Cops Detain Entire School, Illegally Search/Grope 900 Kids — Find NOTHING, Parents Furious

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Worth County, GA — Children feel violated, parents are furious, and a lawsuit is getting filed after the Worth County Sheriff’s office conducted an illegal search of 900 students — in the name of the war on drugs. The rights-violating intrusive and aggressive patdowns and drug dog searches yielded absolutely nothing.

On April 14, when the students of Worth County High School returned from spring break, they arrived at school to find a police state had taken over. The sheriff and his deputies — with no probable cause — detained and illegally searched every single child in the school, all 900 of them.

When kids went home that day to tell their parents what happened, naturally, they were furious as it is a gross violation of the children’s 4th Amendment rights.

“It’s essentially a fourth amendment violation,” said attorney Mark Begnaud. “It’s 900 illegal searches, suspicion-less pat downs, suspicion-less searches.”

Naturally, Sheriff Jeff Hobby is standing by this rights violation on a massive scale, noting that as long as a school administrator was present, the search of the children was legal.

Apparently, in the sheriff’s mind, school administrators can usurp the constitutional rights of children in favor of unlawful police searches.

But school officials and the student rule book disagree.

In the student handbook, it says school officials may search a student only if there is reasonable suspicion the student has an illegal item.

As WALB reports, Worth County Schools attorney Tommy Coleman said in order for the Sheriff’s office to search any students, they’d had to have reason to believe there was some kind of criminal activity or the student had possession of contraband or drugs.

“If you don’t have that then this search would violate an individual’s rights,” said Coleman. “[It] violates the constitutional right and enforcing them the right against unreasonable search and seizures.”

Interim Worth County Superintendent Lawrence Walters said he understands parents concerns about the drug search at Worth County High school on Friday, according to WALB.

“I’ve never been involved with anything like that ever in the past 21 years and I don’t condone it,” said Walters.

Walters said he was notified that there was be a search but pointed out that he did not give permission nor did he approve the mass groping of children.

“We did not give permission but they didn’t ask for permission, he just said, the sheriff, that he was going to do it after spring break,” said Walters.

“Under no circumstances did we approve touching any students,” explained Walters.

Adding insult to injury, many students complained that they got far more than just a pat down.

At least one deputy’s searches were found to be “too intrusive.”

According to Hobby, it was later discovered that one of the deputies had exceeded instructions given by Hobby and conducted a pat down of some students that was considered to be too intrusive.

When multiple students complained about being groped by the intrusive deputy, Sheriff Hobby ensured parents and school officials that “corrective action was taken to make sure the behavior will not be repeated.”

Exactly who that cop was and what ‘corrective action’ was taken, remains a mystery.

“I’m okay with them doing the search, if it was done appropriately like the school has done in the past,” said father of two Jonathan Luke. “But when they put their hands on my son, that’s crossing the line.”

Aside from not finding a single bit of contraband, the sheriff’s search was also entirely uncalled for as the Sylvester Police Department did a search on March 17 — just a few weeks before — and found no drugs.

But Hobby told reporters he didn’t think that search was thorough enough, so he decided to do his own. And, this time, he’d grope every student.

Now, many of the parents are planning a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s office which will likely be the only means of holding this man and his department accountable.

As for the 900 counts of deprivation of rights under the color of law that the sheriff should be facing, not a single charge has been levied against the department.

This is what school has become in a police state.

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. . .and now on Steemit.

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  • jimmy joe

    Who out there in sheeple land still believes we are not living in a police state??

    • Mike

      not me, been a police state for well over 30 years now.

      • jimmy joe

        At least since the “drug war”.

    • Republicans.

  • John C Carleton

    Just conditioning the young minds to except slavery to the Zionist Crime Cabal occupying Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac. A lesson in “you don’t have no stinking rights”.

    • Bababooey

      what kind of am assho1e are you – or just an ordinary one?

    • whattabunchacrap


  • Slave 2none

    just trying out the new IDF training from israhell….and well looks like it worked out pretty well for the pedolice ….

  • John P

    This was done at least twice at my high school in the 90’s. Not even a question or an article on that.

    • Uncle Sham

      They did something similar in my school too. Instead of searching all the students though they just had K-9s sniff the lockers.

  • archer

    No drugs found at all? It must have been a all white school, they wouldn’t try that in a all black one. I hope the parents go to court and destroy this sheriff and find out to the “groper” was.

    • FreddyG

      You seem to be under the mistaken assumption that blacks who are 12.6% of the population have any say so about anything.

      • archer

        The press would’ve cried racism if it were all black, I didn’t mean to insinuate that the lack of drugs in the school was because it may have been all white. As far as the 12.6% goes, I believe that as much as I believe in the 4.6% unemployment rate.

  • tropicgirl

    typical Georgia…

  • Jeri Brace

    seems like the Government is trying to exhume Ron & Nancy’s failed war on drugs.

  • juskom95

    Unfortunately, they will lose the lawsuit. It has already been established, through judicial precedents, that students may be searched at will without reasonable suspicion/probable cause.

  • dav1bg


  • SP_88

    Obviously this wasn’t about finding illegal drugs or contraband. This was about setting a precedent. It was about letting the students, and the parents, know that they have no rights. It was to let them know who has the power now.
    Notice how none of the students tried to resist or get everyone else to resist this illegal search? At least it wasn’t reported if they did.
    If this had happened when I was in high school, I or someone else would have gotten all the other students to collectively resist this illegal behavior by the police. It was very easy to get everyone all riled up over something like this. And I’m sure that getting people to chant “no probable cause” or some other thing until everyone is good and rowdy, would have seriously hampered their search. I can’t say how effective it would be, but some effort would have been made.
    When I was in high school, I do remember there being a search for drugs. But it only involved a few students and their lockers. It wasn’t a school wide search.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Can you imagine getting a large group of HS students chanting “no probable cause” in unison while the police tried to conduct a search in this day and age? I graduated HS in 1984. We were a bunch of pot smoking, Black Sabath/Judas Priest cranking, Chevelle driving, beer drinking, heathens. Not one time did the police ever feel the need to show up to nor were they ever called out to our school. I mean we had a school full of crazy MFs. We wouldn’t even have cared if they did show up because they didn’t fuck with us back in the day. Even they would let us be who we were as long as we weren’t hurting anyone else. That was back before we needed a police state to control the masses and keep people from “harming” themselves. LOL

      • SP_88

        OMG, you described my high school years to the letter! Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, I had a ’71 Nova, but you get the point. Good times. I really miss the good ol’ days. Some beer, a big fat doobie, and not a care in the world. The future was wide open. BTW, I was class of 88.
        The cops left everyone alone for the most part. And we turned out just fine. Back then the police realized that they used to be high school students too. And we were no different than they were. They would show up to our parties and it was 50/50 if they were going to confiscate the beer, or sit and have a few with us. If they took it, they would go drink it somewhere else. Nobody was ever busted for it.
        All the things that they freak out about now were part of growing up back then. It was a rite of passage. It was through those trials and tribulations that we found ourselves and became who we are. The tough times we had helped to harden us, so we could cope with life and whatever it throws at us.
        Without those things, people have no ability to deal with life. People are becoming soft. And it’s by design. This is being done on purpose.
        I couldn’t imagine doing any of the things now that we did back then. Things that I got detention for back then would surely involve the police, FBI, the bomb squad and the SWAT team, all at once, nowadays. It’s ridiculous. And where is the improvement? How are things any better? Things have gotten worse if you ask me.
        And of course TPTB will use the excuse that things have gotten worse to justify their police state actions. But if you actually look, you’ll see that things became worse ‘because’ of their police state tactics. Of course there are other causes, but things getting worse is the result of all that, not the other way around.

        • Elaine.Benes, II

          Class of 88…we trained you guys! LOL. My brothers were Class of 86 and 89. Those days now seem like another lifetime to me. Those were the days of creativity, logical thinking, spontaneity, physical strength and beauty, individualism, freedom, pride, God, the most excellent rock music ever, fast cars, “love” and our futures were so damn bright we literally had to wear shades. Ive got the same story as you regarding the cops…it was a mutual “respect” thing back then. The “Police State” psy-op did a number on these snowflakes coming up. Our new next door neighbors in their early 20s who are fat slobs who never leave the house except to get takeout, who have never spoken to anyone in our building, and who have not had a visitor one in the 2 months theyve lived there just made an anonymous 911 call on us last night for “possible abuse” because they heard a “thud” when my old man pushed a laundry basket full of clothes all the way down the staircase (and cause we are always yelling LOL). They showed up after he and my daughter left to go shopping to get her some shoes and i was here alone. Then they wanted to see “the child” to make sure she was alright. I thought i was going to die of shock that this was actually happening…i told the cops they were out but to come on in so i could call them home. They come in, my house is spotless. My kids playroom spotless except for the 10,000 toys stacked from floor to ceiling…female cop says “well, it looks like shes spoiled rotten!” pictures of her everywhere…she looks at male cop while im on the phone with dad shaking her head and waving me off the phone saying “don’t even worry him about it. Call us if you need anything.” So, i got lucky because she believed me to be the one telling the truth. But it could have and does go way way different than that sometimes. People’s lives are ruined every day over assholes who’ve been trained since birth if they “suspect abuse” to just make an anonymous 911 call”. And then my dumbass just watched the first 3 eps of “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu and i am freaking the hell out. Guess i best quit rambling since it’s back to the slave quarters at 8am LOL.

          • SP_88

            Those were the good ol’ days. Lots of good memories. Lots of crazy stories. Nowadays if I’m with friends, many conversations start off with “Remember that time when we….”, and on and on we go about all the crazy shit we did. And many stories will involve the police, and something stupid we did, but we never had to worry about the police doing anything horrible, like shooting one of us because they “feared for their lives” or “felt threatened”. And we never had to worry that the police would take us away from our family because our parents were “neglectful” or “abusive”. In fact, the police knew that if our parents gave us a good kick in the ass once in a while, it would save them the trouble of having to deal with us for something serious.
            Times sure have changed. I know that I don’t have to explain that to you. I’m glad that you ended up getting a police officer that had common sense. It’s scary to think of how differently that could have gone. I’d like to believe that good people don’t have to worry about things like that, but unfortunately, because of assholes that jump to conclusions, good people end up in terrible situations.
            But in your case, I believe that this will set a precedent. Now the police, at least the ones who responded to you, have a pretty good idea that your neighbors are idiots, and that you guys are good people. That way, if there is a next time, the police will already know what the deal is.
            Unfortunately, if they do decide to call the police the next time they hear a noise, the police are required to respond, even if they already know that your neighbors are mental defectives. But hopefully they just roll their eyes and go through the motions to fulfill their obligations and move on without giving you any problems.
            And if it continues to be a problem, perhaps you can file a complaint against them for harassment. After all, how many times can they call the police after being told by the police that nothing is going on? There has to be a limit.
            It seems like you have a good relationship with all your other neighbors. I’m guessing because you seem confident that it was the new neighbors that called. So I would guess that you spoke to all your other neighbors, or you just know them well enough to know that they wouldn’t do that to you.
            Anyway, I hope these people smarten up and don’t become a problem for you.

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            Thank you for your supportive words. I had a feeling they would be a problem from the moment I laid eyes on them…And we did speak with our other neighbors simply to confirm but we knew it wasn’t them because we’ve lived next to them for years and there have never been any problems. I will likely relocate simply because I will never feel comfortable knowing there are people listening through the walls and then using that as a reason to call the police and make accusations of abuse involving my family. It’s just not gonna work out because my old man is being openly crazy about it. I don’t blame him but I am somewhat more civil with my public behavior LOL…

          • SP_88

            Don’t do anything you or your husband would regret. It’s not worth it. I would hate to see him get in trouble when it’s the neighbors who are the bad guys here.
            But I completely understand his frustration. It’s unbelievable that they were eavesdropping on you, and they decided to call the cops based on what they thought they heard.
            If only they would move away so you don’t have to. It would be awful if you had to give up your home because of them. If you were going to move anyway, that’s different, but to have to pack up and move because they can’t mind their own business and they are cop-callers is ridiculous.
            Perhaps if you ever hear noise coming from their place, you could return the favor! I’m just joking. Sort of. Don’t get in trouble.
            I hope this blows over. It’s not worth all the trouble it could cause. And hopefully these lousy neighbors either realize they are idiots or they just go away, or both.

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            Hey SP, I just wanted you to know I replied to you here shortly after you sent this but I now see my post is not here. I don’t think it would have been censored (DS has never done that to me and there was nothing in my post to be censored) but it is not here. Anyway, theyve called twice on us since then, and last time here the cops tricked my daughter by asking her if she knew her birthdate (and of course she does) and she told them, so now she’s included in a report. They called that time because the guy was getting in his car and my daughters dad went outside and said “hey man, nobody’s getting hit or abused over here so you can stop calling the law”. The idiot got out of his car and while running to his door, said ” Fuck you you old crack head, I am calling them right now” his door was locked so he started beating on it for his wife or whatever she is to open it and the cops arrived about 2 minutes later. There ended up being a total of 4 and then the landlord showed up. They talked to the 4 cops and landlord for 20 minutes before the police came over here to talk to my old man. When the police left, the landlord came over. I haven’t gotten a copy of the report yet, but I work for a lawyer and have retained onr and a harassment suit is going to be filed. Horrified piece of shit snowflakes. They are what we have left here as a result of the “training” over the past couple of decades to fear everyone, make an anonymous call to the appropriate Govt. Agency if you “suspect anything”, and call the cops if you are scared. I believe that is now in full effect but I am not going to sit back and be a victim of it. I am fixing to turn this around on these perpetrators who moved in next door to me and are trying to ruin our lives.

  • Jimmy B

    Every one of those cops needs to be charged with treason, and hung. No need for trial, as they did the deed.

  • nytw

    These little snowflakes and their snowflake parents need to grow up. Law enforcement wouldn’t do this unless they know something that the lame stream media isn’t reporting. PERIOD

    • I suppose you are fine with your 4th Amendment rights being violated, huh? Moron.

    • jimmy joe

      You sound like a typical BIG GOVT guy!! FUCK LAW ENFORCEMENT, fucking traitors anyway!! You know, I don’t remember reading ANYTHING regarding “qualified immunity” in my copy of the Constitution, what, is it in yours??! Who ever heard of this shit before?? Funny, in this, obvious, fucked up country, all you have to do is wear a fucking clown suit with a badge, and the entire “justice system”, {what a fucking joke that is} thinks they are the absolute. most perfect human being to have EVER walked the earth!! What a bunch of very stupid “people” to even think thats the case!! I also bet your a trump guy aren’t you?? Talk about snowflakes, eh! Surrounds himself with very little men, ie sessions, and goldman sachs, and dinks like you support him, isn’t that right, snowflake???

    • SP_88

      That doesn’t mean shit. They can “know” anything they want. But if they don’t have proof, they can’t do anything about it. And unless they have reason to believe that the entire school is selling drugs, they have no right to search all the students. PERIOD.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Yeah, and the cops don’t arrest innocent people, all God’s children are beautiful and I’m from the government, I’m here to help you. What planet are you from, again?

  • I’m glad I left that fucking indoctrination system a while back. Next is to rescind my citizenship and leave the country.

  • LT

    I would tell my child to leave the building and call me. I know the constitution and it is a citizen’s right to REFUSE a violation of protected rights. R.O.T.C. (Resist. Obstruct. Thwart. Circumvent.)

  • Growupfolks

    “I’m okay with them doing the search, if it was done appropriately like the school has done in the past,” said father of two Jonathan Luke. “But when they put their hands on my son, that’s crossing the line.”

    Hey, little man – when is it “appropriate” to violate your children’s 4th amendment rights?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    And the conditioning of American children continues.

  • Frank

    The head of the school might not have given permission but when did he strenuously object to the searches? Answer: he didn’t. To cover himself he puts out a weasel worded press statement about how he “didn’t condone” the search he did nothing to stop. Goddamn pussy assed coward, rent-seeking ZOG bitch boy.