Cops Across America Celebrate Freedom this 4th of July with Forced Blood Draw Checkpoints

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by John Vibes

Happy 4th of July, the day where Americans celebrate imaginary freedom, and police departments nationwide make millions of dollars violating the rights of nonviolent individuals.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that police can’t forcibly draw blood from individuals suspected of drunken driving without a warrant. However, DUI checkpoints across the country now have judges on site, or on call to issue immediate warrants for cops to take your blood.

Under the pretense of catching drunk drivers, police will be patrolling the streets and setting up checkpoints all over the country this weekend. In some cases they will arrest drunk drivers, in others, they will search and arrest nonviolent drug offenders, while other people may get citations for problems with their vehicle or registration.

Especially for people who haven’t even done anything wrong, these checkpoints are a gross violation of privacy and other natural born rights. Free people should not be stopped and searched or questioned in any way if they are attempting to travel freely. However, we sadly now live in a world where rights like traveling are seen as privileges, to be given and taken by government.

As it stands right now, the way that the state deals with drunk driving is tyrannical and infringes upon everyone’s rights, even people like myself, who hardly ever drink. Economist Jeffrey Tucker wrote an article on this subject and discussed the problems with the status quo while offering some solutions as well.

In his article he said that:

Laws against drunk driving have vastly expanded police power and done nothing to stop the practice. The best prevention against unsafe driving from drinking has been provided privately: friends, services offered by bars and restaurants, community interest groups, etc. This is the humane and rational way societies deal with social risks. The police have only messed up this process by adding a coercive element that targets liberty rather than crime.

And we can see where this is heading. Texting is now illegal in most places. So is talking on the phone. Maybe talking itself should be illegal. Some communities are talking about banning eating. All of this is a distraction from the real issue.

As Radley Balko has said:

If our ultimate goals are to reduce driver impairment and maximize highway safety, we should be punishing reckless driving. It shouldn’t matter if it’s caused by alcohol, sleep deprivation, prescription medication, text messaging, or road rage. If lawmakers want to stick it to dangerous drivers who threaten everyone else on the road, they can dial up the civil and criminal liability for reckless driving, especially in cases that result in injury or property damage.

Doing away with the specific charge of drunk driving sounds radical at first blush, but it would put the focus back on impairment, where it belongs. It might repair some of the civil-liberties damage done by the invasive powers the government says it needs to catch and convict drunk drivers. If the offense were reckless driving rather than drunk driving, for example, repeated swerving over the median line would be enough to justify the charge. There would be no need for a cop to jam a needle in your arm alongside a busy highway.

Scrapping the DWI offense in favor of better enforcement of reckless driving laws would also bring some logical consistency to our laws, which treat a driver with a BAC of 0.08 much more harshly than, say, a driver distracted by his kids or a cell phone call, despite similar levels of impairment. The punishable act should be violating road rules or causing an accident, not the factors that led to those offenses. Singling out alcohol impairment for extra punishment isn’t about making the roads safer. It’s about a lingering hostility toward demon rum.

There is no doubt that drunk driving should be discouraged and that solutions to prevent people from driving drunk should be explored. However, it is entirely possible to do this without violating anyone’s rights in the process.

Meanwhile, in police state USA, it is business as usual.

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  • frankw

    The oppression of the American public has become so egregious we must individually and, preferably, massively refute owing any loyalty to this fascist police state. Resist in small ways or large, give nothing of self or loyalty to anything that subverts our Rights. “If they mean to have a war, let it start here.”

    • WinstonSmithy

      “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire

    • John Van Huysen

      AGREED 100%

  • Christina J

    Like the man in the video said “what country is this?” I’m all for getting drunk drivers off the road but not like this!! Our rights are being taken away one by one. The governement can legally spy on us under the guise of the patriot act. Don’t ya just love how they always try to use pretty words to try to justify their Orwellian actions? Now they can forcibly draw blood from anyone they want to. The police have WAY too much authority. They have an “them against us” mentality. “Our” government is complicit, not only in allowing this to happen, but in using terms like “war on drugs” or “war” on anything. Now the police, who are supposed to protect us, are doing anything but and view this nation’s citizens as the enemy. How many people have been killed, aka murdered, by cops and nothing is done? They get away with their evil deeds so, of course, they continue with their (what should be) criminal activities. I fear it’s going to get very ugly before it gets better. People can only take so much before they revolt. God freaking bless America!!!

  • Constitutionalist

    As people awaken, anarchy will reign. The state is always pushing, the people must push back. The police state is here. Resist. Resist. Resist. Btw, traveling is a god given right, driving is a state privilege. I don’t drive much, but I travel alot.

    • Technicallysane

      I suspect the reason the people haven’t risen up before now is because the powers behind the scene have made sure the people are divided. Obama has nurtured that particular agenda to make sure racism is alive and well, along with the LGBT movement in order to split the country apart.

  • Clementine

    That is a great example of what they mean by “land of the free”…

  • Technicallysane

    You wait and see, this violation of human rights is just the beginning! Despotic governments usually increase in their tyranny and start slaughtering those who don’t obey the government’s every dictate. But take note, all these despotic governments have to employ ‘enforcers’ to carry out their terror strikes… and those enforcers are made up of citizens who work for the government in various capacities. So it could be your next door neighbor who happens to work in law enforcement. It could also be members of SWAT teams, or military personnel, or whomever. Have you ever wondered why the federal government has SWAT teams in just about every gov. agency now?
    The thing is, these enforcers are obeying illegal orders from government when they trample on citizens rights or do them harm. But they do it because they are psychologically adept at these tasks, just like the Brown Shirts in Hitler’s reign of terror.
    In my opinion, we have to single these types out and target them first because without the enforcers, the government is a straw man.

  • David E

    Warrants are supposed to be issued by neutral and detached magistrates. However, a judge on site is not neutral and detached, he’s a witness.

  • celticreeler

    Folks, this is happening where I live. MY sheriff’s department has a ‘restraint chair’ and the prosecutor has employed a nurse for blood draws, which I assume are mostly for intoxicatant testing. Just wait til the restraint chair gets used for forced cavity searches. My country has become a nightmare. I don’t think it’s MY country anymore, actually. It belongs to a bunch of monsters.

  • celticreeler

    Go to your civic meetings, people!!! Get to the city council (where surely there must be a scintilla of oversight of the police department) and/or to the county commission (ditto, county sheriff). Ask questions.

    • SP_88

      If the mayor or whoever’s job it is to control the police department is not doing their job, let your voice be heard. Start a campaign to get rid of them. Make these people accountable for their actions, or lack of action. And the same goes for anyone else in government who isn’t doing the right thing and representing the people.
      These people swore an oath. Remind them of that oath. Hold them to their word. It’s sickening to see so many politicians who swear that oath quickly forget what that oath means. They quickly forget who they are working for, and who they are accountable to.
      Remind them that we don’t have to wait until their term is up to vote them out. That’s what a recall election is for. That is how the people can exert their power against the government. We still have the power over the government. We need to start using it.

  • celticreeler

    Once they have a blood sample, they can MAKE UP the lab result if they have to. Then you’re in the slammer getting some very cruel and unusual punishment.

  • OldPoorRichard

    I hope somebody compelled to give blood pays back the cop by biting into his jugular.

  • SP_88

    This is just one of many examples of how they use words that are sympathetic to a good cause to instead violate our rights and expand the power of the police state.
    It’s time to take back the narrative and declare war on government overreach, war on police abuse, war on government corruption, war on unConstitutional laws and war on the war on drugs (no, that’s not a typo).
    For too long the government has been hijacked by the progressives who have systematically destroyed our freedom and our government. They have created vast institutions that help them to violate our freedom and privacy at our expense. An army of bureaucrats and officers work continuously, around the clock to watch everything we do. And there are police officers, SWAT teams and federal agents willing to violate our rights for a paycheck.
    Certainly the fact that there are fewer jobs available that pay well means that people will be willing to take a job as a government enforcer. Because people are willing to sacrifice their principles for money, the government can use them to enforce their unConstitutional laws.
    A more deeply divided society means that it will be easier for the wealthy elitists to control the poor people who are so busy trying to make a living. Disarming people with unConstitutional gun control laws is one way a tyrannical government can exert their power over a society, but impoverishing them is just as effective because they won’t be able to afford firearms, especially with the higher cost of licensing and background checks and safety courses, etc, as well as having the time to go out and push back against the tyranny by doing things like hiring a lawyer to beat their trumped up charges or sue the government enforcers for false arrest or challenge these unConstitutional laws in court. There are a lot of things that poor people simply cannot do if they don’t have the money to do it. Unless of course they work together and pool their money together to accomplish these things.
    There are a lot of things going on here that the government is doing to take the power away from the people so the government can have it. And unless we start acting like a community of like minded people who have a common goal, and exerting our authority over the government, we will continue to lose our rights and freedoms at the hands of an out of control, powerful government. Because the media does their part to keep the masses ignorant of what’s going on, they go about their business and they truly believe that the government is doing the right thing for us. And they continue to believe that we are nothing but a bunch of conspiracy nuts.
    If we put up a fight against gross violations of our rights like this, it’s possible to get rid of these corrupt cops and corrupt politicians. The government hates bad publicity and with enough pushback they will cave. Of course they will use the media to demonize anyone who dares to go against their tyrannical dictates, but if enough people can articulate the cause and make people realize how bad this is, it could change the laws to protect our rights while still doing what is necessary to make the roads safer from drunks and cell phone users. These morons cause a lot of accidents because they think that they are somehow able to text and drive without crashing, but really they’ve just been lucky. I’m sure that there are plenty of times when you have seen people weaving in and out of their lane, hopping over curbs and pulling out in front of people and when you look at the driver, they have a cellphone stuck to their head or on their lap. And it’s frustrating enough to watch these stupid people causing all these accidents and near accidents that I almost don’t feel bad that the cops are treating people like this. But it is wrong, and we cannot allow our disdain for them to cloud our judgment and give the authorities enough power to violate the rights of citizens. Because people who don’t do these things are getting caught up in the vast web of government overreach, as they always do.
    When we give the government enough power to get the bad guys, they always end up using it on the good guys too.

  • YoOleMe

    … while NOT on subject, but certainly in venue — even much larger and more grave in scope:


    “Bigotry. 1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.” … AS IN ANY & ALL EFFORTS TO INSTITUTE, PRACTICE, USE AS POLITICAL SHIELD – IF NOT WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION – IN SUPPRESSIVE EXTINCTION OF OUR Judeo-Christian American Spiritual Faith heritage, i.e.: The diabolical IMPOSITION OF inimical Islamic Shariah law TO EXPEL Our 240-YEAR National EXISTENCE!!! … ERGO:


    Any Muslim or professor of Islamic faith wishing to gain and/or maintain lawful or legal haven conjunctive with claim[s] of Bigotry, or any other legal derogation against their natural, or color of law corporate personage entity, must cease & desist promoting any & all forms of Islam’s inimical Shariah law, contra bonos mores the supreme Natural Law, subordinate Administrative Roman Civil law, organic & fundamental substance of this nation, and without reservation of any type; categorically DENY any and all belief in, reliance upon, or intention in execution of those practical tenants and meanings of Arabic expressions, ipso idem in English translation:

    Taqiyyah – the right to LIE, in furtherance of Islam, without fault to Allah; and / or, Qur’an 2:191-193 – DEMANDS SLAUGHTER OF NON-BELIEVERS in textual meaning, to wit:

    Qur’an (2:191-193) “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the place whence they drove you out, for persecution (of Muslims) is worse than slaughter (of non-believers) … and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is of Allah.”

    … IN ORDER TO HAVE any form of recourse & remedy for relief within the Natural (Common) law OR ADMINISTRATIVE Roman Civil law venue[s] & jurisdiction[s] of these several fifty (50) united States of America; that U.S. Federal District of Columbia (D.C.) international enclave, and its several territories and protectorates’ World-wide.

    May Abba place His Holy hedge around and lead Donald J. Trump to restore these united States of America, Our Republic of fifty Sovereign state republics under His Natural (Common) Law!!!!!

    – – – — – – – – – – – –

    By whatever course one chooses to plot the result of this “Election” — reality IS::

    BEFORE Sunrise, 9 November, 2016 –

    … A NON-Muslim-Brotherhood / NON-Shariah law Trump, Second Amendment enforced constitutional united State of America Administration,

    OR (God FORBID!);
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    At the Great White-Throne Judgment – in full accord with meaning of blaspheming the Holy Spirit; … which of these two administrations are you prepared to answer for your part in its existence – AS WE SHALL ALL BE COMPELLED TO DO– Holy Bible BELIEVER, or NOT?!?!

    @ Just $75. / EACH! … We, ONLY the 13,500,000 TRUMP PRIMARY VOTERS WHO “BRUNG ‘EM HERE”


    UNLESS YOU UNDERVALUE YOUR Christianity / Freedom / Liberty / EVEN LIFE IN GENERAL, TO BE NOT WORTH $75. FRN’s: … IF NOT “Droppin” $2,700+ SOLO or $5,400+ pair; … FORGET THE “PAC’S”!!!

    GOStraightTO:> < AND as I’ve already done for me & 2-other-of-We the People living on LESS THEN $1,500/Mo. —

    ……….. Put some skin in the game!!!!!!!!!!!