Cops Arrest Protesters For Desecrating Thin Blue Line Flags

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Cops in Texas have arrested protesters for desecrating thin blue line flags.  The cops also seized cameras being used by the protesters in front of city hall to record the event which amounted to cops violating the basic rights of other human beings.

Police claimed they were making the arrests because the protesters were “obstructing the passageway” to walk inside Leon Valley City Hall, but they almost bowled over a woman trying to enter the station who had nothing to do with the protest.  The videos are pretty damning and shows us just how much force police are willing to use on peaceful protesters not hurting anyone. (Sorry statists; flags don’t count as people and don’t have rights.)

There is little information on this at this time, however, the video above will detail the ordeal from the point of view of one of the protesters.

To criticize or present opposition to the institution of state and federally funded law enforcement is often considered tantamount to treason – or, at the very least, it is considered unpatriotic. After all, we have all been told every moment of our lives that a world without police would immediately turn into a frothing, frenzied orgy of mass insanity and that average human beings cannot be trusted to take responsibility for the day-to-day security of their neighborhoods and towns. Official doctrine today demands a designated warrior class, separate from the rest of us, to handle the protection and care of weakling citizens.

Now, it is important to note that there are, in fact many good people working in the field of law enforcement. This is not under debate and not relevant to the point I am about to make. The problem is not necessarily with all the individuals who make-up law enforcement; the problem is with the existence and mandate of the institution itself. I personally do not “hate” cops per se (though some of them deserve to be hated). But I do hate corrupt government structures, and law enforcement has become the grasping arm of the elitist machine. -Alt Market 

The ‘Thin Blue Line’ Serves No Purpose

Cops have become so enamored with their own symbol (the thin blue line) that are willing to throw people in cages for “desecrating” it. Let’s take a look at the definition of the word desecration. It means “to treat a sacred place or sacred object shamefully or with great disrespect.”  The very fact that statists use the term “sacred” and “desecrate” is proof that they worship government as a religion. For the “early learners” Merriam-Webster defines the verb “desecrate” as “to damage (a holy place or object) : to treat (a holy place or object) with disrespect.”

The thin blue line serves no purpose and according to statists own “flag code,” the thin blue line flag itself is a desecration of the American flag.

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