Cops Celebrate Garner Decision: “Let Us Kick Some Thug Ass”

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Some police officers responded to the grand jury decision not to indict Daniel Pantaleo for the choking death of Eric Garner by celebrating the fact that they would now be given free reign to “kick some thug ass,” seemingly ignorant of the fact that Garner’s crime was nothing more than selling untaxed cigarettes.

Comments collected from the website in response to the verdict by The Free Thought Project’s Matt Agorist provide a shocking insight into the attitude of cops to the very real problem of police brutality.

The website’s comment policy demands that respondents “must be a verified law enforcement professional,” meaning that most if not all of the remarks were made by actual police officers.

The comments express the view that Garner was resisting arrest and did not “submit” quickly enough, that he died of a pre-existing condition (despite The New York City Medical Examiner’s office stating otherwise), and that the decision now means police are free to “kick some thug ass,” despite the fact that Garner’s crime was merely to flout New York’s draconian cigarette tax law.

Another respondent remarks that Garner’s death pales in comparison to a cop’s “right to protect ourselves” and “serve the people”. Quite how Pantaleo was protecting himself while choking Garner is unexplained. Whether enforcing cigarette taxes via summary execution really ‘serves the people’ in any way is also up for debate.

“With cops dehumanizing people in this manner, is it any wonder that they resort to deadly force so quickly?” asks Agorist.

“What none of these law enforcement officers seem to grasp is the fact that they can apply a certain level of discretion. You do not have to immediately escalate an otherwise completely peaceful situation into a violent one. Was the state’s missing revenue from a man selling cigarettes worth more than the life of another human being?”

The comments by these police officers once again serve to highlight the fact that police brutality has become normalized within many police departments across the country.

Instead of focusing on de-escalating situations, officers are being trained to immediately resort to violence. The fact that the vast majority of cops are then not indicted or acquitted after a trial, such as in the horrific beating death of Kelly Thomas, gives police officers the confidence that they can treat the general public like animals and in some cases literally get away with murder.

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  • Joe2D2

    Who was served? Who was protected? This ain’t like the Ferguson case at all. The dude was selling fucking cigarettes. Who gives a shit? Oh yeah, the mafia government ain’t gettin a cut of that action, gotta make an example.

    Additionally, skin color is irrelevant. They do this shit to everyone, not just brown people. Wake the fuck up.

  • Chir

    People need to wake up to the fact that when you are facing a LEO you are in a life and death situation. When calling 911 remember that if LEO’s arrive there is a chance you could also die.

    • varlog

      Never call 911.

  • Ken, North Face

    This is murder! I was previously the UK friend, Megapolis and numerous alter ego’s. However, every time the Facebook account got nuked or deleted I couldn’t post pictures on my profile at Disqus because I logged in through FB initially. Xmas is coming and I want to release my fun side and party and that includes the glamour and glitz of the profile pic.
    Sadness and condolences towards an unfortunate man’s family yet this is Xmas. May all find true Peace on Earth.

  • Rick E.

    This WAS murder! Unwarranted excessive force was used here! So yes indeed, let us kick some thug ass! The cops are the ones who are the thugs, as their only directives now is to separate us from our money, property, freedom, and lives!

    • Ken, North Face

      Hi Rick. Its me. UK friend, Megapolis, Somerset Friend on Liz’ website Mon nom de plume en francais est “Coeur de Lyon”. Just got over a bad bout of cold/flu like dreaded lurgy. I’ll survive. I always do and that is the real dreaded bit LOL. There’s always more in store for people like me. I have a short Karmic Fuse. Mother noticed my ability to constantly get caught since a young age LOL. But I am me. My surname is Fine and I am still on Facebook under an umpteenth new account LOL.
      Still grieving over Charlotte Bevan and Baby Zaani whose dead bodies were discovered in Clifton, my home town of Bristol. I just give thanks for another opportunity to lead a most vital life.
      I’m good.
      Seasons greetings to all

  • Rizzan

    The police attacked this man. They should not have. HOWEVER, he was not choked to death. It was a heart attack that PROBABLY WAS RELATED TO THE ATTACK but that’s not the scenario being given out.

    • Reverend Draco

      So tell me – do Gestapo boots taste good?

    • Cathy Young

      You know you will eventually be kicked in the face by those boots you are licking

  • Reverend Draco

    No nation in the history of the world has survived “multiculturalism.”

    If you’re an American – own it! Be an American. . . not African-American (you put Africa first? Africa is thataway —> get walking) Not Mexican-American (you put Mexico first? Mexico is thataway ˅ get walking).

    Now. . . there’s nothing wrong with say, being an American of African decent. . . or an American of Mexican decent (I happen to be an American of German decent, but I’m NOT German-American!).

  • L chavez

    These (cops) will be thrown under the DHS buss. When the DHS are big enough, coming soon, your out of a j.o.b. ! Those of you who haven’t the spine to stand up to your “brothers” will be folded into the one national police force……notice the word “force”. Unless your of the commi core curriculum, force doesn’t equal peace. Were you EVER peace officers? Allow me to answer..NO! In case your clueless, you work for the corporation of the united states, ok? USA = Under Satans Authority. (just a little true play on words) ~ Luisa

  • Ken, North Face

    Selling untaxed cigarettes? Fine the person not above $100. Murder? Hang Pantaleo! He’ll only do it again because this evil man has aquired a blood lust. He probably has even gained respect amongst his peers and is playfully goading them on “Now you go out and get your man PC ____” This behaviour is what I expect from Police in Africa, India, China and Latin America, never a modern society with transparency and accountability to the public.
    Just hang the murderers.

  • Magnus

    I think we should treat them as the enemy they regard us. Fill in the blanks, but I suggest you don’t use blanks.

  • cmb

    Police, Prosecutor, Judicial misconduct goes DEEPER still. The “Justice System” is all about profit