Cops Go to Wrong House, Shoot and Kill Beloved Dog, Claim “No Other Reasonable Option”

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The murdered pet’s named was Buddy, an 11-year-old husky mix.

Two deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department showed up at a house for a domestic disturbance call on Monday. Three dogs ran out into the yard, two small ones followed by a third larger one that the deputies labeled “immediately aggressive” before shooting and killing the animal.

It was around that time someone came out of the house and informed the cops there were at the wrong location.


At least this time they apologized… kinda. According to the department’s statement:

“The department and the officers involved in this unfortunate situation all recognize the emotional impact the loss of a family pet has on this family and we extend our deepest sympathies. The officers involved in this incident feel terrible about what occurred but felt they had no other reasonable option at the time.”

They feel terrible?

Like they couldn’t have run away? Post office workers and UPS drivers do it all the time… they don’t just shoot and kill people’s dogs.

And is anything even going to happen to them for obviously screwing up and going to the wrong house? Whoever was getting beat up in the house where the actual domestic disturbance was happening had to wait that much longer for “help” while the cops bungled the call, went to the wrong house, and killed someone’s beloved pet.

Dogs aren’t even killing cops, you know.

Police act like cops are just getting eaten by dogs every other two seconds in the US, but in fact as previously reported, there are no records of any police officer being killed by a dog in the past 70 years:

Because the truth is, dogs aren’t killing cops.

Check out the stats:

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a national database of law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, 15 deaths in the past 70 years have been animal-related, but none of them involved a dog attack. (Almost all involved horses or insect stings.) One would expect, then, that there would be very little need to use a firearm.

Fifteen animal-related police officer deaths in America in the last 70 YEARS, and NONE of them — not a single one — involved a dog attack.

And that’s just as far back as that database goes. Who knows if a cop has ever actually been killed by a dog in this country.

That’s right. Cops have a fatter chance of dying from a bee sting than they do from a dog attack in America.

Yet, dogs are killed by cops all the time. It’s a regular occurrence in the news, but there are no official databases kept on how many pet dogs are killed by cops in any given year. It’d probably shock us all to know how many innocent pets are murdered this way.

The saddest part about this story is it is a repeat from last fall when the same thing happened in Georgia, only in that case, they not only killed the dog but also shot the homeowner and one of the deputies was shot in the hip by friendly fire, all after they went to the wrong house! And it happened again spring 2015 when a man’s service dog was shot and killed for no reason at all after cops went to the wrong house in San Diego. Here’s another where they told the family, “Don’t worry, the bill’s on us” after police went to the wrong house and killed their pet dog. Here’s a dog being shot for no reason by a cop in March 2016, caught on tape. In this instance the cop was aiming for a dog but accidentally shot a toddler in the leg instead.

It’s so bad that in Texas, where 280 dogs were shot by police in 2012 alone, a bill was passed that would force cops to go to four hours of “canine-encounter” training to learn how not to shoot people’s dogs. Some departments have already made this training mandatory. Question: why isn’t it mandatory everywhere for every cop?

It obviously should be.

(Then again, we live in a country where cops will kill pet cats, so…)

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  • Kathleen Carter

    Some cops are psychopaths not all but some
    To do harm or kill with out emotion definition of a psychopath

    • Until an animal actually attacks, they should be assumed to be acting in self-defense, especially when the provocation was misdirected.

  • Mike

    someone needs to shoot those officers for being immediately aggressive.

    • Somebody should be immediately aggressive against those who are immediately aggressive? Do you work in the Department of Defense (sic)?

      • Mike

        sarcastic today i see.

        • I am forced to be sarcastic when I max out on the incredible ignorance and stupidity that I frequently encounter as a way to avoid being deliberately insulting.

    • csbubba

      Funny I heard a story on the radio yesterday where a cop shot a person because “they were advancing on them” DAMN wish I could use that phrase myself sometimes. Just goes to prove:
      You don’t get the best and brightest people going to work for the police. You get the most rapacious and morally flawed. People who want to control other people. In other words ya just get Aholes, the lowest IQ people work for the law “enforcement”, Fed, State, Counties, Towns and Cities!

  • Amanda Ham

    I’ve had my dog murdered by a policeman… said she bit the cuff of his pants, or something, I wasn’t home and she got out of the yard. Then they have the audacity to tape a ticket for “abandoning an animal” to my door. Pled not guilty and the judge dismissed it.

    • I hope that you don’t have latchkey children.

      • Amanda Ham

        Lol… I’m lucky I don’t.

  • D.Moore

    This is every day in America, they are trained to kill your pets first then you. These psycho police need to be reigned in and stopped. everyday across America a police officer kills a family pet and claims oops, pathetic. ~ POLICE STATE USA ~ they should be ashamed to behave in this manner against anyone, people still have rights

  • David E

    I am no cop sympathizer, but….in all fairness I have to ask whether there are no police deaths from dogs BECAUSE the cops shoot the dogs? Dogs DO kill, albeit the vast majority are young children and the elderly. Very few healthy adults (excluding elderly) are killed by dogs.

    I have to say I would shoot an aggressive pit bull myself rather than take the chance.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Cowards are as cowards do.

      • David E

        In the vast majority of dogs shot by cops, I suspect meanness as a more important factor than cowardice.

    • There are more people killed by properly used pharmaceuticals than by guns, so maybe we should shoot pharmacists when they are aggressively friendly?

      • Pat Taylor

        Speaking of impertinent drivel.

        • Were you planning on doing so when you got done drivelling?

          • Pat Taylor

            You have clearly bumped your head on the toilet seat the last time you got a drink.

          • Your ad hominem argument must be out of ammunition.

    • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

      Yes, some huge strong dog that might give me some real problems, yes. But they are #1 pulling their gun out to quickly to start with. To many people getting accidentally shot by police is not excusable. To many wrong house episodes going on in our country, period. If you are to dumb to count the houses on the street by the numbers on most houses, you don’t really need to be running around in public with firearms loaded and at the ready.

      In my experience, if someone needs the police, they will often times go to the street to meet them, or the ambulance or the fire rescue people.

      The police are trained to be paranoid about everyone, the are of the mindset that everyone they encounter might kill them. This is not true, nor should it be part of the mindset. If, we as a people wanted to, there would be no police in about a week in this country. We are not trying to kill any police officers at large. It just ain’t happening.

      • David E

        Well, right. I agree that the cops are shooting all kinds of harmless dogs and even cats and shooting them at the wrong addresses etc. and none of that is justified at all. I’m just pointing out that there might be some police killed by dogs if they didn’t shoot them first. The argument “dogs don’t kill cops so cops shouldn’t shoot dogs” is weak when the reason no dogs ever kill cops is because the dogs are shot first.

        • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

          A rap from a well trained officer from a simple night stick will abate any dog real quickly.

          • David E

            probably. I’ve encountered some vicious dogs running loose and am still alive. Standing your ground and acting like you are the more dangerous animal (you are) works with dogs.

          • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

            Yes, to the untrained dogs it sure does. I agree with a lot of what you say and thank you for your service to your community!

        • Pat Taylor

          34 people were killed by dogs in 2015.
          A Donut Nazi being killed does not even show up on the statistics that you seem to be consumed by.

          I can’t stand suck up Donut Nazi apologists

          • David E

            The article said that. You have added nothing new. You don’t seem to get the point that it’s a fallacious argument to say that cops should not shoot some dogs because dogs don’t kill cops if the reason dogs don’t kill cops is the cops kill them first, even if the cops are shooting harmless dogs as well as dangerous ones. Dead dogs don’t bite, if you get the drift.

          • Pat Taylor

            You have added that YOU are a Donut Nazi apologist

          • David E

            No, I use good reasoning and am fair. If you’d bother reading all the comments you’d see I give the deputy posting here quite a hard time. There is more than enough legitimate stuff to attack cops with, and it does not suit the purpose of liberty to attack with something weak and stupid instead. It is impossible to know how many cops would be killed by dogs if they did not shoot them because they shoot them and we do not know. Now go back to doing the usual stupid stuff you fill your time with stay off the forums until you have something intelligent to say.

    • John Van Huysen

      Problem number 1, maybe, just maybe they had a dog for protection against intruders. I heard people actually do that, as strange as it is. So maybe, just maybe, the dog was acting as it should, alerting the family DINKS are in the yard, in other words, doing its job on PRIVATE PROPERTY!! I know there is a REVOLUTION coming to this fascist country, not if but WHEN!

  • Montana Man

    If law enforcement officers are at such risk of being attacked by a family pet, why don’t they carry pepper spray? Dogs don’t just sneak up on someone; they warn the intruder by barking or growling, and usually the former. If a postman, whose hands are full of mail when he approaches a home, yet have sufficient time to deploy pepper spray when needed, certainly an officer could do the same. As a former mail carrier I can say without hesitation that cops do not need to shoot the family dog!

    • They are psychos that need to be taught a lesson

    • Since they were targeting the wrong address, maybe they should be taught to read street addresses before they are sent on calls.

      • Veronica Krieger

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      • Montana Man

        If they were forced to deliver mail for a year, they would learn how to find the correct address, and to instinctively pull out the pepper spray, instead of their sidearm.

        • Wouldn’t being forced to deliver the mail be involuntary servitude?

          • Montana Man

            I was merely saying that being able to quickly deploy pepper spray, and finding the correct house, are attainable skills, not unrealistic demands.

          • Why did you say more than merely that?

          • Montana Man

            I’m sorry for the confusion, Possibly you would have preferred that I said, “Police departments should request veteran mail carriers to help train their officers on how to deploy pepper spray, and locate the correct street address.”

          • I was never confused. I have always wondered about the excessive verbiage.

          • Montana Man

            It looks like you have a lot on your mind. I suggest that you lie down and take a nap. You’ll feel much better afterward.

          • Since you have to resort to ad hominem, I must have more mind to have on anything than you care to display.

          • Montana Man

            Now please either write that in English, or try rewording the second part of your sentence so that it makes sense. You might try not using excessive verbiage.

          • If adding a comma won’t help, it is up to you.

  • Future case: “He was pointing a gun at my dog so I shot him before he had the chance to klll”

    • The quote will never occur because the potential speaker would be killed in self defense of self defense.

  • If a cop shot my unarmed and incited child, I’d shoot them back.

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    The PEOPLE have their guns and the 2nd amendment. What do WE need these State and City GESTAPO for, running around acting like they are gods? All they do is enable the CORRUPTION of a degenerated Banker-owned State system, wherein lies the root cause and contrivance. EXECUTE the Bankers for their subversion, robbery and murder of the People. Solve ALL of the worlds troubles in ONE swift move. God does not bleed. Those who see themselves as God, surely need to bleed. Wether the People do it, or their GOD acts first. It WILL be done. Sooner than these snakes comprehend. Their final hour is well under way.

    • roger


  • Nabi

    Has the “immediately aggressive” defense ever worked for a cop killer? For them “immediately aggressive” is “immediately stupid.”

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    Mail carriers carry dog repellent (a pepper spray compound) while on their daily rounds. Most cops carry pepper spray and Tasers, too. One shot of pepper spray or a Taser will incapacitate even the biggest, meanest dog. What’s happening is these cops are looking for an excuse to drop the hammer on something. Shooting a person might actually mean paperwork and having to answer embarrassing questions from Internal Affairs and the local D.A. Dogs are safe targets; they never get into trouble for offing one.

    • roger

      these orcs need to be hunted down and done away with…….

  • Donna

    Trigger happy cops seems to fit this. I hope the dog owner sues them for wrongful death.

  • huntress

    And these barney fifes will be the same losers you are suppose to call if old cankles is elected because you will no longer be able to defend yourself with a weapon.

    • roger

      come and take them hillbilly

  • Chamele0n

    Ok… I am a Deputy, so hate away haters. As for going to the wrong house, there are several reasons this could have happened. The caller doesn’t always know for sure where they are calling from. They may have misspoken… they were after all in the middle of a domestic violence situation. I have had numerous times when a dispatcher is talking to a caller and the caller can’t tell them where they are (One guy was even at his own house and didn’t know the address). The dispatcher may have heard the caller incorrectly or misspoke to the the deputy when giving the address. The deputy may have misheard the dispatcher. Depending on where you are, reception is not always good. They may have typed the address into GPS incorrectly, GPS may have taken them to the wrong place (one of our deputies recently had this happen). There are more reasons they may have been at the wrong house, but I think my point is made that it really may not have been their fault.

    I, and all the other officers in my mostly rural county, have had numerous encounters with dogs, some of them do behave viciously, and none have been shot. I carry O.C. (pepper spray) and would deploy that first if possible. You armchair quarterbacks have no clue about coming onto a scene where violence was already occurring. Remember, the perpetrator probably knows we’re on our way. Getting distracted by a dog gives them a chance to catch you off guard. He could come outside and take aim while his dog is biting you. Who knows who else was in the area or what other possible threats could have existed.

    For the person who said, “Why didn’t they just run away?” They believed there was a person in the house being harmed. A person who called them and asked them to come quickly to help them. Running away was not an option. How long to you want them to wait on a dog while someone is being harmed? (Yes, I know that no one was, but they believed a victim was in the house.) I’m not judging them because I don’t have all the facts.

    I can remember getting called to a house for a non-violent issue. The family’s German Shepherd, who was barking and growling at us, got away from the owner and ran at me from about 15 feet away. It was night and we were out in a remote area. I’m sure the dog wasn’t happy we were there. I didn’t have time to take out my O.C., but I remembered what our K9 handler taught me for when his dog is given a bite command. I did that and it mostly worked. I did have to knee the dog in the face as he jumped on me, but he left me alone after that. The other deputy with me later told me he thought for sure that I was going to get bit because of how viciously the dog was behaving.

    Finally, I own a Rottweiler, and he is a member of our family. We are his pack. He would do anything to protect my wife and four kids. Officers just want to come home to their families. That is their most important job. Could this have been handled differently? No one commenting on this site knows because they were not there. Would I ever shoot a dog? I hope I never have to, but I will if the situation warrants it.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Poor coward has it so tough. . .

      • Chamele0n

        Hater #1… no facts. Just hate.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          When you get an actual dangerous job. . . you come on back, crackhead.

          Until then, you’re just being a fucking whiny coward.

          Have a Kleenex ~

          • Chamele0n

            LOL… When was I whining about having a dangerous job? Now you’re just making stuff up Rev. I come on here from time to time and see your hate filled rhetoric. Apparently, the truth hurts you because all you can do is spew hate and lies. I”m tired of cowards like you sitting in your mom’s basement painting cops in a bad light. Yes, there are a very few bad apples, but the vast majority are very good men and women who put their lives on the line protecting the innocent. By the way, last time I checked, arm chair quarterbacking isn’t particularly dangerous.

          • David E

            You got it backwards. There are mostly bad apples and a very few good cops. How many unconstitutional laws are you enforcing? All of them, I bet. How many times have you refused to serve a warrant because you knew the affidavit was full of lies, replaced evidence with a cop’s “training and experience” or the wrong address? Zero! When was the last time you arrested a cop for perjury for lying in a search warrant application? When was the last time you arrested a cop for highway robbery (asset forfeiture) on the grounds the victim was carrying cash? Because you are so convinced you’re righteous you don’t even understand the implications. When you begin to start arresting cops more than citizens, then you might have a claim to being a good cop.

            As it is chances are you are a cowardly paramilitary thug in a government authorized gang of thieves and murderers, not the righteous crusader for justice you think you are.

          • Chamele0n

            @ David E… Actually… I have written one ticket in 3 years. Just this week, I gave 2 warnings to people who were out of state and were over 20mph over the speed limit. I have written hundreds of warnings and very few tickets. I am not working to make money for our government. I work to help and protect the citizens of my county. If I pull them over, delay their travel, and hold the threat of a monetary citation over their head, that is usually enough to keep them slowed down to keep others safe. I fly the Gadsden Flag and the Stars and Stripes at my property. I grow and store food. I build guns, store ammunition, and will protect our Constitution to the death. Nearly every other LEO in my county I know is just like me. We are in this to put those opposed to the Constitution down. Things in the COUNTRY are in a downward spiral. I admit that. I don’t like where they are heading, and there may be a time when I need to stop doing what I do. Again, I live in a very rural and laid back conservative county. I am guessing that you have no clue about our way of life in my rural community. Most of the USA is like us. The big city cops are not like us. My Sheriff is a Constitutionalist, and so are his Deputies. To sum it up, I am no longer a Republican because they are not conservative enough for me. Live free or Die…

          • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

            Good, then you are doing what you swore to do!

          • Chamele0n

            Yes… and most of the others are too. My guess is those of you living in liberal areas are dealing with more it the unconstitutional garbage. My state is very conservative and does not walk in lock step with those commie socialist urbanites from the big city. I love this country. I love our Constitution. I believe in an ignorant person’s right to speak their mind. You don’t know what you don’t know. I admit I don’t know what the big city cops are like. They may very well be terrible. Where I live, our officers would take a bullet for anyone, and they certainly will not shoot a dog unless absolutely warranted. And there is a time when it is warranted.

          • David E

            IF I believed you that all sounds good. But I don’t. Cops in my rural small conservative Kansas town say the same thing but it is all a lie.

          • Chamele0n

            Still waiting… and I didn’t even need your corporate sell out brand name Kleenex. I swear you are a .gov troll…

          • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Wahh fucking wahh.

            swearing at your mirror, eh?

    • roger

      cry me a river

      • Chamele0n

        Again… no complaining or whining was in the post. Are you on drugs or just stupid?

    • David E

      Doesn’t explain cops shooting russell terriers, chihuahuas, and housecats. What about those?

      • Chamele0n

        From my research… One cat shot in 70 plus years. Thats the bad apple. There are tens of hundreds of thousands of cops. A few will make bad decisions. This is just like any other profession. They are dealt with and sent on their way. I personally know over a dozen cops who were sent packing because of their behavior. We are human and make mistakes. The police business it here to serve and protect. There will be mistakes, but they will work to fix them.

        • David E

          You only addressed the cat, and convinced yourself that is ONE bad apple. You ignored the thousands of small, harmless but annoying dogs shot by cops to avoid the conclusion they are nearly all bad apples.

  • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

    If you pull your weapon out as physiological weapon, as many do today, dogs do not understand that language. Then they approach and either way, friendly or not, they can get shot. The problem here is pulling the firearm out when some other tool will suffice.

    After 4 years experience back in the ’70s when everyone was taught the “Sybonise Liberation Army” was inside of every traffic stop it got totally ludicrous. The mindset of paranoia creeps in and everyone is trying to off the officer when it is totally untrue.

    If, on the other hand LE is totally over killing the people in one city or what have you, the people have an unhealthy fear of police, then the whole issue spirals out of control. This is so easy to understand, and let get out of control.

  • Deserttrek

    another pair of psycho cops .. they will shoot Citizens too if ordered … worse than criminals

    • Chamele0n

      Hater #2. I would never shoot on citizens unless they were threatening me or others. I abhor martial law and will not follow government edicts. I will not try to confiscate guns and i will protect and preserve the constitution. I’m not sure how shooting a dog to get to a victim of violence equates to being for tyranny. Deserttrek is just a cop hater. He/she just wants to pain any LEO in the worst possible light. Guess what… i would put my life at risk trying to help you!

      • Deserttrek

        liar liar pants on fire ………. not a cop hater , for responsible policing. trigger happy cowards , raiding the wrong houses, letting fellow cops drive drunk and more is not the way the system should work. Lets see more, lying to get warrants, assets theft to line the pockets of the department, lots of issues with ALL agencies at all levels.

        • Chamele0n

          Actually, in my town, one of our detectives brothers was arrested for drunk driving. He was charged and convicted. My brother was facing charges for a bar fight, and I told the other officer to treat him like anyone else. They both pled. My nephew was caught in a REALLY stupid case involving theft. He didn’t even do anything. He was just present when another kid committed a felony. Now, he is a felon. He was dealt with way more harshly than I felt most others would have been, and I do feel he is a victim of the system. I personally know the judge, and it had no bearing in the case. We are on good terms. All the kids were dealt with harshly to send a message to others.

          I do agree that there are major issues with Federal and many state governments. Anyway… I hope you all have a blessed day. Be safe.

          • Deserttrek

            thank for a dose of reality. May you too have a blessed day.

          • David E

            Hey, you missed haters #3,4,5,6,7, and 8.

      • David E

        Now I know you’re a liar. “… and will not follow government edicts.” Idiot, you wouldn’t have a job if you weren’t following government edicts.

        Well I need some help against lying thieving cops. I know a detective that has ruined my life with a search warrant application sworn under oath that was full of perjury and relevant omissions of material facts. Come arrest him please.

  • John Van Huysen

    No, more cameras, and for once, the DINKS have to deal with being accountable for their actions. It is a culture of disrespect for the American tax-payer! Only a fool calls them to begin with anyway. If you want immediate problems with a corrupt system, call the DINKS! Otherwise, get a gun and take care of your own business!

  • randy wellman

    says WHO?


    Web search “the link between animal abuse and serial killers”. If the police shot my pet I would murder the culprits and if possible whoever hired them.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Cops are the gun toting arm of the corrupt pathetic gov that has festered in this nation. They are the ones tasked with keeping you in line and they are not held accountable for it.
    To solve the problem, remove the infection. Then get at the root of it and remove that too.

  • Pat Taylor

    They should be executed by the property owner for invading private property and menacing.

  • Pat Taylor

    The CORPORATIONS mercenaries wear many differing uniforms.

  • Where did you get the impression that I was trying to excuse anything?

  • steph

    That dog looked old as the hills. It was an old slow moving pet protecting his house by barking, just barking…… this is horribly sad on so many levels… Don’t these morons carry pepper spray or do they just get off on pulling their guns on everything.