folks haven’t noticed lawsuits accomplish nothing except emptying the tax payers pockets ……… is idiotic to continue down that path.

    • Which could only lead to a mass hanging of the “domestic terrorists” involved and the demonization of anyone that spoke in their favor.

  • Zaphod Braden

    they should all be BANNED from being police anywhere for life ….. just to start.

    • Considering the fact that there didn’t used to be police anywhere in the world until Sir Robert Peel came up with the idea in London, and the reason why he promoted the idea, there could be no good reason to allow them to persist, given their behavior in public.

  • Why do you think former MPs are so popular with police recruiting departments?

  • whiteberry

    A White female and gun owner… the world won’t care about this, sadly.

  • Anonymous1

    I hope this woman’s daughter manages to sue this entire city into non-existence, along with the police officers involved and the city officials!

  • amuncat

    America is turning into one of those post WWII countries where neither side wants to call the polizi!!!

  • Flem

    In order for them to initiate a police state. There must be no accountability for police officers. Any questions?

    • hardh8

      Yes, How much “accountability” do you see right now? IF they Police State government ever disarms US. You’ll see your full on Police State. Any questions?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Well, it wouldn’t be a “normal” week without one of these stories. Sadly.

  • Publeus

    — Death squad.

  • Taco43

    The police investigated themselves and found they did nothing wrong.

  • Gary

    The jackbooted stormtroopers strike again. What a disgrace.

    • Tommy Boy

      Nazi Amerika

      • Gary

        Not all cops. But a lot of them these days are acting like Hitler’s SS & Gestapo thugs.

        • Reverend Draco

          The “bad apples” give the remaining 5% a poor reputation.

  • Americaislost

    Being naked, all they had to do was arrest her. It was obvious the gun was not on her. They could have told her to put her hands above her head and that she was being arrested. If this happened the way this story says, then the city is in the wrong and should lose any suit.

    • SomeTruthOutThere

      Arrest her for what?

      • Teddy

        For being naked in her bed in her home, I guess.

        • Reverend Draco

          Really huh. . .

      • davee

        Well she’s not black, so they won’t just sprinkle crack on her. So I guess it’s resisting arrest.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …although it is still at idiotic rates….I have noticed the number of people clamoring for “the good cops” are slowly diminishing across the comment spectrum. Perhaps people have caught on that it is the system that is corrupt, and very few “good people” survive as “good cops”….well, not for long…
    RJ O’Guillory

  • Nathan Togain

    Hehe, “Darkies”, haven’t heard that one in awhile!???

  • Harold Smith

    There are no “good cops” for a very simple reason: no morally competent person would want to be associated with a corrupt government agency that participates in things like the immoral “war on drugs”, civil asset forfeitures, ticket quotas, murderous SWAT raids, unjustifiable shootings, etc.; and for the icing on the cake, the storm troopers are generally paid with the proceeds of the immoral taxation of residential property. In contemporary “America” if you’re a cop, you’re a scumbag.

  • ExecutorOffice

    Satan’s kids are climbing out of the sewers

    • I forgot

      The sovereign People have forgot that the Republic of the united States is Ours, not the governments. But I guess people are happy with the foreign owned United States Corporation.

      Common Law is only mentioned when someone attempts to interfere or stop commerce, international or other. Otherwise, it’s admiralty law all the way. What a shame and a scam.

      • ExecutorOffice

        The more people who wake up AND dump the tyranny the better

  • desertspeaks

    murderers with badges and immunity, strike again

  • now

    You are correct. Many cops are simple sadists, power tripping asshats. I consider ALL cops enemies of the people unless they prove otherwise.
    Never trust a cop. Make them earn your respect.

  • Redlist Renegade

    To “Serve and Protect” to THEM means to serve their own interests and protect their own asses ! It’s ALL about power and submission to them !That’s why (more often than not) their cruiser dash cams and body cams are turned off at just the “right” time so that they don’t incriminate themselves ! They are absolutely WORTHLESS ! Need a cop ? Call a doughnut shop !!!

  • HP Austin

    Part of the problem is that police departments often hire people with IQs less than 100, so that they will not leave for another job. Another problem is that many police departments are being trained by an Israeli company to shoot first and not take any chances. We need smarter, better trained cops and DAs who will prosecute cops guilty of wrongdoing.

  • Mr Reynard

    I do have to say, that the US Police training in the little shitty country, is a perfect success ???

  • patriot156

    yet people will say Finicum was committing suicide by cop?

  • hippybiker

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation will have complete gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our POLICE more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” Adolph Hitler 1939 If that statement doesn’t scare the Hell out of you, you are brain dead!

    • MBerg

      Hitler never said that.

  • jeff

    Don’t ever Call the Po-Po they are not your Friend !!!!!

  • I_P_Frehley

    For many, many years I maintained that fast food was the last bastion of the idiot, but it seems as “law enforcement” truly is…

  • SP_88

    This is definitely the type of thing that happens in a police state. Too often they shoot first and ask questions later. Too often they are shooting someone because of a situation that they escalated themselves. And too often they are more concerned with themselves than the people they are supposed to protect and serve.
    They plant drugs and weapons on people, they rob people through the civil asset forfeiture laws, they shoot people that are in no way a threat to them and they do whatever it takes to cover it up, and all these things are supposedly to keep us safe, yet none of these supposed crimes have a victim.
    They are no longer there to protect anyone. They are too busy lining the pockets of the government with our money. They have gone from being law enforcement to collectors of revenue and to keep the sheep from getting out of line.
    Do you feel safer knowing that a SWAT team is going to smash down the door and break up the house of the nice people down the road because some informant bought $20 worth of pot from their son? Do you feel protected seeing them laying face down on the front yard in handcuffs as their 9lb terrier is bleeding out from a gunshot wound to his stomach? Do you feel served hearing the police smashing and breaking everything in their house for the next few hours looking for the rest of their sons pot? And the crazy thing is that their son doesn’t even live there and that’s why they can’t find any drugs. And after the police do tens of thousands of dollars in damages to their home for no reason, and make their home unlivable, these people ask to be compensated for the damages and they are told tough shit. I forget the smart ass phrase they use, some sort of mitigating circumstances, but they never have to pay for all the damage they cause no matter how wrong they are or how bad they screw up. There is always some excuse they use to get away with it.
    The republic is lost. And because nobody will ever do anything about it, we won’t get it back. It’s not something that one person or a handful of people can do. And it’s not going to suddenly get better because some jerk-off gets elected president or because a few people decide to call their congressman and complain about how the government isn’t listening to us anymore. If we want it back, we’re going to have to get it back the same way we got it in the first place. By fighting for it. And if it isn’t soon, it’ll be never. Because they intend to disarm the people and they will likely cut off communications right before they do it so that people don’t have a chance to warn anyone. The handful of people who have a method of communication won’t be enough. The government isn’t stupid. They have a plan and the necessary resources to execute that plan. This isn’t a game. And time is running out.